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Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words,欢迎阅读,希望大家能够喜欢。

In the bland study, work, and life, everyone has written composition , and they must be familiar with all kinds of compositions. The composition is a narrative method to express a theme meaning through words.What kind of composition can be called an excellent composition?The following is the editor compiled for everyone. Thank you for everyone. The teacher's composition 800 words-the second essay, welcome to read, I hope everyone can like it.


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words1


The road to growing is bumpy and flat.There are many things that need you to work hard, and you will help you and friends a certain help.The road to growing is monotonous and colorful.Monocers are studying most of the time, and colorful still has time to complete their own affairs.The road to grow is boring and tasteless.Dull and boring is to do many things that are unwilling to do. When your parents are absent, they will do what they want to do.


At the time of growth, Qimingxing was a mother, and my mother brought me to this strange world to help me familiar with it; it was my mother taught me to walk and let me use my feet to find fun; it was my mother taught me to speak.Let me better express my thoughts; it is my mother taught me literacy and let me discover the history of the text; it was my mother taught me to read, and let me discover how long the history of China is, how interesting it is.Thank you mother.The second enlightenment is my enlightenment teacher, the teacher brought me into the ocean of knowledge, so that I understand the joy of learning; bringing me into the river of the book, let me understand that reading is a interesting thing; bring me into my classmates into my classmatesIn the stream, I got a innocence friendship.The road of growth will inevitably fall.


Now I think of the fourth grade in class in the fourth grade. My class teacher Yang left at that flag raising ceremony. The classmates were very sad. I was also. At that time, my Chinese scores just rose a little and left.Teacher Yang was very popular there, but was transferred back to the party school by the principal. In those days, we did not study hard.After a while, Mr. Yang came back to see us, and the classmates jumped excitedly.The teacher was sitting in the office, and we jumped in the class.The classmates Han Bing and Liu Fangjun wrote on the blackboard: "Welcome the teacher to come back!" Teacher Yang entered the class.Our tears couldn't stop staying, and the teacher cried loudly on the podium.The teacher couldn't help but ran away, hey ~ That time we were crying for the first time.Cry so sad.That's sad tears!This incident made me understand some of the truth. There is no such wonderful dream in the world. If you want to keep those dreams, you must cherish every minute and every second.Thank you teacher!


I remember again. When I was hospitalized for more than a month in the sixth grade, my grades fell straight away, but with the help of Teacher Chen and Teacher Fu in the tuition class, I recovered my confidence.I cried in my heart.That's tears!The teacher asked me to stand up in difficulties again and again.Let me have confidence.The teacher is like a diligent gardener. We are like small trees that have not grown.Waiting for pouring.Thank you, teacher!


Teacher Chen, Teacher Fu, Teacher Yang!There are also parents who gave birth to me.thank you all.


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words2


As the saying goes: "Teacher is an engineer of human soul; it is the moon of August 15th; it is a glorious rainbow ..." Teacher, you are a hard -working gardener. In my young heart field, you broadcast one after anotherLiterature seeds.Today, I will talk about the story between me and the Chinese teacher who studies the rich cars and full of menstruation, Mr. Ping.


Teacher Ping can be said to be a "two -sided" person, why do you say that?Because he is a class, another get out of class is the same.The face is serious and very serious during class.At the end of the class, he hoped, and he was no different from the crayon Xiaoxin. He smiled on the ground like us.Do you say that Teacher Ping is the name of "two sides"?


Teacher Ping is a good teacher who is kind, close, and cares about his classmates. I still remember that I was exam in the second semester of the fourth grade. It happened that the classmates of the Chinese teacher's supervisory class did my homework that day, and happened to be waiting for my iron buddy -Zeng Xuankai. At this time, Teacher Jing came over to me. Isn't it going to "hone" my weak buttocks "diligent"? Of course, fantasy sometimes always "faces" with reality. Teacher Ping came to me, patted my shoulder, and said to me kindly, "The emperor, this exam is not ideal, the difference is too much to the usual, what is the reason?" I thought, it seems that Ping The teacher's requirements for me are still high. So I replied: "It's all the rear legs of some basic questions and reading questions." "Oh, these questions are wrong, but don't be discouraged. You can do it. "After listening to the teacher's words, I seemed to recover the confidence at the time, and then replied:" I know, I will work hard! "Although it was an inconspicuous teacher and student dialogue, But it is of great significance to me. Teacher Ping, I will not live up to your expectations. I will study hard and strive for another glory in the next exam.


