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Sniffing a gratitude, stunned on the noisy and prosperous streets, like a rose bent over in the vase. How much bitterness and helplessly did I immerse in at that time, it seemed to go to the end ...


We sixteen -year -old, we are full of vitality and strong spirit, like the tender leaves just exposed on the tree, showing a tender green.How dazzling youth is synonymous, everyone will go to chase without hesitation and fly with dreams.


That year's middle school entrance examination was a major test given us by God.Facing the intense and fierce middle school entrance examination, each classmate stretched a string, and it was about to end in three years. Is "happiness" come too suddenly?At that time, we did not dare to ignore every word that the teacher spit out in the classroom, and dare not miss every chalk. Remember the dense notes that the hands hurt, but we think it is full of days.Mr. Yu Minhong said: "People must have a period of recalling tears in their lives", maybe we are not facing a turbulent wave; we are not in the face of dark haze;But we have become accustomed to laughing every day and learning.But you have tasted the bitterness of three o'clock every day. This boring life is our enjoyment.


The fiery sun wheels continued to move around the clouds, and the soft light of the rays turned into the horizon through the layers of clouds. It was not bright. We woke up the father -in -law of the sun and dispeld the long night.The sleepy eyes, the sun hit the body, the warmth, lazily, squinting, but not daring to sleep, because the work summary of the essay we have a firm belief in our hearts ... This youth memory is fixed in that summer.


"All the efforts you do will not give you everything you want immediately, but you can gradually become the kind of person you want to be." This is an opportunity that youth brings us.


Youth, showing a strong poetic and painting; youth, exuding a faint fragrance.In your youth, he was full of young and young, full of life, and full of beauty and confidence.The pace of youth will not be trapped.Youth is like floods, and it is difficult to arouse beautiful waves without encountering islands and reefs.The melody of youth will not be blocked by wind and rain.Youth is sunshine, a symbol of self -confidence; youth is the moonlight, the representative of elegance; youth is the starlight, and it is the pioneer to lead fashion.Let us raise the corner of the youth and the sails of sailing, let us fight with our dreams to face the melody.



Youth is a pyramid.Life requires us to continue to climb up, and life requires us to continue to achieve fullness of life and reach the peak of glory.Youth is a harp. You are youth to play the song of youth belonging to our young boys and girls in our unique way.On the youth playground full of sunshine, in the sun, young people are sprinting at the finish line. Not far away, the girls jumping with rubber bands and singing "Little Pymalis, Banana Pear, Malan Blossom Twenty -one ..." In this filmOn the youthful playground, the boys and girls jumped happily and shouted. For them, here is a place to exude their unique charm.


Sunshine is not just vitality, it is also a hobby.Experience Fan Wenjiao now, we are always around a "popular style" around us."What clothing is the most popular", "What kind of star band" ... These are topics that we have been discussed after meals after meals."Popularity" is full of campus, making our lives more colorful and no longer boring.


Youth full of scent.In the classroom, the sound of the book is Langlang, and the beautiful and quiet campus can be smelled everywhere. The fragrance of this book echoed the sound of the birds outside the window and the "rustling" of the trees, which became a unique campus scene.


The book runs through the entire campus life.At lunch break, many students ran up and went to the library to borrow books. Some students were holding a book, novels, or famous books.The pleasant scenery.It can be said to be "Book of Book Fragrance."


Some rebellious youth.Parents, teachers look forward to running in the orbit they paved, but we still deviate from time to time. This is rebellion.At the same time, we have our own ideas, no matter what we do, sometimes it is educated by parents, and in front of them, they look down at mistakes, and they will commit it again.How boring the unique personality of girls, Fan Wen Daquan's non -rebellious youth will be, the feeling of whatever we want is what we want, but it is unlikely to fully realize it.


Let's decorate youth with the enthusiasm of the fire. With the melody of youth, we step on the stage of youth, board the stage of growth, and let the youth fly!



If childhood is blue -because of its purity and clearness; if the twilight is black -because it is the end of the road of life.So what color is youth?


Youth is pink.Because in the years of youth, there are too many hope and dreams, it is a pink dream -romantic, fresh and magnificent.That dream, there is no vicissitudes and deepness after the wind cream, there is no after a long history. Mature and rational, no restraint and fetters of ruthless years.It's just that enthusiastic and unrestrained pink.During the twilight, Guogoli once said: "Don't say anything else, just having the future, young people are happy enough." However, those who have youth do not seem to feel so happy.Many people just immerse the youthful capital in the dream of youth, instead of fighting for these dreams, and even these dreams like soap bubbles. The application for the party to join the party disappeared with the passage of youth.


Youth is green.Have you ever seen the new green seedlings growing under the bright spring?Have you ever seen the bud that dances lightly in the spring breeze?The youthful green is the green and tender green of the seedlings in the spring.Li Dazhao said: "Youth, life, spring of life, and life of life." British physicist Maxwell published the first scientific paper at the age of 15; Wang Wei wrote "The Shandong Brothers on September 9th" at the age of 17Such a popular poem; Engels learned 25 foreign languages at the age of 17 ... It was the sowing and cultivation of this youth. It was the green excitement of this youth.Life.


