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[Earth standing on the edge of the cliff]


Chen Yudan


"Give me water! Give me water!" A crowd of crowds came to me. Everyone's hand was holding a variety of utensils, and some people even held a sign in their hands.:water.I kept trembling, retreating back, but every time I stepped back, those humans would approach me, and kept talking about the water words in my mouth, as if I was surrender, they just rushed to squeeze my body to squeeze my body.Dry."Oh!" I sighed heavily, but the humans in front of me were still the kind of eyes: full of greed and evil.


In the past, the water resources have always been sufficient, everything is so beautiful, the water used by people is very healthy, few people get sick, and the fish and shrimp live happily in the river stream.The sea is even more beautiful. The blue water is very crystal, very translucent, clear, and looking far away like a blue agate.Everything on the earth is so beautiful. People live in peace and career. Everything is calm. Until one day, after humans were controlled by ignorance and selfishness, they like a bomb on a calm lake.


For many years, human beings have been using water to develop industries unsatisfactory. As a result, the streams and small river near the factory have been severely polluted, and the fish and shrimp have lost their homeland.The river water becomes soothing, and it smells smell everywhere.Remember the sea of blue agate?Now that it has changed completely, because humans do not pay attention to the protection of the environment, they often throw various garbage, which causes garbage everywhere to the seaside, and seawater is polluted into dark green.It is disgusting.Watching the river and the sea were contaminated, my heart was like a knife, but humans extended the poisonous hands to the underground river. They took the water in the underground river to drink themselves as a drink.These resources that can be used by recycling cannot be used by human pollution.Humans looked at the water and exhausted the water, and extended the poisonous hands to me, scolding me to treat them ruthlessly.


Humans, don't you know how ignorant you are?Continuous pollution, use, and finally eaten by the evil.I hope that blue agate can come back again. I hope that fish and shrimp can be happy in the water, and I hope that there will be no more water deficiency.Humans!Stop what you do!Don't let you regret tears become the last drop of water on the earth.


Looking at the abyss behind me, I lamented: "What should I do?"


【Tears of the Earth】


Chen Jianlin


"Water! Water! Water!" "I want water!" A large piece of dark crowd came to me and forced me to the cliff.I looked at the abyss behind me trembling, and turned back to force my crowd, and couldn't help tears.


My name is Earth, a blue planet in the universe. Compared with other planets, I am just a younger brother.But in an accidental planet collision, I have a special creature -humans.




On this day, my resources were exhausted, and there was no water on the earth!Without water, humans cannot survive!Human beings couldn't stand the life without water, so I took the water that was strong in water, and forced me to the edge of the cliff.I looked at these ruthless humans and dripped the painful tears: "Humans, you plunder me ruthlessly, but you have to force me to embark on the way!"


Humans, I will feed you generously and selflessly, you should cherish it!wake up!Don't be eroded by "greedy", "selfish" and "ignorance"!


【Human Awakening】


Ma Zhangshun


I am a hard -working woodpecker. My career is to protect the trees, but I can't let those selfish humans cut the woods.


One morning, a harsh voice of "咚” , "awakened us. When I realized that it was not good, I immediately went to find a person who was looking for" murder "."Hey! It's so great! Such a good tree, I can finally get a bonus today! Ha, ha ..." At this time, a uncle wearing a work clothes appeared in front of me. He was holding cigarettes.While holding the ax to cut the tree.I didn't say anything, and immediately rushed to the past and said, "Stop your hands! Humans, don't cut the tree!" The uncle saw me and said, "Cut, why listen to you? I want to make a lot of money! Go away!Don't bother me! "Speaking of him, he waved and rushed to me.I was in a hurry and said, "Human beings, you are committing suicide! If you cut the woods, sandstorms, mudslides, floods, these disasters will come to the door! Wake up, humans, don't be so ignorant, selfish!"


The uncle ignored me, and suddenly the "bombardment" -the first tree fell."No, I must stop him!" I thought.While the uncle was focusing on chopping the tree, I secretly flew to his shoulder and pecked his head vigorously. With my years of experience, his head was like a bad "wood". There were at least three worms inside.Existence- "selfish insects", "unknown insects", "greedy insects".I pecked hard, "Oh," the uncle shouted, "You dead woodpecker! Go away! If the inspector saw me, I will definitely deduct my salary!"Groaning, my distress!


Humans!Please don't hurt the trees, please protect them carefully!Wake up, human beings, don't let selfishness, ignorance, greedy erosion your mind!


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