The teacher is the light of light, which illuminates the road leading to the palace of knowledge.And Mr. Ping, you are "Holy Light", which not only illuminates the road to the palace of knowledge, but also illuminates the ladder to life.Teacher Ping, thank you for your teachings. Without your teachings, I might be stopped by the roaring Yellow River and retired three points.And your teachings are like a century bridge built on this river, which makes me freely shuttle on this river. It is your young heart that makes my young heart impeccable and self -improved.


Teacher Ping, thank you!


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words3


"A pot of Milan in front of the teacher's window, the little yellow flower is hidden in the green leaves ..." There are many verses and songs that praise the teacher in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign. At this moment, I want to say, "Teacher, thank you!"


I remember that year, it was a cold winter. I came to school as usual, but something unexpected happened:


The teacher's lesson was lost, and the most likely to commit the crime was the first classmate and the last classmate who came home. Unfortunately, I am the first to come to school every day. Therefore, I am tightly wrapped in doubt and unscrupulous eyes, like a soul attached, although I know I did not take any lesson notes, but I am me I didn't dare to say it. After that, I was deadly every day, and there was always a stone in my heart. It is also because of that incident. Every time I play with my classmates, they exclude me. When I was a thief, I usually looked at it: they said me: "Emperors, lentils, mung beans, red beans, and Four Seasons Doudan, a thief? "Although I can't blame their right and wrong, this must be a person to protect my instinct, but I can't accept this self -protection, bad approach! When I was hiding in the cold corner, I thought from time to time: Why can people press the uncertain answer to a innocent person? Do you know such a sentence: A look can make a cheerful girl inferior, and can change the fate of a person's life!


A few days have passed, and the teacher's lesson notes have not yet settled, and I am even more doubtful. It seems that even the surrounding things are saying, "Look, thief!" But my troubles were seen by the kind teacher Zhang.At the end of the class, she pulled me to a place with a big and warm hand.There, I left the best memories of these days.


There, Teacher Zhang talked to me many of her interesting and poor childhood, and Teacher Zhang also opened my heart with gentle eyes.She said, "You tell me the truth, have you taken my lesson notes?" I heard it, and suddenly said, "I don't!" Teacher Zhang immediately put a cute piece after listening to me.The paper towels were handed to me. With her eyes that I have never seen before, I told me again: "I believe you, I believe you."


"Dingling Bell", the ringtone sounded!I am grateful for these ten minutes of conversation. I held the ordinary paper towels and looked at the warm winter. There was a force drilling into my young heart. I wanted to say, "Teacher, thank you!"


In the future, every time I encounter difficulties, I always think of Teacher Zhang's phrase "I believe you!", That trusted vision, the ordinary and full of paper towels full of a teacher's infinite love for students, there is a stream of hearts in my heart.Power overcomes the difficulties of every life.Now, I still want to say loudly and proudly, "Teacher, thank you!"


Simplified comments: The tolerance of the teacher is valuable. She maintains the self -esteem of a child with an extremely broad mind.


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words4


The annual Teacher's Day comes on schedule, and it will not feel too slow, and it will not feel too hasty, because I have a preparation in my heart.Standing in the gift shop, holding a beautiful card in my hand, the beautiful lines wrapped around my memory, and my eyes stayed on the four flashing characters "thanks for the teacher".It seems that time has stopped, staying in my memory, until forever, forever!




When I was a naive child, you came to me.That is, you lead us to climb the peak of knowledge.At that time, I always thought that you were strict and ruthless. As a leader, you just as a leader. How many times I was tripped and scratched by branches on the road.I have not stretched out your warm hand, and gave me only Yan Ichemid but with encouragement. I cried because I felt helpless, but in the end I still stood up because I saw your eyes flashingThe light of the light.You are an excellent leader. You let me understand: wherever you fall, you need to get up.


refers to passers -by


When I was no longer a child, I left you and took your expectations, he entered the door of middle school.However, I was lost. When I was lonely and helpless, I remembered you again, so I rang the bunch of familiar numbers, and there was a familiar voice in the distance.You said, "You have grown up. I can't take you down again. The road ahead wants you to create yourself. I am just a finger." So I resolutely chose the road full of darkness and Jingba.I am alone, how many times, how many times, how many times sweating and bleeding, I still insist.Although the road ahead is dark, my heart is no longer confused. I have the direction of progress. Even if there are many difficulties, I will continue to go.You let me learn independence and strength.


The lamp in my heart


When I go to maturity, you are farther away from me, but I still take your expectations and come to this struggle land.I know that I have reached another intersection in my life. You said: As long as I pass through all the intersections, I can see the light.You said that the rest of the way, I walked myself, and you said yourself. The only thing you said that you can do is the light in my heart, so that I no longer feel dark.Indeed, you did it, you are the brightest lamp in the world.You let me learn self -confidence and self -improvement.


