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Topics Composition Due to its "openness" and "freedom", many students often break into some misunderstandings: Xiaobian collected four -character tips for writing good topics, welcome to readAs well as



Reality is the life of composition, and the composition has a touching power because of the truth.Zhu Ziqing's prose is very high.One of his prose is the word "true".Use sincere feelings, remember the true scenes, and publish real discussions.In "Back", Zhu Ziqing expressed the true feelings of his father -in -law and his father.The simple emotions moved the hearts of thousands of readers, so that "Back" has permanent vitality.


But for a long time, the phenomenon of speaking, rhetoric, and empty words has been seen in the practice.From the current student composition, it is difficult to find the real life of real life and the real journey of heart.I do n’t know if there are so many teachers fainting on the podium with illness.… But the uniform articles are read, not moved but sad: writing is the vent of personal quality and emotion, including humanistic value and humanistic heritage.What about the divorce of the student's family or the death of parents? It seems to be writing me, but it is actually "people and clouds."



Topic composition dilutes the question, not to review the questions.If you do n’t pay attention to the questions before writing, you will not deduct questions when writing, you may have a thousand words to write, and you can leave the problem.This is the culprit that leads to the low score of composition.The test room composition is generally divided into four categories according to the writing level.If there is a mistake in trial and deviation of the question, then the composition is determined to be four types of composition (usually 0 to 10).Therefore, it is very important to accurately review questions, analyze the scope of topics, grasp the focus of materials, and eat through the materials. It is very important to accurately understand the meaning of the question.



The wide range is the advantage of the topic composition, which is conducive to the opening of the candidates and stimulating their imagination.But if you only treat the topic as a rigid concept, to make articles in the same place, the content is bound to be empty and the text is scattered.Therefore, we must be good at finding a breakthrough in the original topic.Choose the writing angle less, which is conducive to the in -depth excavation of the selected point. It can express the meaning thoroughly, the content is more specific, and the center is more prominent.For example, "The Change of the Yongning River" is of course better than "Save the Earth".



Zhao Yi, a scholar of the Qing Dynasty, also said in "On Poetry", "Li Du Poems have passed through, and they have not yet felt fresh. There are talented people in the Jiangshan generations, and each leader is for hundreds of years." It can be seen that the composition is expensive in the composition.Innovation.This requires students to conceive in the process of writing in the process of writing.Frequently write, write what others have not written.


Mother love is an eternal topic in the history of literature, and every era is interpreting its connotation.There are many perspectives and different ideas for writing motherly love. People are accustomed to writing human mother love, the truth of maternal love, the deep mother love, and the greatness of mother love.If you change the perspective, secretly crossing Chencang, from the common people as the protagonist to the protagonist, the connotation of the topic by narrating the matter, and writing the mother's love from the perspective of animals, can bring people more intense shockingEssence


For example, in the article "It is also a mother", the puppy cub in the family died, and the father threw it into the river. The sunspot who lost his child may not know that his dog baby was dead.The child picked up its child back, sorted out the child's hair, and licked the water on it.Yes, Kuroko is also a mother, and Kuroko also has motherly love.This is how similar to the human mother who lost her child! The author almost worships the mother who does not speak, which has received a shocking effect.