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Dear mother:

Dear mother:


Happy Mothers' Day!


Dear mother, you have worked hard! Your life is ordinary, a hard -working mother. Hitting me always has a shot of early greed, dragging children, handling housework, and going out to work, and constantly flashes in my mind.


Now that you and your father are eighty years old, white hair, the traces of the years have been branded on your forehead. Mother, you use your life to raise your children with hard work.The small families who go home to build them one by one will have only your second old age. Although there are many children, you often go to see you, but your second old man will never drag your children and do everything yourself.


You said that only when you exercise, you will be healthy. When we really can't do anything, it means that life will be over. We want to do more years and live more years.Wearing these words, we are ashamed. Since we have their own small home, we have been busy running in our own life circle. Although we will often visit your second old man, we can not let you worry about it.The stumbling stumbling makes you bother.Until now, our children have grown up, and some have been married and have children. We have appreciated . It is not easy to cultivate children.


Mother, thank you for giving your children's life, giving children a wonderful life, thinking that with you, the life of children is more sunny.They all say, "There is an old family, if there is a treasure."


Besides, we have two healthy old people. May 10th is Mother's Day. As your children, there are endless grace and endless affection.Children wish you a happy holiday here! Also wish your father's health and happiness!



Dear mother:


May May be a warm season, the greenness of grass, the fragrance of flowers, and the wind and drizzle, accompanied by a beautiful voice.-The voice of children.

妈妈,亲爱的妈妈,您听见儿女为您祈福的声音了吗? 为了我们,您活得太累了。妈妈,请您歇歇吧,让我们给您捶捶后背揉揉肩吧。您可知道,5月9日,那是您的节日——母亲节啊!

Mom, dear mother, have you heard your children pray for your blessing? For us, you live too tired.Mom, please take a break, let's rub your back and rub your shoulders.You know, May 9th is your holiday -Mother's Day!

母亲,这是人世间多么伟大的称呼啊! 您每天总是起早摸黑,辛勤劳作,让我们安心上学;您每天总是对我们嘘寒问暖,呵护着我们健康成长。在我孤独彷惶时,是您,用坚强的臂膀为我撑开一片蓝天;在我挫折失意时,是您,用炽热的情怀温暖我伤痛的心灵;在我忘之所以时,是您,及时提醒我,教我以高尚的情操。看着您那忙碌的身影,我们含着泪,多么想轻轻地说声:“妈妈,您歇歇吧。”看着您额上的皱纹,我们多么想稚嫩的双手能把它摩平。现在,我们唯有在母亲节到来之际;由衷地说声:“亲爱的妈妈,您辛苦了,我们感谢您! 祝您节日快乐,祝您幸福安康! 您永远是我的好妈妈。”

Mother, how great this is the world in the world! You always get up early every day, work hard, and let us go to school with peace of mind; you always ask us to warmly and care for us to grow up healthy.When I was lonely, it was you, using a strong arm to open a blue sky for me; when I was frustrated and frustrated, it was you, warming my pain with hot feelings; when I forgot, it was you.Remind me in time and teach me with noble sentiments.Looking at your busy figure, we have tears, how we want to say gently, "Mom, you should rest." Looking at the wrinkles on your forehead, how we want to make it flat with their hands.Now, we can only say it at the time of Mother's Day; "Dear Mom, you have worked hard, we thank you! I wish you a happy holiday, I wish you happiness and health! You will always be my good mother."


Mom, I always provoked you to be angry, worrying about you, and disappointing your expectations, I'm sorry.In the future, I will definitely study hard, work hard, and repay your breeding with excellent results.I promise you: I must be a good person, work well, be old -fashioned, and do old practical things.


Mom, in the end, let's sing a singing song for you: "Only mothers in the world, children with mothers like blocks ..." Let this true singing voice accompany you through every day in your life.You, always my good mother


I wish the great mother again-Happy holiday!



When it comes to May, I think of May 1st and May 4th, of course, there are my birthdays on May 22.After a while, I thought that it was Mother's Day today.


When it comes to the mother, some words and past events appeared in my mind.


The first is vast.In the only fifteen years of my life, I can't find a day that has nothing to do with my mother and mother's love, or even a trace of memory.For my life, my mother is like an indispensable element. With less motherly love, it seems that life is not life.


Followed by selflessness.This is self -evident.Her mother completely poured her youth, her energy, and her.While I grew up healthy, wrinkles and white hair quietly climbed up my mother's forehead.As if wrinkles and white hair are a kind of text, an article, it records my growth, and it also records my mother's dedication and aging.


Connect.In the impression, mother is a person who is easy to satisfy.This morning, my inadvertent greetings, a blessing of Mother's Day, made my mother happy for a day, and even let my mother warm a lifetime.

还是知足。家中每年总有一次大扫除,翻箱倒柜将家中无用的物件找出丢弃。可是在母亲床头的书架上,我却找到一张破旧不堪的贺卡。那是我5岁那年的母亲节,我用我当时珍爱的水彩笔,在父亲新买的衬衫中夹着的纸板上画的一张简陋的贺卡送给母亲。贺卡上写着一行歪歪扭扭的祝语“zhi ma ma母qin jie kuai乐”,下面还画上了母亲的画像。尽管字写得丑陋,尽管画画得连我自己都看不出与母亲有何相似之处(除了都是黑头发,两只眼睛,两只耳朵,一个鼻子和一张嘴),尽管由于放置了多年,水彩笔写下的水彩已多少有些褪色和模糊,但却依然没被当作垃圾清理掉,依然放置在母亲床头的书架上,依然珍藏在母亲心中。

Still contentment.There is always a big cleaning at home every year, and the box is turned over and the counter to find the useless objects in the home to discard.But on the bookshelf on the head of my mother's bed, I found a dilapidated greeting card.It was my 5 -year -old Mother's Day. I used a humble greeting card drawn on my father's newly bought shirt with the watercolor pen I cherished at the time.On the greeting card, a crooked wish "Zhi Ma Ma Mother qin Jie Kuai Le" was written, and the mother's portrait was drawn below.Although the words are ugly, even though I can't even see what I am similar to my mother (except for both black hair, two eyes, two ears, one nose, and one mouth)For many years, the watercolor written by the watercolor pen has been somewhat faded and blurred, but it is still not cleaned up as garbage. It is still placed on the bookshelf of the mother's bed, and it is still treasured in the mother's heart.


