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Cuice mother


Zhang Yan


Everyone says that father loves like a mountain, mother loves the sea, and the most painful thing is my mother. She gave me the best. Mom is tall. She left a long hair and two curved eyebrows.There is a pair of watery eyes, and Zhang Neng's mouth. When I am obedient, my mother is like a gentle little sheep. When I make her hot, my mother is like a mother tiger!


My mother is very diligent. As long as I take a break, I will start cleaning. I just threw the melon skin shells and crumbs ... throwing it around, and my mother immediately began to bombard me: why don't you remember, there is a trash bin.Put, you will call bugs!I hurriedly started to clean up and helped my mother clean up together, otherwise this mother tiger was going to be prestigious again!


My mother loves me very much and tolerate me!I remember that my mother was happy to take me to the restaurant for dinner, but I broke a disaster just after eating.I want to drink cola, so I excuse my thirst. My mother said that the child was unhealthy to drink cola. I stuck me to get in the car. I was unhappy. I didn't wait for my mother to get on the car. I closed the door and only heard it.My mother yelled "ah". When I sat in the back row, I saw her covering her head with her hands. At this time, I saw that the blood flowed out of the gap between my mother's fingers, so I was so scared that I was crying!Mom may know that I was afraid, but comforted me and said, "Mom doesn't hurt, don't be afraid of baby!" I am so ashamed when I think of it now!


This is the mother I love and fear!



Book worm little girl


He Yameng


I have a sister who loves reading too much. The bookshelves in the family have been occupied by her, filled with her book, as long as she is free Composition Fan Network http://www.cms9.com/ will look at the book concentrated, and the family will call her "small book worm" kindly.


I remember once, our family went to the water park to play, and she has been holding a book in the book since I got in the car.I asked her, "What book are you reading?" The sister answered "I was reading 100,000 why." When I got out of the car, she was still holding the book to read, including when the swimming was resting.When reading, my mother would worry that she was too involved in reading by the pool and would hide her book. She had a preparation. She had a book bag and took another book from the bookbag.I looked at the book with my heart.Hey, the whole family couldn't take her.


Another time, in the road to sweeping the grave on the Qingming Festival, she was watching Grandma Bingxin's "Star". She didn't notice that at the foot, "fluttering" slipped into the mud field on the side of the road, and even the people brought all the books to do it.Mud, the younger sister who rarely cried her nose saw the beloved book soaked and suddenly cried, tears fell like the raindrops that broke the string, until my father said, "Looking back and buying a new one for a new one.You. "Her face showed a bright smile from Yin Qingqing, she was really a cute little sister.


Do you say she looks like a small book bug?It is because she likes reading so much that she has a wide range of knowledge and often tells me the knowledge that she has not.


This is my "little book worm" sister, a little girl who especially likes to read books.



my teacher

my teacher


Dong Miao


There are countless teachers who have been in class, but the teacher who is most impressed by me, Teacher Wang.


Once, Mr. Wang was sick, his throat was speechless, and his legs were weak, but she insisted on giving us class.The voice was so hoarse, and he couldn't stand it, so he kneeling on a leg on the stool.Later, Teacher Wang's illness became more and more serious!She was hospitalized, but she still thought about our study. I was afraid that our study would fall, so I asked other teachers to give us class, so that we are not bad in a Chinese class!


Teacher Wang's class is vivid and interesting. He often plays games with us, let us learn in happiness.


In the mid -term exam, we class out of the classmates in Chinese!No matter how much money, the teacher bought a delicate gold medal and hung it on the neck of his classmates!Whenever the composition is hired five times, the teacher will give us a gold medal!


Teacher Wang, you are like a diligent gardener, cultivating us; like spring cicadas, unknown, selfless and fearless;



"巧" mother


Xu Shengjie


My mother's eyes are small, their eyes are firm and spiritual.The voice of his voice was big, and from time to time, he came to Hedong Lion, but her hands were very dexterous!


