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My mother junior high school composition-writing composition


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition,欢迎大家分享。


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition1


Outside the window, it was under the window.The rain silk spilled from the sky to the earth, dancing under the girl's skirt, playing on the golden deciduous keys.


The clock on the wall of "Tick, Tick" pointed at 12 o'clock.I was hungry, and my stomach gurgled hungry, "Why haven't my mother come to send meals yet?" I murmured to himself.


"Ding Dong", a crisp door bell sounded.When I opened the door, it turned out to be a mother.I saw my mother wet, the hair was dripping, and the crystal water droplets slid down her mother's cheek and fell into the mother's collar.My eyes were wet. Through a thin layer of water, I saw my mother's face full of fatigue.Looking closely, a few wrinkles have climbed to the corner of the mother's eyes.Oh!Mom is too hard.I quickly picked up the towel and wanted to wipe my mother's face, but my mother smiled and handed me a lunch box.My heart was hot, and the hot lunch box was opened, and I ate it with interest.Mom looked at it happily.At this time, my mother's phone ringing sounded, and only heard that my mother said, "Okay, I will go back to the hospital right away." After finishing speaking, the mother hurried out and rushed to work.


Outside the window, the rain was still arbitrarily, and I silently said: "Rain! Stop it immediately! Mom will not get wet, and you can return to the hospital safely ..."


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition2


My mother is the best mother in the world. She not only takes care of my life, but also pays attention to my study. Although she is always stingy, I know that everything she does is for me.


My mother gave me a lot of help in studying and life. In the study, my mother had a lot of heart for me. Once, when I finished my homework, when I was about to go out to play, when I checked the homework to my mother, suddenly my mother said "Stop "I hurriedly said," What are you doing? "What kind of homework do you write?Looking at my mother such a serious expression, I had to do it again. After a while, I handed the second homework to my mother. When my mother checked again, he shouted, "Come me!"Second, my mother's voice increased by eight degrees. As soon as I came over, my mother told me the two words — do it again.


I ran to my room with tears and thought: How do you have such a mother, let people do it twice, and let people do it.At this time, my mother walked into my room and said to me, "Child, mother is a little strict to you, but also for you, you also have to understand your mother. I listened to my mother.So I really did my homework seriously. My mother looked at my third job and gave it to my mother. My mother smiled with satisfaction ...


Mom, you are the greatest mother in the world, you are my enlightenment teacher, you are my indicator of night ... I love you!Mother!


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition3


There is a person, she is the greatest.There is a person, she is the most amazing.There is a person, she is the most diligent.There is a person, she is the most careful.Who is she? She is -my mother.


All mothers are the same. When we are still small saplings, they will carefully trim us and take care of us carefully and carefully.In order to make us a towering tree, no matter how difficult it is, we only choose to move forward, not retreat.


My mother is one of these mothers.There is an extraordinary heart below the ordinary appearance. She is a person I can't lack on the road of growth. She makes me understand a lot of truth. She makes me understand that when facing difficulties, she must believe in herself.Understanding of people, she made me understand where I fell and got up there ... In short, I understand a lot.


In the hustle and bustle, she seemed so small.In order to prevent us from being late in school, she must get up early to make breakfast every day and do housework.The passage of the years made her once climbed on her white face, and her black hair also hidden a few dazzling white hair, but in my eyes, it was the most beautiful landscape.


My mother is a very strong woman in my eyes. It may be because of her personality, so she determines her destiny.She can eat the suffering that other women can't eat and do what other women can't do.


This is my mother, an extraordinary mother, in short, the words: "She is a person I can't lack on the road of growth."


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition4


Every day my mother's face always hangs with a smiley face like eating honey. My mother is also a very caring person. I remember the puppy QQ who had lived in our house for two years last time suddenly died. My mother was uncomfortable.Crying,


My mother is wearing a work suit every day and never changes other clothes. Unless she returns home, she changes a casual suit. My mother is the most beautiful and kind of mother in my heart.It's only a little taller than me. In fact, her mother is much higher than me.