As soon as he opened his head, he couldn't stop, because it seemed that all the words could be used to describe mother and maternal love.


A few days ago, in "Innovation Composition ", I saw such a sentence describing the words of mother "Mother's love like ice lemon, although sour, but thoroughly heartbroken."After watching it for a long time, I thought about it for a long time and tried to understand.After thinking for a while, it didn't matter.Originally, life was under motherly love, maternal love.If we are flying birds, mother love is the blue sky; if we are fish, mother love is the sea; if we are sapling, mother love is forest; if we are us, mother love is the ubiquitous motherly love.No matter how we become, the motherly love has tolerate us in an eternal manner. When we try to repay, we find that such ordinary and trivial motherly love is so great.


Whoever speaks of grass, reports San Chunhui.



Dear mother:

Dear mother:


Mother's Day is coming, I want to use this letter to tell you "Happy Mother's Day."I love you, thank you for everything for me.I really don't know how to express my gratitude.


But I can imagine how tired you are in this 19 years.In the past few years, you have often made breakfast for me and sent me to school.You are at work at eight in the morning to seven pm, and after you go home, you will clean the house and cook for me.You attach great importance to my education, see me gradually forming self -discipline, and preparing for your future development is the happiest time.This process was not easy, and I didn't understand your hard work at that time.But thanks to your efforts, I do it well, not only to study English, but also strive to build a positive attitude and belief in life.I thank my mother for everything for me.


Now that I am 19 years old, I am about to travel around. I go abroad Study abroad , just like a bird who is about to show my wings to leave my mother. In the next few years, there will be no way to accompany you as usual as before.But don't worry, I can take good care of myself.Your love will never fade in my heart. I love your mother, please accept my gratitude.I hope you are happy every day!

Dear mom,

Dear mom,

Mother's day is coming and I would like to say "Happy mother's day" in this letter. I love you and thank you so much for everything you did for me. I really do not know how to express my thanks to you.

My Thanks to you.

I can imagine, however, how tired you have been during these 19 years. In the past few years, you cooked breakfast for me and often sent me to school. Then you went to work from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. After you came home, you would clean the house and cook for me. You have put emphasis on my education and taken most pleasure in my gradual formation of self-discipline in preparing myself for future development. The process was not easy and at that time the importance of your efforts was beyond my comprehension. Yet I have been doing well, thanks to your ceaseless endeavor, not only in English, but also in my positive attitude and faith in life. Now I am so grateful to you for everything you have taught me.


Now I'm preparing myself for the coming studying abroad and can't be with you for the next few years. But please do not worry because I can take good care of myself as a grown-up girl, turning to 19, who is like a bird leaving its parents. Nevertheless, your love and your influence will never ever fade in my heart. I love you mom! Please accept my gratitude again. I wish all the happiness for you.

Now I'm preparing myself for the coming studying abroad and can't be with you for the next few years. But please do not worry because I can take good care of myself as a grown-up girl, turning to 19, who is like a bird leaving its parents. Nevertheless, your love and your influence will never ever fade in my heart. I love you mom! Please accept my gratitude again. I wish all the happiness for you.



In the morning, Xiao Yu took a bus to school, and when he arrived at the school, he forgot the existence of his mother.There are often a lot of festivals in May. This is not just a day of Labor. I ca n’t remember what festivals have reached the eye. When I go to my uncle's house, I find that many people buy flowers.Asked what festival he was today, he said that it was Mother's Day today, and I stayed for a while.I just made trouble with my mother in the morning. Now it is Mother's Day. Others send flowers to my mother, and I ca n’t send anything. I still make trouble with my mother all morning. What can I do?


When I came to school in the afternoon, I saw that my classmates were talking about how to surprise my mother when I went home. I see that I couldn't give it. I didn't hear it in the afternoon class.How do you tell my mother? When I tried to find a way, there was a heavy rain, and I was busy in the morning and forgot to bring an umbrella.


After class, other parents scrambled to pick up their children later, and the children gave their parents to their parents.Only I wandered on the way to the station. I thought a lot along the way. I was wrong in the morning. I think my mother waited for me to go home for dinner, but I have become a chicken.The rain has been going down, I don't know when to stop.


I got in the car, although I couldn't get the rain, but my heart was raining, and I became a chicken again, and there were three stops from home. How many stops were there in my ideal home? It's almost here?Seeing a familiar figure, much like my mother.I waited with joy.The bus arrived at the station. It was really a mother. My mother came to pick me up. When I went home, I was eating, but my mother said that it was Mother's Day today. People gave my mother a gift. I listened.With tears, my mother raised me for decades, but I did n’t even send a small gift. My mother said to repay her by learning, but I.


Hey! It's hard to say a word.



Late at night, everything was silent, because just after the heavy rain, the road was potholes everywhere, the mother struggled for three steps and stepped on the puddle in two steps.Anti -fever medicine.I was lying on the bed, remembering, tomorrow is, Mother's Day ...


As soon as I opened my eyes, my mother couldn't wait to say to me: Kai, my sister sent me a message at 0 o'clock last night: my favorite woman, happy mother's day! Mom said this sentence, a face, a face, a face, Em such as two words -happiness.But I am very unhappy.The abominable sister, my plan has made you earlier, and I am so angry! The situation is not good. It seems that I have to implement my "love mother" plan, otherwise, I will be preempted by my dad.follow me!


After washing, I took out a bag of toast and prepared to make breakfast for my mother.I divided the babies with white tender and tender, and then made makeup on their faces with milkshake sauce. What kind of makeup is good? Draw a smiley face first! A pair of eyes, a bending one, a curved one sheet, a curved one sheetMouth, not bad.I followed the addiction, and painted "Mom", "5.12", love peaches, diamonds, and so on.


Haha, mother, you just wait to eat the "DIY nutrition breakfast" I made carefully! After pouring the milk, I walked into the room."Mom, Happy Mother's Day!" Mom was shocked to see me first, and I quickly brought breakfast on the table."Mom, try my breakfast!" Mom came to God, took a piece of toast, and a playful "mother" came into view.The toast entered her mother's mouth, chewing, two chewing, and her mother licked the corner of her mouth."Is it delicious?" "It's delicious, delicious ..." In the morning light, I seem to see something flashing in the corner of my mother's eyes ...