Suddenly the card slipped from my hands, and I woke up from my memories, and I didn't realize that there was an impulse.I ran out of the store and came to the phone booth.I dialed out the familiar numbers again, I waited for your echo, I really wanted to say it, thank you for my favorite teacher.


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words5


Flowers are grateful to the rain dew, because the rain dew nourishes its growth; the goshawk is grateful to the sky, because the long sky makes it fly; the mountains are grateful to the earth, because the earth makes it towering;Travel in.In my growth process, your strong teacher love has always accompanied.


The teacher worked hard and gave a three -foot podium for all his life.My teacher is named Zhang Qixian. He is our language teacher and the head teacher of my class. His age is almost the same as that of my mother. Whenever I see his figure on the podium, I always have a germination in my heart.The warmth of family affection, he cares for me like a mother, his words and character will always move me.He is always the greatest and most admired person in my eyes.He must never forget his grace to our students.


It was the morning of the autumn. With the ringtone of the class, we all returned to the classroom and sat in front of the desk. Waiting for the teacher's arrival. The door of the classroom was gently pushed away, and Mr. Zhang walked in with his textbooks and lesson plans slowly, standing on the podium. "Start class now." Teacher Zhang said with his hoarse throat. At this time, I saw Teacher Zhang's face with embarrassment and red eyes. I felt that Teacher Zhang must have a cold, and I might not rest well last night. Teacher Zhang coughed a few words in a word. In this way, Teacher Zhang insisted on a lesson and told the content of the text very clearly. The ringtone of the get out of class rang, Teacher Zhang said, "Classmates, after class." We all heard her words that were blurred. Go out of the classroom. We suddenly stood up quickly and asked him: "Teacher, are you caught a cold?" The teacher cough and replied, "It's okay, I should stick to it for you to learn. Class! "We sent the teacher away with both eyes, looking forward to our teacher's body faster.


This is a good teacher who gives us hard work. We moved to the class for him to take a class. He gave us grace and left the pain to ourselves.I said from the heart: "Teacher, you have worked hard! We will never forget your kindness. May your cold recover soon and return to us healthy to us, and give us a vivid lesson.


Two years, in the past two years, no matter what we encounter, you will face it with us.You paid too much for me, like the sea, as high as the blue sky.Teacher, you are amazing in my eyes.I finally understand: "Spring silkworms are exhausted, and wax torches become gray tears."Because your career is silent and selfless sacrifice.I am grateful to you from the heart, my teacher!Thank you everything for me!In the future, whether I become a towering tree or a low shrub, I will bless you with the green green of life -my teacher!


For our parents, we paid too much for us. For the sake of us, the teacher paid too much. Let us all reward them with a gratitude!


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words6


It was a sunny morning, but I was cloudy in my heart, and I couldn't be happy.Yesterday, Mathematics arranged the homework of classroom homework, but I lost my three places to forget the book in the desk drawer.I rushed to the school in a hurry this morning and touched a traffic jam. I almost entered the classroom with a ringtone. Where can I make up for the homework!The first quarter is not a math class, so I took advantage of the time when I was in the next get out of class.Before the third quarter of the math class, I finally finished it, but I still didn't breathe a sigh of relief and kept thinking about it?I did n’t pay my homework in the morning, and now I will make up for it. Will the teacher blame me when I batch it?Will I call me to call my parents?what do I do?what do I do?


The math class was in class, and the teacher started lectures.But I am still immersed in fear, afraid that the teacher will suddenly ask us to go to the podium to correct the workbook through the classroom.


A lesson slipped away again, "Dingling Bell!" The ringtone bell started.I just wanted to let go of a sigh of relief, and the teacher said, "If you send the classroom homework, please ask your classmates to order it before lunch!" This sentence hit me like a thunderbolt.Hanging in the air, the strong sense of fear came from the bottom of the heart, what should I do?How to do?Other students have approved the homework book, but I have not been there.What should I face in case the teacher calls me to approve me?


What should come here always comes.Finally, I got my courage, walked to the podium with a heavy step, handed it to the teacher who had not been corrected to the teacher, and said, "Teacher ... um ... I ... I did not take the classroom homework yesterday.Bring it back ... Yes ... it was only made up today ... "" Oh "the teacher nodded calmly, smiled and said kindly," You forgot to take your homework to go home yesterday, and you must never forget it next timeOh. "I was so relieved, and the big rocks hanging in my heart had no trace.I returned to my seat with great energy and stepped meteor, shouting loudly in my heart, thank you for your teacher!


