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Composition of amber formation process



In a very hot summer, all bugs were not hiding at home to get cold, but gathered under an old pine tree, listening to their leaders -Lord Lord made an important speech.


Master Master said: "Today is the holiday of your thoughts and nights, that is the annual summer celebration."After speaking, the bugs ate and danced, singing and jumping.The frogs and crickets sang songs on the wooden stakes. The butterfly and the seven -star ladybug danced happily on both sides of the wooden stakes, while the bees were busy picking nectar to make honey to give the bugs to try new.


Everyone was very happy, and only a little spider was unhappy on a old pine tree.At this time, a little fly came to it and asked curiously: "Why are you unhappy?" The little spider sighed: "I was driven out of the group because I failed when I was hunting. I am nowVery hungry, so I ... ", I didn't wait for the spider to finish, a large drop of pine fat dripped from the pine tree and wrapped them.Pine fats dripped down, wrapped them in it, and finally formed a pine ball.


Many years later, this pine ball has become a fossil, which is the amber we see.


(Xu Shihan)



This is a hot summer. The sun is like a large stove in the entire forest, and many insects hide in their own home.


At this time, a small fly flew to an old pine tree.Then, a spider came again, and it saw the little flies alone, so he asked it, "What's wrong with you?"


"Well, don't say it, I can't find my parents anymore, they may not want me. Woo ... wow ..."


The spider took its hand and said, "Don't worry, from now on, Composition Fan Network http://www.cms9.com/ I am your friend!"


The little flies suddenly became happy, and they chatted happily.Suddenly a drop of pine fat descended from the sky, and the little flies and spiders were tightly wrapped inside and could not move.Pine fat is dripping, forming a pine -fat ball, wrapped two worms in it, and they have become good friends who will never be separated.


After tens of thousands of years, the seawater gradually drowned the land, and the pine ball ball buried under the sediment became harder and harder, and eventually became amber.


(Zhou Chen Jianou)



The sun was spicy in an ancient forest, and some old pine trees leaked out of sticky pine fat, one drop after another.At this time, a small, green flies flew into this ancient forest and parked on an old pine tree.It was chased by the enemy all the way, panting, and wings could not be moved.


A spider out of the leaves is lonely, because the spiders in this forest are not very friendly.It saw this fly, but because of its myopia, it mistakenly used the flies as a spider."I want to say hello to it," the spider said, "I haven't seen another similar for a long time." It ran all the way to the "similar" all the way. At this time, it saw that it was a fly.Two small worms, eyes stared at, and stunned instantly.The spider understands that what it calls "similar" is actually its food!At this time, a large drop of pine fat dripped them and wrapped them up, but neither the two worms thought.Drops of pine fat followed one drop, wrapped the two small worms layer, and became a pine lipstick ball.


Thousands of years have passed, tens of thousands of years have passed, and this pine ball has eventually become amber.Looking closely, the spider's face still regrets it.


(Yang Yanjing)



About 25,000 years ago, the weather was very hot, and the sun was hot and spicy on the lush pine forest.There was a spider crawling around the pine branches. It was hungry and was looking for food.At this time, a fly flew over.It didn't take long for these two worms to be sweaty by the hot sun.


As soon as the spider turned around and saw that the flies stopped on the pine branches, it immediately rushed up.Just as the flies were caught by the spider, a large drop of pine fat fell down and wrapped them.They kept moving in loose fat balls, and a drop of pine fat fell down to cover the original.Then, the third drop, the fourth drop ... the two worms were wrapped in a pine ball.


After thousands of years, tens of thousands of years have passed. The pine balls wrapped in spiders and flies became extremely hard, and eventually became amber.


(Pan Yudong)