After the success of the A plan, I am really excited, but the good show is still behind!


I calmly got my mother's mobile phone, opened the "Office" software, and prepared to use high -tech to make exquisite slides for my mother.Let's make a cover first! I wrote a "Happy Mother's Day!" I used pink, and then inserted a photo of a mother and wrote "Son Chen Zikai, give it to the favorite person." YesPraise.After making three more slides with touching lungs, even if I made great achievements! I put it excitedly and over again. The information technology is really not white!


I took my phone behind and called my mother to close my eyes.Mother's Second Monk -I can't touch my head, I don't know what medicine I sell in my gourd.However, she closed her eyes obediently like a child."You can open it!" The slide began to screen.Each one is full of mother and child affairs that belongs to us.My mother looked at it with surprise, and her eyes burst into tears, hugging me tightly, and I murmured gently in her ear: "Happy Mother's Day!"



At night, a few stars in the quiet sky blinked the big eyes of the watery and watery, alive like a few gems flashed, and the moon emitted a faint light, as if wearing a layer of gauze, hazy and mysterious.I was lying on the bed, in love with a beautiful scenery in front of me, and the breeze blown it gently, as if my mother's warm hands gently stroked me, accompanied me into a sweet dream hometown.


The soft moonlight was sprinkled on me, and I suddenly felt that there was any power to gently hold me up, and unknowingly brought me to a beautiful garden.There are all kinds of flowers in the garden, colorful and beautiful.


When I was surprised to look at everything in front of me, there was a kind voice behind me: "Hello, little girl." "Hello, wife. Where is this?"We will help her realize a wish. "


I couldn't believe my ears, and I opened my eyes and asked curiously: "Are you talking about it?" My wife nodded gently.


"Tomorrow is Mother's Day, I want to give my carnation to my mother's house, can I?" "Of course." My wife said with a smile, "You are really a filial child." My wife gave me a leaf and said that they only needed to return home as long as they needed to go home.I drip a drop of water on the leaves, and my wish can be realized.A breeze held me gently, and in a blink of an eye, I returned to the familiar window again.I quickly drip the water on the leaves. In an instant, the corners of the house were piled up with beautiful carnations, red, white, purple, pink, orange ... all kinds of carnations exuded a refreshing and spleen.aromatic.I am intoxicated ...


"Enron, get up! What dream of dreaming? Laugh so sweetly." Ah! It turned out to be a dream!


Dear mother, I must turn this dream into reality!


Mother's Day is here. I arrange a composition . As a result, this composition stood out in many compositions in the class because of its innovative ideas!The festival attracted my attention in a unique way of thinking.


The dream of Mother's Day merged her love for her mother into this beautiful dream.


Fresh language, free and easy writing, delicate thoughts, strong love, flowing between every character, let us feel the girl's deep love for the mother.


Yes, deep love.From the carnation of that room, we are enough to feel.


"My dear mother, I must have this dream into reality!" Does this beautiful vows mean her beautiful heart?



Maternal love, how warm words, mother love, how many people have moved, and how many people have left tears for this ...


At night, the sky is like a dark veil with a dark veil, and the dense little stars blink of beautiful eyes in the sky, like beautiful gemstones, dazzling light in the sky; the moon looks likeA beautiful lady wearing a "fluorescent coat" in quiet, gentle, and Sven, touched the warm hands of the night mother, fell asleep and fell asleep.At this time, I was lying quietly on a soft and comfortable bed, while watching the beautiful scenery outside the window, and enjoying the cool breeze blowing on the face.Essence


Suddenly, it should be said that for a moment, I found myself standing in a heavenly fairy tale world.Under the feet, there are green and soft grasslands. All kinds of colorful flowers and butterflies dance on my head. The cute little animals such as rabbits, kittens, little foxes run around my feet.At this time, a small elf with only my fist appeared in front of me.It has a pair of crystal wings, a pink light flashed throughout the body, and there are countless shining stars around it around it.


When I was puzzled, the elf spoke: "Those who can come to our fairy tale kingdom are kind and filial people, and I can satisfy him a good wish."


Fairy Tale Kingdom? Can you realize a good wish? I will be doubtful and ask the elf curiously: "Can you really satisfy my wish?"


"Of course, our elf has always said to do it. Let's make a wish!" The elf replied confidently.


What should I do? By the way, today is Mother's Day, I can ask the elf a special gift.Mom is not very beautiful, let the elf send me a kind of thing that can make my mother beautiful! I told my thoughts about my elf.The elf smiled, using its wand to a little bit on my palm, and a delicate small bottle appeared on my hand, and there were some transparent liquid in the bottle.The elf told me that as long as the liquid was applied to my mother's face, my wish would be realized immediately.


The elf was gone after speaking, and I returned to my room again.I walked quietly to my mother's bed. My mother was already asleep. I found my mother's small brush for makeup, and gently painted the liquid in the small bottle on the mother's face.Miracle appeared! Mom suddenly became young and beautiful ...


"Ni Leyan, what time, get up!" Mom's voice sounded in her ears.


Ah! It turned out to be a dream.



When the entrance examination was near the entrance examination, my class set off a wave of gifts for mothers' festivals.My mother was dependent on me, but I did not give her any gifts before. This time, I must make my mother happy while Mother's Day opportunity.


What do you send? First of all, I thought of the flowers of flowers.But her mother was used to suffering. She pays attention to benefits. I do n’t need to spend such money. I will definitely scold.


Let's be simple and affordable.I bought a music card for my mother in the store and wrote on it: Mom, thank you for your care and care for your daughter over the years.I must take a good grade in the exam , and use practical actions to repay your raising grace! Happy Mother's Day to Mother's Day!


My mother was very happy after watching the card, but when she saw the new clothes I bought for her with a manuscript, she was angry and said: I don’t need to copy my clothes. You should not spend money. Our family's homeThe debt has not yet been paid off. Now we should pay attention to saving when we have not yet reached.Where did I buy it? I took it back.


I don't care, since my dad died, you haven't put new clothes for a long time.I won't tell you the address of my clothes.




The night is already very deep, but my homework has not been completed yet.Mom has recently said: It ’s about to be at 1 o'clock in the middle of the night, so you stop to rest. Beware of your body is tight. Teacher Li said that it is not to reduce the burden of learning. Are you careful about your body?