Thank you, teacher!Thank you for his tolerance for me at the time, and thank you for not blame me.Thank you!If you did not smile to me at the time, but criticized me severely, then I would definitely feel indifferent, and I couldn't wait to find a sewing to drill in.But you did not do this, but "criticized" me in euphemistic language made me more deeply recognize the mistake, so that I was secretly determined to correct this bad problem.Thank you, a loved teacher!


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words7


The loved Mr. Lin had a saying in my heart for a while.Every time I want to say to you, but because of timidity, I just swallowed it as soon as I got my mouth.Today, I finally got up the biggest courage, wrote this composition, and told you in my heart -Teacher Lin, thank you!


Teacher Lin, thank you!You have made me a strong interest in mathematics with careful education."Classmates, can you lend me the rubber?" You asked with a smile.Most of the students raised their hands and lent you the rubber.You asked, "Is there any more?" So other students also handed her rubber to her."The reason why I want to borrow so many rubber is to make you this lesson without rubber." "Ah" We exclaimed uniformly -a rubber but an indispensable "weapon" in mathematics classHow to do?


You explain the concept of circle for us, and then send us a piece of paper, let us draw a circle with the red dots on the paper.We picked up the round rules and drew a circle on the paper."Works" are released: some are like mosquito coils, and some are like duck eggs.Looking at these circles, we could not help but look at the piles of rubber on the podium table.


After reading our "work", you asked, "Do you know why the circle you draw is incorrect?" Everyone review : "I have not used the round rules correctly." "I painted itThe radius is wrong. "" You made the same mistake. If you do n’t plan first, you can do it! "You said with a lot of words," I borrow the rubber, and the purpose is to let you know that not everything is doing homework.If you do the wrong, you can use rubber to get rid of it. Plan first, and then act, you can do more with less! "Then, you taught us how to draw the teacher, your class is really special. From that moment, I started to like mathematics lessons.It's right.


Teacher Lin, thank you! It is you who taught me with patient education. I should seek truth from what to do. "Ding Ling Ling", the classing bell rang, and you strode into the classroom. That day, you seemed to be particularly happy. When you walked to the podium and said with a smile, "Classmates, I am particularly happy today, do you know why?" We all grinned and shook our heads. You went on to say, "This morning, I went to the vegetable market, and I bought two old hens a yuan. Can you say that you can be unhappy?" We laughed with a "coax", and we thought you must be kidding again. I do n’t know that you said seriously, "Really, I never talk about it, I do n’t believe it, I read it for you." Then, you picked up a job and read it. It turned out that in the editorial topic, I wrote that my mother went to the vegetable market to buy chickens. My mother only paid one yuan and bought two fat hens. I suddenly realized that you can't ignore the facts when telling the application questions. When I looked up to see your encouragement smile, I really wanted to say to you loudly, "Thank you, Teacher Lin!"


Thank you, Teacher Lin!Perhaps the name engraved on the stone may not be immortal, but your name that is deep in my soul will really exist forever.


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words8


"Thanks for your gratitude, thank you ..." If you do n’t have you, maybe I have no confidence to read it again, and there is no goal, just like an ant on the hot pot, how to be good.It is your words. I woke up with the sleeping. It was your understanding of your understanding that made me full of confidence. However, it was your words that made me struggle for the goal ...


From elementary school, there are many teachers who have taught me. However, these teachers have seriously taught their classmates. He not only cares about classmates, but also cares about the lives of his classmates.


When the bell is prepared, the teacher is struggling to climb on the stairs.Over the years, they have often been up and down this stairs. With their age, his two are white, and his wrinkles quietly climbed up his forehead.Look at this piece of wrinkles like the level of stairs under his feet.And the old flower mirror he wore was indispensable when he was working at night. When he was quiet around the quiet dormitory that night, he could see the lights shot out of the gap between the window.Preparation of lessons to correct homework for students.


Today, the teacher can not run up on the stairs decades ago.However, as long as he has not burned out, he can allow more students to move to a higher level with this stairs, go to the construction of tomorrow, and climb the scientific peak.


Entering the winter, the weather is getting colder, and the fog in the morning is getting bigger and bigger. The teacher is worried about the students of the classmates.The teacher will also take medicine for you.There is something that you can ask the teacher to say that the teacher will enlighten you and be your psychologist.


For my growth and progress, the teacher's work is too important.The teacher is the communicator of cultural knowledge and leads us to travel in the ocean of knowledge.The teacher taught us a lot of knowledge and taught us the truth ... You criticized me, scolded me, I hated you in my heart, despised you, and even your class, I hate it, and care about me like a friend.You are my friend, respect, understand, and love me. You are my side.