有一次,我妈妈知道我考试成绩差了很多,就对我很严肃和严格,可我不会因为这样而伤心,我会认真的去学习把成绩考好,不让妈妈失望,最后我考了很高分的成绩,可妈妈还是用很严肃和严格的眼光看着我,我终于忍不住了,就问妈妈说:妈妈你为什么老是用那种眼光看着我,我很害怕。妈妈说:“你不能因为考了高分就在别人面前jiao yao(骄傲),还有不能jiao yao(骄傲)自满,这句话深深的影响了我。

Once, my mother knew that my exam grades were much worse, so I was very serious and strict, but I would not be sad because of this. I will study hard.My mother was disappointed. In the end, I scored a very high score, but my mother looked at me with a serious and strict vision. I finally couldn't help it, so I asked my mother, why do you always look at it with that kind of vision.I, I'm scared.Mom said, "You can't be in front of others because of the high scores, and you can't be complacent about Jiao Yao. This sentence deeply affects me.


Usually, mothers often work overtime because of work, and often go to night work. There is no time to accompany me at home to do homework, but I know that my mother is working hard, so I don’t blame my mother to accompany me to do homework, but insteadI will prefer my mother. Her love for me cannot be metaphorized, so I said here: "I love you, my mother."


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition5


I have a good mother.She always combed the oblique bangs and a ponytail.Her face was white and two small dimples were embedded on her face!A pair of big eyes are watery, and a pair of glasses on the bridge of the tall nose.


My mother is very kind.After the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, the community began to have a donation event. When my mother knew it, she also took me to the place where the donation was.


I saw my mother took out a envelope to the staff, and then said to the staff with a smile: Please accept it!There are 30,000 yuan in this envelope.My mother took me away.


I was surprised to ask my mother: Mom, how much did you donate?Mom said with a smile: 30,000 yuan!Good mother is a good mother!I hugged my mother and kissed.


Mom's cooking skills are also very good.Once the grandfather, cousin, and grandmother came back, the mother burned a lot of delicious food: there were braised beef, lobster, and steamed cinnamon fish full of tables, seeing everyone's saliva.


This is my good mother, do you like her?


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition6


My mother is a capable expert, I love my mother.


Diligent mother


Mom has been engaged in the weaving industry for nearly a year, but has already become a good understanding of weaving machines.Mom got up at more than 5 o'clock, weaving, cooking, sweeping the floor, etc., I was busy until six o'clock. I called me and my father and meals while weaving., Quickly rush to the weaving machine, connect or change the axis, wait for me to go to school, my father goes to work, the mother will brush the pan and wash the dishes, and then go to the weaving.Unless there are different things, the mother will leave, and the rest of the time is on the net, and it is not until seven or eight in the evening.


Mother who cares about family members


My mother cares about me and my dad. When I was in school, my mother said to me. When I went home from school in the afternoon, my mother would say so, what do you learn today?What to eat?Review in time.To Dad, he would say, "Eat quickly?" "Cold?" Mom always broke his heart for us.


Dad is happy because of such a wife: I am happy with such a mother.I love you mom!


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition7


My mother is not tall, she is small and exquisite.Her eyes were large, bright, and wearing a pair of pink glasses, looking very sophisticated and showy.Her nose was small, quite, and her mouth was small, but she could say.


My mother is very gentle, and she always speaks finely, for fear that it will scare others.My mother loves me very much. When I am sick, she will coax me patiently; when I get good results, she will share the joy of success with me; when I do something wrong, she will tell me the reason; When I was in trouble, she carefully explained the problem for me.


My mother had done a lot of things for me and one thing, which made me very unforgettable: one day after school, the rain was raining, and the rain was getting bigger and bigger.I didn't bring a rainy gear, I was trapped in front of the school gate, and I was anxious to turn. I thought: What should I go home?Just when I was at a loss, a familiar figure walked towards me with an umbrella. I took a closer look: Mom!Because my mother was anxious, my pants and shoes were wet. I hurried to my mother's umbrella. My mother was afraid that my clothes and schoolbags would be wet. She handed me the umbrella to me.But she was dripped by the rain, and she took off a coat to block the rain.When I got home, I saw my mother trembled coldly, and my heart was very disturbed.