Youth is also gray.Because we lack rationality, we are complacent when we gain a little harvest; we make mistakes again and again; at the crossroads, we often wander ... of course, God allows young people to make mistakes, because it is because of mistakes again and again.Learn, get maturity, and get rational.


In fact, the color of each person is a mixed color of these three colors.Just because the weights of the three colors are different, they are equipped with different colors.This is the unique color in life. How can we turn a blind eye and cherish it?


There is such a poem: "Don't wait for the sun to hang high before entering today; don't wait for the flowers to fade before you cherish it; don't wait for the opportunity to go away before you are distressed. Wait, you will only wait for our teenager's head; waitIt will only let us miss the season of sowing and harvest ... "I want to add a sentence: Don't wait for youth to pass through, and then open our eyes to find the color of youth; wait, it will only make us live in our lives and regret it.



Fan Wenwen has no color, it is a transparent drawing paper.Waiting for you to depict, let you write, let you color, only through the flowering season, give sweat, dedicate your most sincere intelligence, youth will show a bright and beautiful color.


The sixteen -year -old youth is the most brilliant sun in the flower season. It is a rainbow after the rain. It is extremely beautiful and more exciting.Even if the final ending is disappearing, it is fading, but it will definitely keep in people's hearts.Maybe, every step you have taken, every word you have said, everything you have done will cover up the dust of time, but the glorious youth is still shiny on everyone's body.


Because of youth, we are radical.We let our own boldness and do anything we want to do.We chase me in learning, fighting with each other, and encountering unknown, we shamelessly ask, be brave to become friends with learning, and accompany knowledge.On the road of youth, we are wonderful.We are holding the glory of youth and radicals to laid foreshadowing for the future.


Because of youth, we are confident.We never bow our heads in the face of difficulties, we always move forward.We worked hard to fight against mockery.Bloom on the stage with your youthful confidence.We used the hard -working sweat to replace the brief display on the stage, and reported that the gorgeous dance of Fan Wenwen interpreted our unruly self -confidence.Let us hold the light of youth and self -confidence, make this confidence into our habits, and keep it permanently so that the future life will be so ourselves.


Because of youth, we are beautiful.The youthful face is the most beautiful, the beauty from the heart, a beauty that will not be defeated by frustration, a beauty that will be out of childhood to mature, is a vibrant beauty, and a quiet and pure beauty.Even though the beauty of youth will eventually wither like a flower, it will never wither with regrets, and it will be the most beautiful scenery in this life.Let us hold the beauty of youth and beauty, and keep this beauty never fading, so that our future life is also wonderful due to the beauty of youth.


Because of youth, radical, because of radical, self -confidence, because of self -confidence, so beautiful, because of the beauty of youth, we have the most sincere and gorgeous color of the transparent painting paper. Therefore, life is wonderful because of youth.Essence



In the world, there is a journey, it is full of hope, but it is ignorant and helpless.Once you step on, you can't turn back.For dreams, even if you are exhausted, you must go all out.Its name is youth.


Looking back, it is two years in a hurry ...


Stepping on the red plastic runway, passing by the golden ginkgo trees, one by one, the figures that rushed towards the end were projected on the cement floor by the sun.Perhaps we will be lost in the dense crowd, but we still have a firm heart and never stop.


In the ninth grade, we were labeled in this way.In the rapid pace of the corridor, the sound of reading in the classroom, the Fanwen website also had a textbook full of desks, and wiped the blackboard with white chalk.Test papers, one of the exercise books, rows of characters, one by one ... all warn us, we will play an important battlefield for life, to fight the first battle of life.The thorns in front of the thorns are bumpy, we are unknown; the front is obviously dark, regardless of we.At least, we all have the same goal. They are working hard on this road, devoted themselves to be preparing to fight this "battle".

青春的理想之路,要靠我们去铺陈。_战士们正在黑暗中并肩行走,他们所能做的是各自努力追求心中的光明,却能互相感受到这种努力,在互相鼓舞中朝着未知前行。当他们走到一个名为“青春路”的岔口时,各自摸索着,带着集体的力量,走出了自己的人生路。唯一的,是坚定的信仰;留下的,是一起拼搏过的旧时光。(范文 cms9.com)

The ideal path of youth depends on us to spread it._ The soldiers are walking side by side in the dark. What they can do is to work hard to pursue the light in their hearts, but they can feel each other's efforts and move towards unknown in each other.When they walked to a fork called "Youth Road", they groped each other and walked out of their own life path with collective power.The only thing is a firm belief; what is left is the old time that has been struggling together.(Fan Essay CMS9.com)


A professional racer, who won the D Championship in the ZIC motorcycle competition and mixed the second in the mix.Experienced but looking back at the game, in one of the games, he suffered a car failure, but he was constantly trying to start again, and even tried to re -ignite the dangerous downhill curve. It can be seen that his love for the track,Pursuit of speed.In the next few games, he cheered up, calmly responded, and achieved great results.This is the footsteps that make love to the extreme and never stop pursuing in the extreme.It is a youth that is not regretful.


Not relaxing on the sports field, let alone relax yourself in learning.Whenever I have a second of idleness, I have to grasp it firmly, pay 100 % efforts, and "seriously".I want to be my protagonist on the track of my life, go to the other side of my dream, and see the "flash" of youth!



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