Your work is hard and heavy, and you have worked hard and sweat for us. For classmates, your white hair has also increased. Your labor makes me smarter and smarter.I sincerely grateful you and respect you.


Tiange is particularly sunny, the birds are singing cheerfully, and the teacher is working.


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words9


Who is the engineer of the human soul?Who is sacrificing yourself and illuminating the red candle of others?Who is the person who teaches knowledge silently?Who is the gardener who takes care of the flowers hard?That's this lofty and admirable word -teacher!


Teacher, I can't forget that.

Teacher, I can't forget that.


It was a matter of Sunshine Class. You let us stand in a good team. We are partial. We talk and laugh there, and we do n’t put you in our eyes.Especially those abominable boys, you are squeezing and making trouble for each other. At this time, you are prestigious like a tiger, walking straight towards us, dragging our clothes, and criticizing us hard: "You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youIt's really going to be angry! "I knew that when you said this, my heart was as painful in my heart; I saw that there was clear tears in your eyes.At this time, many teachers looked at us, and we were "educated" here on the playground.It was gloomy, as if roaring at us, dark and dark.We saw it at this time, and saw you crying, so everyone immediately lined up, for fear that the teacher was provoked again.


It didn't take long for the leaders to come to the school to see the sunlight class.


It is estimated that after a coming month, the ranking is ranked first, and the school is first!This is a gratifying thing, teacher, you praised us.At this time, everyone knows that this time we perform so well because of you because of your education.


Teacher, I can't forget that.

Teacher, I can't forget that.


On that day, two students copied their homework. You were furious. You asked them to think about it, but they played them carefully and kept talking in the book.You heard their "buzzing" speech, picked up the water cup and smashed it on the glass.With a "snap", the glass was broken, the glass filled the ground, and the two students shook their hair.I slowly looked at you. Your eyes were full of "Ziz" rising flames, as if saying, "Unless let me solve it in this way?"


I understand that you are extremely sad, disappointed, and angry.And all of this is due to them -the two who do not know how to do it!


At that time, the incident of the cup made them learned about the lesson. Since then, the two students dare not copy their homework, and they whispered in class with others.I know that you have changed them and changed their bad habits.


Teacher, you can't tell your love for us!Your love is like spring rain, nourishing us, let us enjoy sweet ...


Teacher, we will never forget you, we can't forget your influence on us, we can't forget your education for us, we can't forget your love for us!


Self -assessment: The teacher has paid a lot for us, because there are teachers, our classmates in our fifth and second classes can grow up healthily and happily!


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words10


After I went to the Beijing Capital Normal University, many teachers gave me the lesson that I was most impressed by my comprehensive Chinese class teacher, Mr. Zhang Cui Li.


The moment I registered Teacher Zhang into the classroom, I felt that Teacher Zhang was a very amiable person.The voice of her lectures, sweet smiles, and kind expressions, never fascinated me all the time.Although we have been together for a few days, I have fell in love with this serious and stylish "special" teacher.

张老师在给我们讲课的时候,特别的和蔼。嗓音就像清脆的黄鹂鸟一样,如此婉转,如此动听。她不断的鼓励我们积极发言,同学们激情澎湃,整个课堂气氛都被调动起来了。下课的时候,张老师就更加和蔼可亲啦!就像我们的大姐姐一样,甜美的笑容总是挂在嘴边,同学们里三层外三层的把张老师围得像是卷心菜似的。有的向她请教问题,有的跟她唠叨家常,还有的跟她分享书籍......张老师对待每个同学,总是一副热心肠,对谁都不偏心,好像自己的孩子一样。 张老师和蔼可亲是真,严肃认真也不假。一旦有同学犯了错误,张老师便立刻翻了脸,语重心长的开始对她进行批评和鼓励。让他她认识到自己的错误,并及时改正。张老师给我们批改作业的时候那更是一丝不苟,每一篇文章都写上详细的标语,比如:语言优美啦,字体工整啦。一小点的进步在张老师的眼里都是一大步,她会把有进步的同学“拎”出来,毫不吝啬的把这些同学在班里夸一顿,然后鼓励他们不要骄傲,要继续努力。她还会向家长发校信通,告诉每个孩子最近的学习情况,与家长做沟通......

