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My class junior high school composition 600 words (5 articles)


My class junior high school composition 600 words (5 articles),欢迎大家借鉴与参考,希望对大家有所帮助。

In life, work, and study, everyone has the experience of writing, and is familiar with the composition. The composition is composed of text. After the consideration of people's ideas, it can express a theme meaning of the theme through language organization.So how is the general composition written?Below is 600 words (universal) compiled by Xiaobian's class junior high school composition (5 universal articles). Welcome everyone to learn from and reference, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.



The day slipped from your fingers and one day, and it has passed in a blink of an eye.A week ago, I came to this school -the junior high school of the Oilfield No. 1 Middle School, and was honored to be assigned to the big family of Seven Class.Looking at the strange teacher, and the strange face of my classmates, I felt helpless.Fortunately, some of my elementary school classmates waved on my seat and waved to me. I seemed to see a hint of dawn and hurried to sit next to them.I think it is painful without friends, so I must make my friends.


I thought it would not be better this week.However, this is not the case.This week, I soon made friends, there, there, there, such as Su Hui, Li Yuxin, Wu You, Li Mengjie, etc.I like them.The teacher is also good. Mathematical deer teacher is amiable. Teacher Ren is like our sister, Teacher Wang is fierce, Teacher Qiu is serious, and the geographical teacher Mao is gentle like water ... In short, they are all good teachers.


The class is like the palace. The palace fight is always indispensable.Of course, when there is a warmth in the class, when some classmates are injured, no matter whether they recognize or not, there will be students who come forward to help; when some students are uncomfortable, some people will take the initiative to send him to the medical room, and some people run to tell the teacher.


Our new class is happy and worried, and there are quarrels and help.This is my new class -class 17, I like him.



Time is like shuttle, eight years later, I can't say happiness or sadness in my heart. I always feel that something is overwhelming, but I believe these are not tight because I have the best class.


I feel cute.The head teacher was so naughty at the end of the class. Today, I planted it in her hands and asked her to catch my little secret. Then I declared bankruptcy. Of course, it was not that she took me away from my money, but that thing was that such things was being quilt.She paid it, but I had to lose money.


The classmates are very good people who like to get along well. They always like to joke. Although the class leader is hurting everyone every time the class leader is a girl, but she has a boy's personality. She often grabs others' snacks in get out of class, but no one will say that she will say her. Perhaps because she is indeed a good monitor.


The team leader is also a girl. She has some introverted girls, but she likes to cover up with a smile. She feels very distressed, so she always buzzs like a little bee after class.Now half a semester has passed, and her smile has become real, but she buzzed in front of me in front of me, but helpless.


The team leader was sitting in front of a boy, saying that the boy couldn't say it, because he was very beautiful (although a bit black), and the team leader and I always liked to bully him.Feelings.I don't know why he suddenly called my aunt, and I might have played with him because of fun. The nephew and nephew didn't feel embarrassed at all.It is also called like this now, but I rarely bully him. I always buy one more every time I eat, and then look at him with a poor look.


There is also a primary three in the class, not really the third, just in my row, nicknamed Primary Three.Xiao San likes silence and doesn't know why.But I ca n’t see her like this. My junior should be happy. I laugh every day, so every time I see her always screams, let her jump like a thunder and chase behind me to play with me.


The third grade is almost passing, and there are always many interesting things in the class every day in the class. I dare not say anything to be together in the future. All I can do is to feel such a quiet feeling. This class will always be for me.The best class.Although it will be separated in the future, this is just preparing for the future.


This class will always be my happy class, forever.



"Hello everyone, my name is Anya. I am very happy to meet everyone by Dai Yawei's sister. I hope everyone will advice!" Anya said with a sweet voice, very pleasing."Everyone wants to get along well with Anya! Just sit next to Dai Yawei, get along well!"


In this lesson, Teacher Zhao did not have a class, but "叽 呱 呱 呱" talked about a lot of truth, all about "people's' self -esteem", "opportunities", "efficient work" and so on.Students are very uncomfortable, and some of the teachers of students feel that they are still right and they have begun to change.

放学了,代雅薇和她的死党——吴影月和尹梦菲一起回家(对了,还有安雅)。因为他们四个住在“诗美”小区里。“你好,我叫尹梦菲,希望能和你做好朋友,甚至成为死党!”梦菲友好的说道。“你好,我叫安雅,请多多指教!”安雅回道。“别这么客气!以后大家就是朋友了,哦不,是死党。以后死党三人组要变成死党四人组了啦!对啦,自我介绍一下,,我叫吴影月,你好!“吴影月酷酷的说道。就这样,安雅融入 了这个大家庭里,更融入了这个“死党四人组”里了。

After school, Dai Yawei and her dead party -Wu Yingyue and Yin Mengfei went home (yes, and Anya).Because the four of them live in the "Poetry" community."Hello, my name is Yin Mengfei, I hope to be a friend with you, or even become a dead party!" Mengfei said friendly."Hello, my name is Anya, please advise!" Anya replied."Don't be so polite! Everyone will be friends in the future, oh no, it is the dead party. In the future, the three people of the dead party will become a group of four people! Yes, I introduce myself, my name is Wu Yingyue, hello!"Wu Yingyue said coolly.In this way, Anya integrated into this big family, and it was incorporated into this "four dead party groups".



Our sixth (4) class is a big family, and the teacher has become the parent of everyone. He loved us like his mother.


Our class 6 (4) is still a united collective collective.


When there is a poor performance in the class, our class cadres and other classmates will urge him to help him; when any classmates in our class are ill, our classmates will give meticulous care; when our classmatesWhen we encounter difficulties, our classmates will put out a helping hand in time to help him solve the problem ...


This is our sixth (4) class -class 6 (4); Class 6 (4) full of love; class 6 (4) for struggle!



We have different interests and talents in our class, and we are the same as the united heart and enthusiasm for the class.


Our class is an art class, and the purpose of everyone coming in may be different. Perhaps it is for the improvement of art, or maybe to have a good reading environment. No matter what the purpose is, we are the best examples and borrowing mirrors of each other.


Our class is full of vitality every day, and there are many happy fruits in the class to tease everyone. Every time the class encounters frustration or failure, we will never surrender and give up easily.Teachers often say: What is important to deal with things is the attitude. If the attitude is not good, how should I solve it?Maybe this is a good thing we do.


The sports in our class are also good. It is not because everyone has a good sports talent, but because the silent efforts and support for each other are in exchange for sweet fruits. Maybe we are not the best class in this area, but everyone’sWe all look in our eyes.The persistence of each game, the strictness of each action is a good advantage.


Thinking of the first grade of junior high school, we are full of strangeness and fear of the word junior high school. After all the challenges, we have gradually improved and become better people.


Although we have many shortcomings, sometimes we will make teachers angry, but I hope that everyone can help each other in the new semester to help, support, and change and grow.