Teacher Li has less homework, but there are more assignments for other teachers, and the most mathematical homework. Two sets of simulation questions must be done in a weekend.



Note: The following content is the content of the main keyword .After each keyword, the words, synonyms, and antonyms of the entry will be randomly recommended, so that users can understand the meaning of the words of composition questions more in -depth.

1、作文作文读音为zuò wén,是指1.撰写文章。 2.指学生的写作练习。作文 zuò wén词语解释:1.撰写文章。 2.指学生的写作练习。(1) [write a composition]∶撰写文章(2) [composition]∶学生的写作练习分词解释:学生:①在学校肄业或在其他教育、研究机构学习的人。②向老师或前辈学习的人。也用于弟子对老师或前辈的自称。写作:1.犹写成。指作诗文﹑绘画等。 2.书法和文章。 3.写文章;创作。文章:①单独成篇的文字作品:写文章。②文辞:文章尔雅,训辞深厚。③礼乐制度:考文章,改正朔。④花纹色彩:五色文章。⑤比喻隐含的意思:话中另有文章。⑥比喻可做的事;可用的办法:还有文章可做|抓住一点大做文章。练习:①反复学习,以求熟练:练习心算 ㄧ练习写文章。②为巩固学习效果而安排的作业等:练习题ㄧ练习本ㄧ做练习ㄧ交练习。...作文的近义词,作文的同义词是什么»

1. Composition : Composition pronunciation is zuò wén, which refers to 1. Writing articles. 2. Refers to students' writing exercises. Composition zuò wén word explanation: 1. Write an article. 2. Refers to students' writing exercises. (1) [write a composition]: Write an article (2) [composition]: Student writing practice segmentation interpretation: Student: ① people who are in school or people studying in other education and research institutions. ② Those who learn from teachers or seniors. It is also used for disciples' claims to teachers or seniors. Writing: 1. Still written. Refers to poetry, painting, etc. 2. Calligraphy and articles. 3. Write articles; create. Article: ① Text works for separate articles: Write articles. ② Credit: Eria, deep training. ③ Ritual and music system: test articles, correct Shuo. ④ pattern color: five -color articles. ⑤ The meaning of the metaphor: there is another article in the words. ⑥ Metaphorical things; available methods: There are also articles to do | Seize a little bit of articles. Exercise: ① Repeat learning to be proficient: Practice mental arithmetic and practice articles. ② The homework arranged to consolidate learning effects, etc.: Practice questions: exercise in practice. ... Synonyms, what are the synonyms of composition »

2、关于关于读音为guān yú,是指①介词,引进某种行为的关系者,组成介词结构做状语:~兴修水利,上级已经做了指示。
②介词,引进某种事物的关系者,组成介词结构做定语(后面要加‘的’),或在‘是…的’式中做谓语:他读了几本~政治经济学的书丨今天在厂里开了一个会,是~爱国卫生运用的。‖表示关涉,用‘关于’不用‘对于’,如:~织女星,民间有个美丽的传说。指出对象,用‘对于’不用‘关于’,如:对于文化遗产,我们必须进行研究分析。兼有两种情况的可以用‘关于’,也可以用‘对于’,如~(对于)订立公约,大家都很赞成。b)‘关于’有提示性质①介词,引进某种行为的关系者,组成介词结构做状语:关于兴修水利,上级已经做了指示。②介词,引进某种事物的关系者,组成介词结构做定语(后面要加‘的’),或在‘是…的’式中做谓语:他读了几本关于政治经济学的书丨今天在厂里开了一个会,是关于爱国卫生运用的。‖表示关涉,用‘关于’不用‘对于’,如:关于织女星,民间有个美丽的传说。指出对象,用‘对于’不用‘关于’,如:对于文化遗产,我们必须进行研究分析。兼有两种情况的可以用‘关于’,也可以用‘对于’,如关于(对于)订立公约,大家都很赞成。b)‘关于’有提示性质,用‘关于’组成的介词结构,可以单独作文章的题目,如:关于人生观丨关于杂文。用‘对于’组成的介词结构,只有跟名词组成偏正词组,才能作题目,如:对于百花齐放政策的认识。(1) [about;concerning;in the matter of] ——引进动作、行为涉及的范围或事物,组成介词结构,用在主语前面,作状语关于这一点,我们可以从这一带发现的文物得到说明。——翦伯赞《内蒙访古》(2) [with regard to] ——介绍事物涉及的范围或内容,组成介词结构,用在名词或名词性词组前面,作定语,跟中心词之间一般要用“的”要认真贯彻政府关于知识分子的政策(3) [for]∶就…而言关于那个话题就谈到这里...关于怎么造句,用关于造句»

3、妈妈妈妈读音为mā ma,是指1.母亲。 2.称年长的已婚妇女。 3.称老妻。 4.称老年女仆。妈妈 mā mā词语解释:1.母亲。 2.称年长的已婚妇女。 3.称老妻。 4.称老年女仆。(1) [ma,mum,mamma] [口]∶母亲妈妈好妈妈回来了,妈妈来喂奶(2) [(of an old married couple) husband or wife]∶老妻;老伴两个孩儿和妈妈(3) [old woman]∶对年长妇人的称呼既是如此,妈妈引路。——清. 俞樾《七侠五义》(4) [old whore]∶鸨母相烦姐姐请出妈妈来,小闲自有话说。——《水浒传》分词解释:女仆:1.被迫去做困难、乏味或卑下的工作的人。如:分间出租房屋的女仆里外奔忙。2.女主人的贴身女仆;侍女,丫头。妇女:成年女子的通称:妇女干部 ㄧ劳动妇女。母亲:1.子女对生养自己的女子的称谓。俗称妈妈。 2.比喻养育人的某一群体或事物。 3.泛指生儿育女的妇女。...妈妈怎么造句,用妈妈造句»