When Mr. Zhang gave us a lecture, he was particularly kind. The voice is like a crispy yellow bird, so gentle and so beautiful. She continued to encourage us to speak actively, the classmates were passionate, and the atmosphere of the entire class was mobilized. At the time of get out of class, Teacher Zhang was even more amiable! Just like our elder sister, the sweet smile is always hung on the mouth. The students on the three layers of the classmates surrounded Mr. Zhang like a cabbage. Some ask her the question, some often have a family, and some sharing books with her ... Teacher Zhang is always enthusiastic about treating each classmate. The child is the same. Teacher Zhang is kind, and it is true and serious. Once a classmate made a mistake, Mr. Zhang immediately turned his face, and he began to criticize and encourage her with a long time. Let him recognize his mistakes and make corrections in time. Teacher Zhang was meticulous when he corrected our homework. Each article wrote detailed slogans, such as: beautiful language and neat font. A small point of progress is a big step in Mr. Zhang's eyes. She will "carry" the progressive classmates, praise these students in the class without hesitation, and then encourage them not to be proud. keep it up. She will also send school Xintong to her parents, telling each child's recent learning situation and communicating with parents ...


Why do Teacher Zhang ruthlessly ruthless?In fact, this is not really ruthless to us.Instead, when I saw the wrong words, Teacher Zhang would circulate the wrong words in the homework without paying attention, and did not relax at all.Another point is the time to memorize the text. When you memorize Teacher Zhang, you have to be mentally prepared!Because Teacher Zhang's special "ruthlessness".A small omissions and words can cause you to sit down and do not leave a little chance, so our classmates can carry the text almost backwards.

张老师在课堂里对学生非常严格,下课的时候对学生像自己母亲一样慈祥。因此张老师不仅在我心中具有无限的敬佩 ,而且在别的同学们心中也一样具有敬佩。张老师的给我上的任何一课和高尚道德以后为自己榜样,永不忘记。

Teacher Zhang was very strict with the students in the classroom, and was as kind to the students as her mother at the end of the get out of class.Therefore, Teacher Zhang not only has infinite admiration in my heart, but also admires in other students.Teacher Zhang gave me any lesson and noble morality for himself, and never forget.


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words11


Teacher, like a mother, a diligent gardener, poured us with cool water, so that we learned knowledge and learn happiness in the growth!


Teacher Zheng took care of me like a mother, cared about me, and warm me.One day in the fourth grade, I felt dizzy in the classroom and wanted to vomit. My face was hot and very uncomfortable. I asked me to go to the office.I told the teacher what happened in class.She didn't say anything, touched my head, and then turned around in the drawer, and she didn't know what she was looking for. Later, she asked the teacher next to it.At this time, I realized that she was looking for the temperature of the body.She asked several teachers and could not find a thermometer.Teacher Zheng pulled me to the chair, told me to sit down, and then poured some warm water for me, and then said to me: "Look at me, you may have a fever, you drank the water first, the teacherCall your parents to pick you up. "


However, several times in a row, the phone could not be turned on, hey!God is unfair to me -I thought secretly in my heart.At this time, it was unexpected that the teacher said to me, "Otherwise, the teacher sent you home!" I shook my head and said, "No, teacher, you will have a class later! I still go home by myselfLet ’s think about it and ask," Can you support it? "" I can, I have to be a strong child, I believe I can do it! "The teacher was moved by my spirit, and thenNodded and said, "Okay!" I supported home ...?


Teacher Zheng always gives us knowledge no matter how hard it is. Last time, Teacher Zheng was dumb to educate us to abide by the school's school rules.A stupid teacher will not come to class, everyone will not think that teacher, our teacher Zheng!She continued to come to class regardless of her throat


She was afraid that the classmates could not hear her voice and wore a amplifier.At this time, I was proud of my heart, and I was proud of one teacher!The classmates seemed to know something, sitting quietly and neatly, listening to the teacher's lecture carefully.The teacher saw the classmates meticulous, listening to the concentration, very happy, and a kind smile on his face showed a kind smile on his face!


Watching Teacher Zheng worked for us day and night, cared for me like a mother, and the gardener cared about me. My eyes were moist.Teacher Zheng's meticulous love for me is almost no one.Every student is like a gem of Teacher Zheng, holding it in his palms, and is very loving!


Here, I want to say to the teacher, "Teacher, thank you, thank you for your care and help to me this year!"


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words12


Teacher, you are like a clear spring water, moisturizing our heart field; you are like a ray of golden sunshine, giving us warmth; you are like a bright indicator lamp, silently illuminating the road for us; You are like a fiery candle that dedicated that light to us you care about ...


Ah, we are most worthy of thanks and love teachers.You are our Chinese teacher and have been with us for two years.In the severe care of motherly love, there is a dazzling glory of motherhood.


When we make mistakes, you will always look at us with severe gaze, remind us of your respect for our respect, regret the mistakes we commit, and listen to your teachings of our bitter heart.


