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articles one


Spring, everything recovers, spring is full of spring.Autumn, leaves, loneliness.Winter, white snow fluttering, silver wrapped.And my favorite is summer. It is warmer than spring, cheerful than autumn, and more enthusiastic than winter.


Summer is here, the more unique flowers in the bloom in the sun.Even the wind is warm.In the playground, you can see the vigorous children swim in the childhood ocean and play.Some of them eat marshmallow, some sitting rotating Trojans, and some can ride a lot of others on their father's neck.This is the joy that summer brings to children.


Summer is here, men and women in the swimming pool wearing swimwear wearing swimwear freely, they enjoy a hint of cool water in the water in the summer.


Summer is here, and the physical education class in the school has become a course that students are keen. If they talk about the ten minutes of the class, I want physical education class to be more enjoyable.They will forget the hot summer, and the game with my classmates and friends.Run, shoot or take a walk with your arms.


Summer is here. In the busy office building, the air conditioner has become the favorite of office workers.They might make a cup of coffee in the hot afternoon, sitting under the window and watching the bustling hustle and bustle of the world.Of course, it can be done in other seasons, but it will be as warm as the summer sun.


This is the charm of summer. It makes people tired of the house in the house, tired of the exhaustion of the computer all day, and just wants to wear colorful summer clothes to expose the sun and travel happily.


Chapter Two


The warm spring just passed, and the hot summer came again.


The weather became hotter and hotter, and the sun was shining hot on the ground, as if saying, "I'm very powerful, everything is not my opponent. Hahaha!" Bai Yun may also be hid by the sun.Only in the evening, the wind blows on the body will feel a touch of coolness.The bird hid in the bird's nest, the dog hid in a cool place and spit his tongue, and the big tree was cracked.The tree on the tree kept calling: "It's really hot in summer! I know! Know!" The pond is full of good -looking lotus, with white, pink, and in the green lotus leaf, divided into divisions, divided into divisionThe enchanting.The dragonflies flew around the water, some caught pests, some played, and occasionally stopped on the lotus leaves to rest for a while.Some of the cute little frogs are busy catching mosquitoes, and some are sitting on lotus leaves.


The swimming pool in summer is really lively!People wore a beautiful swimsuit, and happily dialed the water in the swimming pool, hitting a wave of waves, and I also participated in it, so that the water in the swimming pool took away the heat of summer.


Summer fruits are also very rich, including litchi, watermelon, peach, and dragon fruit.But I like lychee most.I heard that my parents said that litchi was very precious in ancient times. The ordinary people could not eat it, but now the lychee has entered millions of households, so I always eat a lot of fresh and sweet lychee in summer.


Although summer is hot, it also brings me a lot of happiness, so I like summer very much!


Article 3


Summer is here, the weather is hot.The frog was sleeping on the lotus leaves in the pond and knew the horn on the tree.Some children eat ice creams, and some shake beautiful small flowers.The puppy stigmatized.


After a while of thunderstorms, the bear looked out of the window from home, and found that there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.The rain brought cool, and it was very happy.


But after a while, the Sun's father -in -law became prestigious again.The bear fan was sweating.It asked his mother, "Can you buy a watermelon for me?"


Xiong's mother was busy ironing and said, "I'm sorry, I'm too busy now, let's buy it yourself."


The little bear came to the watermelon land of Father Charian, and said to the father of the goat, "I want a big and sweet watermelon."


Father Sunsa picked up in Gua Di, picked a big watermelon and handed it to the bear. The bear said, "Thank you for the father -in -law ..."


The bear hugs the watermelon and goes back, this big watermelon is really heavy!It came up with a good idea: roll home with watermelon.


It rolled, rolled, rolled, walked all the way, rolling along the way, watermelon became a ball.


At home, watermelon was placed on the table.Mother Xiong cut from the middle.By strangely! The watermelon is broken, and it turns into water! The bear saw this scene, crying and saying, "My watermelon is bought in white!"


Mother Xiong didn't say a word, brought two spoons and inserted it on two "watermelon bowls".


Look, the bear laughed again at this moment because it was drinking cool and sweet watermelon juice.But it was still thinking: How can melon turns into water?





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