3, Mom : Mother's pronunciation is mā ma, which means 1. Mother. 2. Older married women. 3. Wife. 4. Called elderly maids. Mother mā mā Words explanation: 1. Mother. 2. Older married women. 3. Wife. 4. Called elderly maids. (1) [MA, Mum, Mamma] [口]: Mother and mother are good, mother is back, mother is here to breastfeed (2) [(of an old market couple) husband or wife]: old wife; two children and mother (old wife and mother ( 3) [OLD WOMAN]: The name of the elderly woman is both the same, the mother leads the way. ——A Qing. Yu Yue's "Seven Heroes and Five Righteousness" (4) [OLD Whore]: The mother -in -law is upset, please come out of his mother, Xiaoxian has something to say. —— "Water Margin" interpretation: Maid: 1. Forced to do difficult, boring or humble jobs. Such as: the maid of the rental house is busy. 2. The hostess's personal maid; maid, girl. Women: Adult women's general name: Women cadres laborer women. Mother: 1. Children's name for the woman who raises herself. Commonly known as mother. 2. Metaphorize a group or thing that raises people. 3. Women who are born in children. ... How to say a sentence, use the mother's sentence »

4、妈的妈的读音为mā de,是指詈词。——粗俗的骂人用语妈的 mā de词语解释:詈词。[vulgar curse word]——粗俗的骂人用语分词解释:● 詈 lì ㄌㄧˋ◎ 骂,责骂:“乃使勇士往詈齐王”。詈言。詈骂。詈辱。● 的 dí ㄉㄧˊ◎ 真实,实在:的确。的当(dàng )。的情。的真。的证。● 的 dì ㄉㄧˋ◎ 箭靶的中心:中(zhòng )的。有的放矢。众矢之的。目的(要达到的目标、境地)。● 的 de ㄉㄜ◎ 用在词或词组后表明形容词性:美丽的。◎ 代替所指的人或物:唱歌的。◎ 表示所属的关系的词:他的衣服。◎ 助词,用在句末,表示肯定的语气,常与“是”相应:这句话是很对的。◎ 副词尾,同“地2”。● 妈(媽) mā ㄇㄚˉ◎ 称呼母亲。◎ 对女性长辈的称呼:大妈。姑妈。◎ 旧时连着姓称中、老年蓬仆:刘妈。鲁妈。● 词(詞) cí ㄘˊ◎ 语言里最小的可以独立运用的单位:词汇。词书。词典。词句。词序。词组。◎ 言辞,话语,泛指写诗作文:歌词。演讲词。誓词。词章。词律(文词的声律)。◎ 中国一种诗体(起于南朝,形成于唐代,盛行于宋代。本可入乐歌唱,后乐谱失传,只按词牌格律创作):词人。词谱。词牌。词调(diào )。词韵。词曲。...

4, Mom : Mom's pronunciation is mā de, which refers to the words. ——The vulgar scolding language mother's mā de words explanation: 詈 詈. [Vulgar Curse Word] -The vulgar scolding phrase explanation: ● 詈 lì ㄌ ㄧ ˋ ◎ scolding, scolding: "It is the warrior to King Qi Qi."詈 詈. Scold. Humiliation. ● Dí ˊ ㄧ ◎ ◎ True, really: true. Dangdang (dàng). Love. True. Evidence. ● Dì ˋ ㄧ ◎ ◎ The center of the arrow target: medium (zhòng). Some targeted. Torch target. Purpose (goals and situations to be achieved). ● DE 用 ◎ It is used to indicate the adjective after the word or phrase: beautiful. ◎ Replace the person or object: Sing. ◎ The word that belongs to the relationship: his clothes. ◎ Auxiliary words, at the end of the sentence, indicate a positive tone, often corresponding to "yes": this sentence is right. ◎ At the end of the adverb, the same as "Di 2". ● Mom (Mom) mā ˉ ˉ ◎ Called mother. ◎ The title of female elders: Aunt. aunt. ◎ In the old days, the name of the surname was Middle and Elderly: Mother Liu. Lu Ma. ● Words (words) cí ㄘ ˊ ◎ The smallest unit in the language that can be used independently: vocabulary. Words. dictionary. Sentence. word order. phrase. ◎ Words, words, generally referring to writing poetry composition: lyrics. Speech. oath. Words. Ci -rhythm (the law of the classical). ◎ A poetic style in China (starting in the southern dynasty, formed in the Tang Dynasty, prevailing in the Song Dynasty. It can be sang in the Song Dynasty. Extreme spectrum. Ci cards. Diào. Word rhyme. Words. Em

5、小学小学读音为xiǎo xué,是指实施初等教育的学校。中国小学入学年龄为六周岁,学习年限为六年。小学 xiǎo xué分词解释:实施初等教育的学校。中国小学入学年龄为六周岁,学习年限为六年。分词解释:学校:有计划、有组织地进行系统教育的机构。起源于奴隶社会。中国古代的学校称为庠、序、学、校。在开始产生时不都是专门的教育机构,而兼为习射、养老的场所。以后的学校一般称为学。1902年《钦定学堂章程》中称为学堂,1912年的学制中改称为学校。实施:用实际行动去落实施行:从今年起实施新的教改方案。初等教育:也称“基础教育”。对受教育者实施最初阶段的教育。在中国,对儿童实施初等教育的学校为小学,对青年、成人实施初等教育的学校为工农速成初等学校、业余初等学校和识字学校,施以相当于小学程度的教育。中国:①古时“中国”含义不一。或指京师为“中国”。《诗.大雅.民劳》:“惠此中国,以绥四方。”毛传:“中国,京师也”。《史记.五帝本纪》:“夫而后中国,践天子位焉。” 裴驷集解:“刘熙曰:‘帝王所都为中,故曰中国。”或指华夏族,汉族地区为中国(以其在四夷之中)。《诗.小雅.六月序》:“《小雅》尽废,则四夷交侵,中国微矣。”又《礼记.中庸》:“是以声名洋溢乎中国,施及蛮貊。”而华夏族,汉族多建都于黄河南,北,因称其地为“中国”,与“中土”,“中原”,“中州”,“中夏”,“中华”含义相同。初时本指河南省极其附近地区,后来华夏族,汉族活动范围扩大,黄河中下游一带,也被称为“中国”。《晋书.宣帝纪》:“孟达于是连吴固蜀,潜图中国。”(“中国”指立国于黄河中下游的魏国),甚至把所统辖的地区,包括不属于黄河流域的地方, 也全部称为“中国”。《史书.天官书》:“其后秦遂以兵灭六国,并中国。”19世纪中叶以来,“中国”始专指我国家全部领土,不作他用。 ②“中华人民共和国”的简称。 ③中国(Madhya-desa)。古地名。即恒河中下游一带的中印度,佛教徒译称“中国”。见《法显传》。...小学怎么造句,用小学造句»