When we do not concentrate on class, you will always handle our disappointment. Let us know that we must concentrate in class and we must not live up to your eager expectations for us.


When our body is not in time, you will always come over immediately. Like your mother, you will ask the condition in a hurry, patting our shoulders gently, and giving us strength silently.The peaceful smile, portraying the image of the true mother, makes us feel kind.


When we encounter difficulties in our lives, you always smile and talk to us about your life experience, tell us that you slowly understand the truth of life and solve the small difficulties we encounter in life. "


When we are still ignorant, you do n’t distinguish the sweat and Chinese knowledge day and night. Gan Lin poured on the young flower seedlings like spring rain. When the flowers gradually opened the smile, you still silently silently silently.Persist in the post of the gardener.


Thank you, Teacher Su!You are the English teacher we love. Although the time with us is not long, you still get along like our best friends and get our respect.In the classroom, when we listen carefully and give your hands actively, you see the raised little hand, and your face will always show a satisfactory smile, praise us a few words, and then encourage us to continue to cheer.In class, when we are small and don't pay attention to listening, you always frown gently, quietly walking to our side, reminding the ears, when we lower our heads and know that we are wrong, you continueGo to the podium for class.In the class, you laugh with us like a big sister and worry about us.Carefully listen to the hidden troubles and sorrows in our hearts, and talk about the fun of life together.When our English knowledge is insufficient, you always give up your rest time, pour us carefully with heart blood, and silently pay.


Thank you, teachers!In fact, there are too many teachers we thank you!They are always paying silently without asking for returns.The colorful flowers blooming today, which one has no figure, and which one has not been poured by their hard work!


We should all thank you, we should praise, the teachers we have paid for, praise their great hard work!Let's say a loudly to you from our hearts, "Thank you, teacher."


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words13


The teacher cares about us like parents, and the teacher's love is great; the teacher is a candle, burning silently to illuminate the road ahead for us;The road signs, for a long time, indicate the direction of the future for us; the teacher is ...


In the English class, the English teacher gave me a lecture hard. I tirelessly talked about it until we were together. She had never had any dissatisfaction, but just taught us wholeheartedly.In mathematics class, the teacher told us to tell us mathematical formulas and problem -solving methods over and over. Some students did not listen carefully and opened the small difference. The teacher shouted their names for their names regardless of their uncomfortable throats, just to let them be able to let them make them.Learn more knowledge.In the Chinese class, the Chinese teacher taught the text to us with a soft and pleasant voice. It was not until I felt that the taste was dry and tongue.


The teacher not only cares about us in learning, but also does the same in life.


Once the classmate flowed nosebleeds, the teacher of the class teacher hurriedly covered it with his hands, but the bright red blood flowed out of the gap in her fingers. Asked what happened to her, was it sick? This was that I found that the blood also became popular with the teacher's fingers. There was another time in class, the teacher went out temporarily and arranged homework. After I finished the assignment of the teacher, I took out an extra -curricular book and read it with interest. Unconsciously, I was completely immersed in the story, and everything around me seemed to disappear. At this time, I didn't realize that the teacher stood beside me. She took a picture of my shoulder and said, "Let me show me, okay?" I was startled. Although I was very reluctant to the book, I could only hand over the book to the teacher. The teacher walked out of the classroom with the book. I thought to myself: This is over, the book will definitely be turned into ashes by the teacher's anger. It is a gift that my mother gave me. Even if it is not damaged, I will definitely be fiercely repaired. What should I do? How to do? My heart is seven. But the result of the latter surprised me. The teacher gave me the book and did not blame me, just gently said to me, "This book is good, suitable for you to read, but you should go home and find time to read it slowly!" I just nodded at the time, fortunately, fortunately The book was not confiscated and he was not criticized. Now I understand that the teacher is good for me. I must study hard and give out excellent results to return the teacher's care for me.


Teacher, you use your life to teach us why we have to pursue, why you have ideals, and why you go beyond yourself.Teacher, you leave the most beautiful smile to this wonderful world, you are the myth in our hearts.Teachers and students, like friends, full of love, permeate the atmosphere of mutual assistance.No matter how time passes, I will always remember the teacher's care, forever!IntersectionIntersection


Teacher, thank you!IntersectionIntersection


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words14


The engineer of the human soul, only this glorious name has the connotation of the same light as the sea and the blue sky!


I still remember the first Chinese lesson in high school, a black -frame glasses, a good face, a pinch of white on the top of the head, like a red -crowned crane, a teacher with a Chinese textbook under his arms walking into the classroomThe tea cup in my hand was filled with just brewed tea.