Once I was going to perform a show in school. The role I played needed a straw hat, but I didn't have a straw hat at home. What should I do?I returned home without meclocking.My mother asked me, "What are the problems?" I looked up at my mother and said, "I want to perform a show at school, but I lack a straw hat prop. The teacher said that it is best to edit it.What can I do? "Mom said nothing and immediately ran downstairs. I looked at my mother's back, and a little bit of a monk couldn't touch my head.After a while, my mother took a straw hat upstairs and looked at the straw hat. I couldn't help asking: "This straw hat was edited?" The mother nodded, I almost shocked the chin, I couldn't think of my mother and this skill.Essence


The next day I started performing with a straw hat. I welcomed a while as soon as I came to power, and there were some laughter in the middle.I took a deep breath and performed hard.At the end of the performance, our performance became a program with the highest support.When the host announced the winning list, I shed tears of joy.I think there is a credit of a mother in it. If this straw hat may not be so good, the effect of the show is not so good.


After the performance, my mother watched a trophy with grass, and I couldn't help but hold the trophy.How about it?Is my mother's hand very "clever"?



My deep love teacher


Hu Jiayi


In my elementary school career, the teachers illuminated my study like a bright lamp.Among them, my favorite and most bright lamp is the third grade Chinese teacher.


Teacher Wang is the encouragement of our writing. In order to inspire us to write better, she uses "whole body skills" to tell us how to write tips and teach us how to choose materials ... I also often submit our composition to newspapers and magazines.She also created a platform for composition publication- "Happy Writing and Reading". Every time she practiced the pen, she carefully corrected it.Those who were hired more than 5 times would reward a gold medal and a book. The gold medals and books were purchased by her own money.


"Happy Reading" is the composition we have hired, beautiful composition, and beautiful music.I think that when we grow up, we can still see the many classmates' essays full of innocent compositions, and listening to beautiful music in our ears are really a beautiful memory!


Once, the teacher was in a bad health and insisted on going to work. She had to correct our homework and prepare for the lecture notes for the next day ... She went home very late.We all think that she should take a good rest. I didn't expect to see her come to school again in the early morning, and concentrated on giving us a lecture.


Teacher Wang not only encourages our writing at all times, but also cares about our learning and life.


I still remember that a few days ago, the classmate Xiao Shen had a cold and asked for a day off. Teacher Wang took the initiative to contact Xiao Shen's parents and asked his physical recovery.Once, for those who do n’t understand, the key points were made to make remarks, and prepared to help him review and explain when he went to school the next day.


Haha, it is such a teacher, she is like a loving mother, and a friendly friend, which pointed out the direction to our learning and life beside us.Teacher Wang, we love you!



"Mobile phone control" father


Feng Siqi


Just a few days ago, my dad even joined the "low -headed family", which surprised me and my mother, so a "anti -mobile phone team" was established!


Because of my mother and I strict defense, my father had to propose: I went to the toilet for the reason. Because my mother and I were girls, I had to indulge him.However, Dad's enthusiasm for his mobile phone also showed his feet: half an hour, one hour ... Over time, Dad has already entered for two hours!I couldn't help it. I rushed into the toilet. At a glance, my father was playing with his mobile phone there!Mom came to the sound, and at a glance, she quarreled with her dad.I sit over there to watch the show!


In the evening, my mother sighed: "Well, it's not good to go on like this!" "Do you want to make a trick?" "What are the tricks?" That is!"I drew a few times with my hands, and my mother gave God.


The next day, when my father didn't pay attention, I secretly took away my dad's mobile phone.When Dad saw that the mobile phone was gone, he shouted immediately: "Where did I go?" I shook my phone in front of my dad and said, "Dad, addicted to your phone, which is harmful to your eyes, but also not good for your health.Why let the mobile phone waste your good time? Unless you promise that I do n’t play the phone from the future, I can return you to you! "Dad was silent for a long time and said," Okay! "After I returned the phone to my dad,Dad really doesn't play mobile phones anymore!


Mobile phones are harmful to health, we cannot indulge in mobile phones!



My careless father


Sun Haoran


I have a good dad, he is good at everything: handsome, diligent, and my mother and my mother!But Dad has a disadvantage, and he always lost three or four, very careless.Because "with his father and his son", I was also awarded the title of "little horse tiger" by my mother.


In order to help me and my dad change the hair disease, my mother decided to choose a little Mr. Tao between me and dad. Once who chose it, he would use his own small vault to invite.


Just say last week, my father and I went to grandma's house. My grandma just made some dumplings. I ate more than a dozen in a row. Dad was afraid that I would eat it.When we go back, take a little bit home. "After we drove home, I watched my father empty and yelled," Dad, what about my dumplings, did you bring it? "On the car? "It turned out that he didn't bring it back from his grandma's house at all.