5. Primary School : Primary primary pronunciation is xiǎo xué, which refers to the school that implements primary education. Chinese elementary school enrollment is six years old and has a study period of six years. Primary school xiǎo xué word segmentation explanation: schools that implement primary education. Chinese elementary school enrollment is six years old and has a study period of six years. Segmentation explanation: School: Institutions with planning and organizing systems. It originated in slave society. Ancient Chinese schools are called, preface, school, and school. At the beginning, not all special education institutions, but also a place for Xi Shooting and Pension. Later schools are generally called studies. In 1902, the "Qin Ding School Articles of Association" was called a school, and the school system was renamed the school in 1912. Implementation: Use practical actions to implement the action: new teaching reform programs have been implemented from this year. Primary education: Also known as "basic education". Implement the initial education of the educated people. In China, schools that implement primary education for children are primary schools, and schools that implement primary education for young people and adults are educated schools, amateur primary schools and literate schools, and educate equivalent to primary schools. China: ① In ancient times, "China" had different meanings. Or refers to the Beijing division as "China". "Poetry. Da Ya. People’ s Labor ":" Benefits this China, with Sui Sifang. "Mao Chuan:" China, Jingshi also. " "Historical Records. Five Emperor's Ben Ji": "Husband and the back of China, practice the emperor." It is among Siyi). "Poetry, Xiaoya. June Preface": "" Xiaoya "is exhausted, then the four crickets are invaded, and China is micro." And "Book of Rites." "And the Huaxia nationality, the Han people were built in the Yellow Henan, north, because it is called" China ", as" Zhongtu "," Central Plains "," Zhongzhou "," Zhongxia ", and" China "the same meaning. At the beginning, it refers to the extremely nearby regions of Henan Province. Later, the scope of the Huaxia people, the scope of the Han nationality, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River were also known as "China". "Jinshu. Xuandi Ji": "Meng Da, then even Wu Gushu, the submarine map of China." ("China" refers to Wei Kingdom in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River), and even the areas that are unified, including the area that are not in the Yellow River Basin, which does not belong to the Yellow River basin. The localities are also called "China". "History Book. Heavenly Guan Book": "After that, Qin Sui destroyed the six nations and China." Since the middle of the 19th century, "China" started to refer to all the territory of our country and not for him. ② The abbreviation of "People's Republic of China". ③ China (Madhya-Desa). Ancient place names. That is, China and India in the middle and lower reaches of the Ganges, translated by Buddhists as "China". See "Fa Xian Zhuan". ... How to say in elementary school, use primary school sentences »

6、小学生小学生读音为xiǎo xué shēng,是指1.旧指在国子监童科和民间蒙馆﹑私塾读书的学生﹐今指在小学读书的学生。 2.比喻对某方面要从头学起的人。多用作自谦之词。小学生 xiǎo xué shēng分词解释:1.旧指在国子监童科和民间蒙馆﹑私塾读书的学生﹐今指在小学读书的学生。 2.比喻对某方面要从头学起的人。多用作自谦之词。(1) [primary school boy;younger pupil]∶年岁较小的学生(2) [younger boy;school boy]〈方〉∶年岁较小的男孩子分词解释:学生:①在学校肄业或在其他教育、研究机构学习的人。②向老师或前辈学习的人。也用于弟子对老师或前辈的自称。小学:实施初等教育的学校。中国小学入学年龄为六周岁,学习年限为六年。民间:①民众之间:在民间流传。②非官方的:两国民间的交往不断增加。...

6. Primary school student : Primary primary primary pronunciation is xiǎo xué shēngStudents who study in the Mongolian Mongolia and Private School refer to students studying in elementary school.2. Metaphor for people who learn from scratch.Mostly used as self -humility.Primary school student xiǎo xué shēng interpretation: 1. Students who are old in the National Children's Children's Children and the Folk Mongolian Museum and private schools are now referring to students studying in elementary school.2. Metaphor for people who learn from scratch.Mostly used as self -humility.(1) [Primary School Boy; Younger Pupil]: Small students (2) [Younger Boy; SCHOOL BOY] "Fang> Small Boys Dimin: Student: ① ① at school or in school or in the school or in the school or in the school or inOther education and research institutions learn.② Those who learn from teachers or seniors.It is also used for disciples' claims to teachers or seniors.Primary School: Schools that implement primary education.Chinese elementary school enrollment is six years old and has a study period of six years.Folk: ① People between the people: spread in the folk.② Non -official: The people's exchanges between the two countries have continued to increase.Em

7、征文征文读音为zhēng wén,是指1.引证成文。 2.验证文才。 3.向人征求诗文。 4.今指报刊﹑杂志等为某一主题而公开征集诗文稿件。征文 zhēng wén词语解释:1.引证成文。 2.验证文才。 3.向人征求诗文。 4.今指报刊﹑杂志等为某一主题而公开征集诗文稿件。(1) [solicit articles or essays]∶公开征集诗文稿件征文启事(2) [foundation]∶以成文为依据征文据法分词解释:主题:也叫“主题思想”。文艺作品中所蕴含的中心思想。是作品内容的主体和核心。一部作品可以有一个主题,也可以有多个主题。征集:以公告或口头询问来征求收集:征集抗战胜利五十周年纪念文章。稿件:出版社、报刊编辑部等称作者交来的作品。...征文的近义词,征文的同义词是什么»

7. Essay : The pronunciation of the essay is zhēng wén, which refers to 1. quoted text.2. Verify talent.3. Solo poetry to people.4. Today refers to newspapers, magazines, etc., and publicly solicit poetry manuscripts for a certain theme.Essay zhēng wén word explanation: 1. Quote text.2. Verify talent.3. Solo poetry to people.4. Today refers to newspapers, magazines, etc., and publicly solicit poetry manuscripts for a certain theme.(1) [SOLICIT Articles or Essays]: Popularly solicit poetry manuscript essay notice (2) [foundation]: Explanation of writing as a text based on the text: Theme: also called "theme thought".The central idea contained in literary works.It is the main body and core of the content of the work.A work can have one theme or multiple themes.Recruitment: Objects or verbal inquiries to solicit the collection of the 50th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan.Manuscript: Publishing House, Newspaper Editorial Department and other works called works from the author.... The synonym of essays, what are the synonyms of essays »