"Hello everyone, I am your Chinese teacher."


He turned around and wrote his name -Jin Qianbo.One stroke one by one, the square is just what our Chinese character should be.Since then, we have been attracted by his neat and neat board.


"Okay, now we start class."




"Hello teacher!"


"Hello classmates, please sit down!"


As soon as he spoke, he had a kind of elegant and gracefulness of literati.However, because of our low -level mistakes, he held a bamboo stick on the podium and accelerated the frequency tapping the table, complaining about our annoying unbelievable behaviors in our mouths."Did I teach a group of pigs!" Live a cheerful Chinese lesson in southern Shaanxi dialect and half -joking words.This bamboo stick is more than such a little useful. Writing and drawing, and marking comments on the screen can rely on it.


He has a tradition that a classmate before each Chinese class requires a classmate to give a pre -class speech.Requires a large square, the word is full.The theme of the classmates from the world's superstar to literary works. Each classmate carefully prepared this small display. It was he provided a stage for us to exercise his speech ability.It is more perfect and upgraded in front of them.


"Show you a miracle!"


This is what he said most often, because the classmates transferred the font of the slide too small, so that the classmates sitting behind could not see clearly, he started to teach.No one ever thought that such a flat words would become a mantra in our class later, as if the agreed thing is like a tacit understanding. Once it is mentioned, there will be a little bit of a rhinoceros, causing a laughter.


On the hot summer, a middle -aged man can always be seen in a yellow ball suit, a black vest outside, wearing a white hat, and "putting sheep" on the playground.The so -called "sheep" is to drive a group of classmates to run with him, because the form is very similar to the sheep, so its name is "Fleeping Sheep".This has also become a beautiful line on our playground.Regardless of the severe cold and heat, the appearance of the "golden jersey" is indispensable.


Time, years like shuttle.In a blink of an eye, we have known each other with Teacher Jin for a year. This proud and cute Chinese teacher who has no loser, careful and atmospheric, adds a lot of fun to our high school life. The laughter of each Chinese class will becomeMy warmest memories in the future.


Thank you for the summer, the breeze brought it lightly and met you.


Thank you!


Thank you, the teacher's composition 800 words15


Whose growth is from the teacher?Teacher is the gardener of the motherland; the teacher is the introduction of knowledge to us; the teacher is an ordinary and great engineer.There is a good teacher in my mind.Every word she said was like the stream of streams flowing into my heart.


From the first grade to the present, many teachers have taught me, but the deepest impression is the car teacher who teach me now.Although she did not teach me for a long time, we established a deep relationship between our teachers and students.


Teacher Che was in his thirties, with a medium figure, wearing long curly hair, and a pair of big eyes embedded under curly hair.Teacher Che's lectures are affectionate and affectionate, and the atmosphere of her class is very active.The classmates are actively speaking, and our classmates like her class.


Since parents do business in Chengdu, in the fifth grade, I also transferred to Chengdu with my parents.Because of the different relationship between the textbooks, I did n’t know about the previous texts and characters. Many questions could not be answered, which made me stress.Teacher Che comforted her mother and said, "Yu Tao has potential. As long as you work hard, you will be able to catch up!" Teacher Che encouraged me to dare to answer the question in class.


In order to keep up with the teaching progress, the teacher gave up at noon break, and often opened a small stove for me. I tirelessly taught me. After the teacher's guidance, my learning improved greatly. I was grateful to the car teacher.


Teacher Che is still our "class mother" and if we encounter something unfair to us, Teacher Che will take the initiative to make a fairness for us.Once, some classmates didn't get meals at noon, and immediately ran to Teacher Che.Teacher Che heard it, very angry, and said angrily, "I'm not there, how can I be so unfair to my students?" As soon as the words fell, Teacher Che went to the teacher's theory for meals.It turned out that because these classmates were late, they didn't get meals.Teacher Che turned around and said to those classmates again, "This is the case, you must tell you in the future, so I can tell those teachers."


The teacher not only cares about us in learning, but also looks like a loving mother in life.Once I was sick.At noon, Teacher Che asked me with concern: "Is it better?" And reminded me: "Remember to take medicine, so that the disease can be good." I couldn't help but excite in my heart, and the two lines burst into tears.Although this is just an ordinary sentence.This sentence is like a warm current nourishing my heart.It made me feel a deep love of my teacher for me.Although the weather in spring is still a bit cold, I feel hot in this feeling.


Teacher, you are a good teacher we admire!


There is nothing in the world to express my gratitude to you. I will always remember this as the teacher of the sea.Here I said sincerely, "Teacher, thank you!"


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