Hahaha, dad, you "Mr. Hu Hu" is really deserved!



my teacher

my teacher


Liang Hanming


my teacher

my teacher一双乌黑珍珠似的眼睛,一头乌黑的头发,没错,这就是我的老师

my teacher

my teacher——王老师。


She is my third grade Chinese teacher. She often brings some very delicious snacks to share with us all. About every week will bring some foods.


Teacher Wang is not only generous, but also works very well.


The first and second lessons of each Thursday afternoon are composition lessons.The classmates are very happy. The teacher talks about some writing skills, and will read more than two essays for everyone, and sometimes teach us to do some incredible magical handicrafts, such as "Crossing A4 Paper", "Copy Banknotes", and"Hercules" ... A few days ago, we took a very, very interesting class, and made me miss it.


what!I like my teacher Wang, she often brings us happiness!



Der hard -working mother


Zheng Xinyi


My mother is a hard -working and beautiful person. I can't imagine what she would look like if she was gone.


Every morning I bed together, there is a fragrant breakfast. I saw two eggs and two cups of milk, placed on the table.It's my mother and my sister!I do n’t eat at school at noon. My mother is busy watching the shop every day and prepare lunch for us. After lunch, I have to hurry to pick me up with me and my sister home.For three meals a day, she never said that she was tired. She watched me and my sister very fragrant, not to mention how happy it was.We finished eating, and she washed the bowl clean again.


During the cleaning, she took a broom in one hand and a mop in one hand until she wiped the floor.I remember one night, my sister and I went to bed, and I heard some voices faintly. I asked loudly, "Mom, what's the sound?" Mom said, "I was washing clothes with a washing machine and noisy you to you."" No, no, mother. "In this way, I entered the dreamland with the sound of the washing machine.


This is my best mother.



Mother who loves smelly


Take care of


Mother who loves smelly,每天她都忙得不可开交。


In the morning, she did not make breakfast immediately, but came to the dressing table to dress up.She poured those messy cosmetics on her right hand to apply on her face, with white, green, pink ... colorful.Put the left and wipe the right, just like brushing the wall.


She also needs to choose in front of the wardrobe.Look at this for a while, and look at that one for a while, but don't like it.Put on this for a while, put it on that one, and ask me from time to time: "Is this dress look good?" My dad and I replied, "Good -looking, very beautiful, just like a fairy." Dad and I thoughtIt was over, but she said, "Then I wear another one, you can help me see which one is better." Dad and I have become accustomed to such a life.


Although my mother loves the smelly beauty, she grows up with me and thinks for us everywhere. I love my stinky mother.



Care about my teacher

my teacher

my teacher


Yan Weiyu


Care about my teacher

my teacher

my teacher,她是我们的语文老师。我们叫她王老师,我们最喜欢她了!


I had a fever because of the cold, and I was writing lessons at that time.Because the fever was ugly, I met Xiao Hong at the same table and quickly went to report the teacher.The teacher quickly pulled me up and walked towards the medical room.The staff of the infirmary measured my body temperature and asked Teacher Wang to call the parents and let me take me back to the hospital.


Later, my grandma hurriedly picked me up from the school and sent me to the hospital to take a blood test.As soon as the test results came out, we were surprised. It turned out that I had a high fever because of the cold and had to hang water.Hanging two bottles of potions, my spirit was obviously better.But I still felt that I wanted to vomit, and I vomited with the trash can. I didn't vomit after a while. I might spit out all the food.


Yan Weiyu,你好一点了吗?”我回答道,“已经没事儿了,医生说我明天下午就可以上学了。”说完这句话,我的眼睛湿湿的,不自觉的留下了幸福的眼泪。心里想,原来老师这么爱护我们啊!

At this time, the grandmother's phone rang, and I heard the voice of our Chinese teachers and classmates. They shouted, "Yan Weiyu, is you better?" I replied, "It's okay, the doctor said, the doctor saidI can learn tomorrow afternoon. "After saying this, my eyes were wet, leaving a happy tears unconsciously.I thought to myself, the teacher loves us so much!


This is the Chinese teacher who cares about our Chinese. She is Teacher Wang.Usually not only to me, but also very good to every classmate, we also like her very much!