8、感恩感恩读音为gǎn ēn,是指对别人所给的帮助表示感激:感恩不尽ㄧ感恩图报。感恩 gǎn ēn词语意思:对别人所给的帮助表示感激:感恩不尽ㄧ感恩图报。(1) [be thankful](2) 感谢别人给予自己的恩惠感恩不尽(3) 餐前或餐后对上帝表示感谢分词解释:帮助:替人出力、出主意或给以物质上、精神上的支援:互相帮助ㄧ帮助灾民。别人:另外的人。感恩图报:图:设法。感激别人的恩情而想办法回报。...感恩怎么造句,用感恩造句»

8. ThanksDon't be grateful.Thanksgiving gǎn ēn Words: Express gratitude to the help given by others: Thanksgiving is grateful.(1) [be kenkful] (2) Thanks to others for giving their own gratitude and gratitude.Support: Help each other to help the victims.Others: Other people.Thanksgiving map: Figure: Fit.Thank you for your kindness and find a way to return.... Thanksgiving, using gratitude sentence »

9、拥抱拥抱读音为yōng bào,是指抱持。 搂抱,表示亲爱拥抱 yōng bào词语解释:抱持。[throw one's arms around sb.,hold in one's arms;hug;embrace] 搂抱,表示亲爱分词解释:抱持:抱着;抱住。● 拥(擁) yōng ㄩㄥˉ◎ 抱:拥抱。◎ 围着:前呼后拥。◎ 推举,爱护:拥戴。拥护。◎ 聚到一块:拥挤。簇拥。◎ 具有:拥有。◎ 遮蔽:拥蔽(亦作“壅蔽”)。拥塞(sè)。● 抱 bào ㄅㄠˋ◎ 用手臂围住:拥抱。抱小孩儿。合抱。抱残守缺(形容保守,不知进取)。◎ 围绕,环绕:山环水抱。抱厦(房屋前面加出来的门廊,亦指后面毗连的小房子)。◎ 胸怀愿望,志向:抱负。◎ 心里存着,怀有:抱怨。抱恨。抱歉。抱憾。抱病。◎ 密合:衣服抱身儿。◎ 把他人的子女收养为自己的子女:抱养。◎ 量词:表示两臂合围的量:一抱草。◎ 孵:抱窝。抱小鸡。...拥抱怎么造句,用拥抱造句»

9. hug : hug the pronunciation as yōng bào, which means holding. Hug, indicate that dear hug yōng bào explanation: Hold. [Throw One's ARMS Around sb., Hold in One's Arms; Hug; Embrace] Hug, indicate a dear word explanation: hold: hold; hold. ● Hold (support) yōng ㄩㄥ ˉ ◎ Hold: hug. ◎ Walking around: Embrace it in front. ◎ Recommendation, love: support. support. ◎ Gather a piece: crowded. Cluster. ◎ Have: possess. ◎ Observation: support (also "壅"). Congress (sè). ● Hold bào ˋ ◎ ◎ Surrounding the arm: hug. Hold a child. Hold. Holding the disadvantage (described conservative, unknown). ◎ Surrounding, surrounded by: mountains and rings. Baoxia (the porch added in front of the house also refers to the small house in the back). ◎ Wishes, aspirations: ambition. ◎ There is in my heart, and there are: complaints. Holding hatred. Feel sorry. Regrettable. Holding illness. ◎ Tantra: clothes holding your body. ◎ Adopt others' children as their children: support. ◎ Quantitative word: indicates the amount of both arms combined: a hug. ◎ Incubation: Holding the nest. Holding a chick. ... How to say a sentence, use embracing sentences »

10、母亲母亲读音为mǔ qīn,是指1.子女对生养自己的女子的称谓。俗称妈妈。 2.比喻养育人的某一群体或事物。 3.泛指生儿育女的妇女。母亲 mǔ qīn词语解释:1.子女对生养自己的女子的称谓。俗称妈妈。 2.比喻养育人的某一群体或事物。 3.泛指生儿育女的妇女。(1) [mother](2) 子女对生养自己的女子的称谓(3) 对给予养育之恩的人或物的敬称祖国,我的母亲分词解释:自己:1.代词。自身﹐本身。 2.自己人。 3.知己亲近;关系密切。俗称:通俗的或非正式的称呼。生养:1.犹养育。 2.指分娩;生育。 3.犹生活,生存。 4.使生长;生长。 5.生息,繁衍。称谓:对人的称呼,表示对不同对象的身份、地位、职业、关系等的名称:对长辈的称谓要用得恰当。...母亲怎么造句,用母亲造句»

10. Mother : The mother's pronunciation is mǔ qīn, which means that the child's title of the woman who raises herselfEssenceCommonly known as mother.2. Metaphorize a group or thing that raises people.3. Women who are born in children.Mother Mī qīn Explanation: 1. The child's name for the woman who raises herself.Commonly known as mother.2. Metaphorize a group or thing that raises people.3. Women who are born in children.(1) [Mother] (2) The title of the child to the woman who raises herself (3) The motherland of the people or things who given grace, my mother explained: Iself: 1. Pronoun.Itself, itself.2. yourself.3. Knowing confidante; close relationships.Commonly known as: popular or informal title.Breeding: 1. Nourishment.2. Refers to childbirth; fertility.3. Life, survive.4. Make growth; growth.5. Breaking interest, reproduction.Title: For the name of people, the name, status, occupation, relationship, etc. of different objects: The title of the elders should be appropriate.... How to say a sentence, use the mother's sentence »

11、礼物礼物读音为lǐ wù,是指为了表示尊敬或庆祝而赠送的物品,泛指赠送的物品。礼物 lǐ wù词语意思:为了表示尊敬或庆祝而赠送的物品,泛指赠送的物品。(1) [gift; contribution; donation; present; tribute]∶赠送给人的物品(2) [shower]∶朋友或好心祝愿者们带来的物品新娘收到一批寝具和炊具礼物分词解释:庆祝:1.庆贺祝颂。 2.后指对喜事进行一些活动表示欢庆或纪念。赠送:1.赠别送行。 2.无代价地将财物或称号等给予别人。...礼物怎么造句,用礼物造句»