Mom's love is really priceless. In the future, I will care more about, care for my mother, and understand my mother.


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition8


I have a "cold" mother.


My mother once said: "Don't be frightened by things in front of you." This sentence was deeply engraved in my heart.Once, I accidentally stumbled in order to get a good goal, and I couldn't stand up.I thought my mother would come to help me, but.The mother said, "Don't be frightened by things in front of you".I can only support it with another hand and sit down.When my mother met, I hurried over and said, "Child, you are awesome, don't be scared by things in front of you."


I understand: as long as it is brave, it can be overcome.

我的妈妈 (李洁)

My mother (Li Jie)


My mother is not tall, with short hair with Qi ears.My mother is a big voice.


Every morning, as long as my mother saw that I was still sleeping and "snoring", this was her big voice lit: "Get up soon, it is seven o'clock, and you will be late at school!" I will be late! "I will be late!" I will be late! "The ears have been buzzing.I said, "Mom, can I sleep for a while again? Just a small meeting?" The mother saw me asleep, so my mother shouted to me again, "If you can't get up, you are really late." I can only be unwilling to feel unwilling, I woke up unwillingly.


Because of my mother's big voice, I was not late to school.My big voice mother -I love you.


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition9


My mother has a round face, a pair of big eyes, and her tall nose has a mouth that is often smiling.


Mom's "killer" is "Shangfangbao", but her mother rarely uses it. She is usually very gentle.Her pair of eyes tell you that everything you do is good or bad.


Mom often hangs around her mouth that people who use quarrels to solve the problem are the stupidest. Moms are persuaded to solve the problem every time.


Of course, you can't think that my mother will not use her "Shangfangbao".For example, this weekend, her mother took out its "Shangfangbao frame".


This is the case. On Friday night, we have eaten dinner early, and we are all eating apples, but the meal in the sister bowl is full. Mother said with a good voice and said to my sister, "You eat quickly!"Hmm", her sister still took a little bit.


After a while, the meal in the bowl of the sister was still full, and her mother's speech was twice as much as possible: "You give me a little!" The sister was reluctant to eat again.


At this time, my mother suddenly made a lion roar: "Do you want to be beaten, Kobayashi, and take the hanger." My voice was raped a little: "Okay, Shangfangbao's driving."


The ordinary hanger has become "Shangfangbao" so powerful!The sister was also very interesting, and hurriedly had three meals and two meals.


This is my dear kindness mother.


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition10


My favorite person is my mother, because my mother is beautiful, kind and gentle.


My mother ... not fat or thin, round head, short hair, mother's curved eyebrows with a pair of smooth eyes under the bending eyebrows, the mother's nose is small, straight, tilted,It's so proud.Mom's ears are red and red, the ears are clear, and the outer and inner circle are called in the outer ring and the inner circle.EssenceSpring -like warmth, Hawaii is warm, autumn is rich, winter is pure, my mother's hard -working hands cleaned our home, and my dad's clothes were cleaned. My mother's feet wereSlender and thin, slightly smaller, white and white toe avatars are like tender buds.


My mother's job is conducting ratings survey.She went to the countryside to investigate every Sunday, and then reported the results to the company. She insisted on going down the countryside regardless of the wind and rain.


The biggest advantage of my mother is to respect my parents and respect the elderly and love the young. My mother is particularly respectful to my grandparents. I often make good food for them and buy new clothes and other daily necessities.Mom is also very good for Dad and me, and changes the way to improve our lives.My mother is also very concerned about my learning. I urge me to be a good child who loves to learn and morally.


I am proud of a good mother.When you grow up, you must respect my hard -working and kind mother.



My mother is an ordinary middle -aged woman.She was simple, cute, had a good temper, served the people, worked hard, and it was difficult to hear her complaints on life and sadness from her mouth.But almost every day she heard her happy and happy.Because she is a good mother who is optimistic.


