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感恩教师节作文 篇1


Tomorrow is Teacher's Day. What festivals should be given to the teacher?


In the afternoon, Dad sent me to school.I saw a lot of students buying flowers at the school gate, I thought, I can also buy flowers for teachers!


I told my father my thoughts.Dad said praise, "Okay!"


I chose it for a long time in the shop, and finally chose two beautiful red flowers, ready to give me my favorite Teacher Li and Teacher Wei.


During the first class in the afternoon, I quietly put a flower on the podium while Teacher Li was not in the classroom.I want to give Teacher Li an unexpected surprise.After the second get out of class, I went to send flowers to Teacher Wei again.


Teacher's Day is here, I hope our teachers are happy!

感恩教师节作文 篇2


Yesterday was the first Teacher's Day in middle school and the teacher. It was so rushed that I regretted hasty.


After entering the school door, they saw Li Yuzheng and He Yiyang standing at the door and welcomed the teacher with flowers.Going upstairs, I saw the blessing card made by our classmates on the door of the teacher's office, and I was very happy.I think: those students who are responsible for sticking cards must be very hard -I don't know if I have been to school long ago.


The second class in the morning was halfway, and I Yiyang and I went out to rehearse.The teacher took us to the playground, which was the first time we walked.I don't know when the teacher added a poem to us to recite, called "Shi En Raushan".He Yiyang and I thought about a lot of "strategies" to compare the part of the closure. The ultimate effect is still good.


After the conference began, the real test room came.Standing on the stage, I am particularly nervous, and look at so many classmates on the playground. Wow, my heart is like an arrow that is about to leave the string, tightly.After the national flag is raised, our show is our show.Standing on the stage, I can feel my legs shaking, I wonder if it will affect the sound.After all, I just entered middle school, so I recited so many classmates so soon.Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with the whole recitation.After getting off the stage, the two of us have been standing in the audience until the end of the conference, the heels are numb -the tight arrow finally fired on the target accurately.


Today, it is too hasty. I have been busy reciting in the morning. I did n’t even install the gifts of the teachers. This is the first Teacher ’s Day, so I had to tomorrow.


At noon, I went back to elementary school with my classmates and wanted to see the teachers.Running all the way to stop and finally reached the alma mater.When we saw that the door was closed, we went to call the gatekeeper.Whoever thought he said, "Thank you for seeing the teacher, but you can't get in here." The mood suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley.So we gave things to the gatekeeper, asked him to bring the teacher, and then went back.


In the last class, Teacher Sui asked us to summarize the two weeks of life. See what gains, we are in turn.Through this summary, we deepened our understanding.


This is an unforgettable Teacher's Day. There are laughter and regrets, adding a wonderful stroke to my middle school life.

感恩老师教师节作文 篇3


On September 10th, Teacher's Day is coming. On the eve of the festival, I will sincerely wish all teachers "Happy Teacher's Day!"


Starting from the kindergarten middle class to the fifth grade of elementary school, I taught my teachers to be amiable, gentle and beautiful, and bachelor's profoundly, so that I can gain countless knowledge and wisdom.Since childhood, I have committed a lot of mistakes because of ignorance and ignorance. At this time, teacher, you are like a police officer, to correct me at all times, so that I have made me polite;At that time, when you knew the teacher, he became my parents immediately and told my shortcomings and behaviors to give me a good popularity and get the love and appreciation of my classmates.Teacher, the love you give silently, just like the air, people can't touch, caught, but accompany us all the time. If you do n’t have a careful experience and feelings, you will really think that everything is everything is everything.What happened for granted!


Since the second day of the week of the week, the Teacher's Day has not been on vacation. I think it should restore the rules of the Teacher's Day holiday.Do you want to take a holiday?Because the teacher is too hard to educate us.In addition to transmitting knowledge and teaching people to do things, teachers should also pay attention to their children's behavior. In particular, those naughty children are more tiring. In addition to their schoolwork, they must always care about their bad products.These small things that look like sesame mung beans are enough to make teachers a big two big. Therefore, during Teacher's Day, to let the hard work of the hard work, at this beautiful holiday holiday for a day, at the same time, let some know how to be grateful for gratitude.The children go to see them, so that the teachers can get some sweet taste.


Thank you all the teachers. When I am a small seedling, I keep moisturizing me with great love. In order to want me to grow up and grow up, the big trees can stand up.More people take the summer to avoid the summer and play under the tree.Teacher I will listen to your teachings and become a person who has contributed to society.Finally, bless all teachers "Happy Teachers' Day!"