11. Gift : The pronunciation of the gift is lǐ wù, which refersBenti refers to the items given.Gift lǐ wù Words meaning: Items given to show respect or celebration refers to the items given.(1) [Gift; Contribution; doonation; Present; TRIBUTE]: The items presented to the person (2) [Shower]: Friends or kind wishes of the items brought by friends who receive a group of bedding and cooking utensils.: 1. Celebrate the praise.2. Later, some activities were celebrated or commemorated on some activities of happy events.Gift: 1. Gift off.2. Gives property or titles at no cost.... How to say a sentence, use gifts in sentences »

12、等待等待读音为děng dài,是指1.不采取行动﹐直到期望或意料中的人﹑事物或情况出现。 2.犹等到。 不行动,直到所期望的人或事出现等待一个有利的机会等待 děng dài词语解释:1.不采取行动﹐直到期望或意料中的人﹑事物或情况出现。 2.犹等到。[wait;await] 不行动,直到所期望的人或事出现等待一个有利的机会分词解释:出现:1.显露出来;呈现。 2.产生出来。情况:1.志趣,志向。 2.情谊,恩情。 3.情形。 4.犹体统。 5.情趣,兴致。 6.心情,情绪。 7.今亦特指军事上敌情的变化。采取:1.搜集选取;采用。 2.采伐;采摘;开采。...等待怎么造句,用等待造句»

12. Waiting : waitingPeople, things or situations in the middle.2. Wait.Do not act, until the expected people or things are waiting for a favorable opportunity to wait for Děng dài to explain: 1. Do not take action until the expectations or expected people, things or situations.2. Wait.[WAIT; AWAIT] No action, until the expected people or things wait for a favorable opportunity to interpret: appear: 1. Showing; presentation; presentation.2. Out.Condition: 1. Aspirations, aspirations.2. Friendship, kindness.3. Situation.4. Utah.5. Interest, interest.6. Mood, mood.7. Today, it also refers to the changes in military rivals.Adopt: 1. Collect selection; use.2. Liencing; picking; mining.... Waiting for a sentence, waiting for sentences »

13、高中高中读音为gāo zhòng,是指高级中学的简称。 大学与初中之间的一个学习阶段高中 gāo zhōng词语意思:高级中学的简称。[senior high school] 大学与初中之间的一个学习阶段分词解释:简称:①较复杂的名称的简化形式。如中专(中等专业学校)、奥运会(奥林匹克运动会)。②简单地称呼:化学肥料简称化肥。高级中学:我国实施的后一阶段的中等教育的学校。简称高中。● 中 zhōng ㄓㄨㄥˉ◎ 和四方、上下或两端距离同等的地位:中心。当(dàng)中。中原。中华。◎ 在一定范围内,里面:暗中。房中。中饱。◎ 性质或等级在两端之间的:中辍(中途停止进行)。中等。中流砥柱。◎ 表示动作正在进行:在研究中。◎ 特指“中国”:中式。中文。◎ 适于,合于:中看。● 中 zhòng ㄓㄨㄥˋ◎ 恰好合上:中选。中奖。中意(会意,满意)。◎ 受到,遭受:中毒。中计。◎ 科举考试被录取:中举。中状元。● 高 gāo ㄍㄠˉ◎ 由下到上距离大的,与“低”相对:高峰。高空。高踞。高原。高耸。高山流水(喻知己、知音或乐曲高妙)。高屋建瓴(形容居高临下的形势)。高瞻远瞩。◎ 高度:他身高一米八。◎ 等级在上的:高级。高考。◎ 在一般标准或平均程度之上:高质量。高消费。高价。高档。高手。高能物理。◎ 声音响亮:引吭高歌。◎ 敬辞,称别人的事物:高见。高就。高论。高寿。高堂。高徒。◎ 热烈、盛大:高昂。兴高采烈。◎ 显贵,道德水平高:崇高。清高。高风亮节。高尚。高雅。高洁。◎ 宗族中最在上之称:高祖。◎ 酸根或化合物中比标准酸根多含一个氧原子的:高锰酸钾。◎ 姓。...高中怎么造句,用高中造句»

13. High School : high school pronunciation is gāo zhòng, which refers to the abbreviation of senior middle schools. A study phase between college and junior high school gāo zhōng Word meaning: abbreviation of senior middle schools. [Senior High School] A study phase of a learning phase between university and junior high school explanation: abbreviation: ① a more complex name simplified form. Such as technical secondary school (secondary school), Olympic Games (Olympic Games). ② Simple name: Chemical fertilizer for short fertilizer. Senior Middle School: The second -stage secondary education school implemented in my country. Referred to as high school. ● Mid -zhōng z ㄥ ˉ ◎ The same status as the square, upper or bottom or ends: center. Dang (dàng). Central Plains. China. ◎ In a certain range, inside: secret. In the room. Mid -full. ◎ The nature or level is between the two ends: drop (stop in the middle). medium. Middle. ◎ Indicates that the action is in progress: in the study. ◎ Special refers to "China": Chinese. Chinese. ◎ Suitable, conform to: medium. ● Zhòng z ㄥ ◎ ◎ Just happened to fit: the selection. Winning. Middleness (conference, satisfaction). ◎ Undertake, suffer: poisoning. Middle. ◎ The imperial examination is admitted: mid -lifting. Mid -champion. ● High gāo ˉ ◎ ◎ From the bottom to the top, it is a large distance from "low": peak. high altitude. High. plateau. Towering. Alpine flowing water (metaphor, consciousness or music high). Takayaku Jianyu (described the situation in the presence). Far -looking. ◎ Height: He is 1.8 meters tall. ◎ Level above: Advanced. College entrance examination. ◎ High quality on general standards or average: high quality. High consumption. High price. High -end. Master. High -energy physics. ◎ The sound is loud: sing high. ◎ Respect, calling others: Gao Jian. High. Gao theory. longevity. Gao Tang. Gao Tu. ◎ Warm and grand: high. Highly high. ◎ Moving, high moral level: noble. Clear high. Gao Feng Liang Festival. noble. elegant. Gao Jie. ◎ The clan is the most popular: Gao Zu. ◎ Sour root or compounds are more oxygenate than the standard acid root: potassium permanganate. ◎ Surname. ... How to say in high school, use high school sentences »