My mother likes my good grades, sunlight, and temperament.Because the mother looks very comfortable.Whenever I get a good grade, I always give my mother a surprise, and my mother may show her big mouth of Hema, and a row of white teeth.


My mother was tired at work during the day, and she couldn't rest after returning home, because she had to cook for us, washing clothes, cleaning the room and so on.Therefore, I will say a word before I go to bed at noon: "Hey! The happiest thing a day is finally coming."


Mom was right, and was too humble.Because she was busy all day.At work in the morning, I have to cook at noon, dry clothes, and wash dishes. I can only rest for a while when I sleep.In the afternoon, you will be full. After getting home from get off work, you have to do a lot of housework, and you will not be busy until 12pm before going to bed.It's so tired a day, what about 365 days?Not to mention!


I love my mother, love her mother loves the strong taste!


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition12


My mother has two big eyes, with dense hair, a god -like mouth, always turning me dizzy, with a pair of glasses, although with glasses, but my mother's eyes are also in my family's home.The most shiny pair of eyes, when I do homework, every small movement mother can see it, and I will say angrily, "What's going on? How can you do a small action again!"


Every time I do my homework, my mother will be angry!I am more angry than I ’m going to take a big duck egg (of course, I have not tested the big duck eggs).Every time I take the test, my mother will say, "Don't be discouraged, continue to work hard next time!" But when I took a low point for two consecutive times, my mother said angrily: "I have warned you last time, this is the last time, this has been warned.Why is this low test? "After speaking, my mother would not hesitate to beat me.


My mother is also the most responsible mother. Every time I finish my homework, my mother will correct me. Any small mistake can escape the shiny eyes of my mother.Make up the question five times!


Mother is also the most kind mother!Every time I get sick, my mother takes me to see a doctor, but it's okay to see the illness. Every time I see my mother's anxious expression, I can't help but feel bad!


My mother is severe and kind. I am so happy that I can have such a mother!


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition13


Whenever I hear this rapid footsteps, I know that my mother must come back.My mother is my favorite person.My mother is almost tall as me, with long hair, and a pair of big eyes embedded on her face. She is a typical "old" beauty in my heart.


The mother's work is very serious.Sometimes, the mother's work in the unit has not been done, and she must take it home to do it.Sometimes my mother took me to class in Galen, sent me to my uncle's house, and immediately returned to the unit to work. It was very hard.


Although my mother's work is so hard, she never gives up education for me.When I was four years old, my mother sent me to Galen English School.If the children's children do not take the exam well, most of them will have a "singles" (that is, the father or mother to beat the child), and my mother has never hit me.In a math test, I took more than 80 points. My mother saw that I was so wrong and very angry. He said to me, "So many wrong, will it be sloppy?" I told my mother that it was sloppy.Mom said seriously: "Don't be afraid of no, I'm afraid of sloppy. If you are careful, you can't make similar mistakes in the future." Mom often says to me: "You are the best!", "Learning is not to learn to others to learn to others.That's for yourself. ".Under the education of my mother, my final exam score can enter the top three every time.


My mother is always the most beautiful and lovely person in my heart. I love my mother.


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition14


My mother is a very kind mother.She is like a kind old grandmother, very close, and it is unable to replace anyone.


As soon as my mother saw my homework immediately "Yin turned sunny", I had to write homework immediately. If she saw the writing well, she would just boast me. Once I came back from school, I went to play the computer without writing homework. At that time, my mother had not returned, but after a while, the mother came back. As soon as she came back, she said to me, "Why don't you come back and write homework Instead, I played the computer here. "I refuted my mother:" I don't want to write homework, I want to play the computer for a while and then write my homework. "Unexpectedly, my mother suddenly asked me to take my homework out of the schoolbag for her inspection. I was panicked. I had to take it out for my mother to check, the mother saw it, and the wrong question was wrong. Then, said to me, "Yu Qing, your current task is to learn, you need to use all your energy to learn, first complete your homework and then do other things." I hurried to do it, write it again, go again, go again Play the computer. I did n’t know that my mother quietly looked at my homework and said, "You come here, rewrite it!" I was unwilling, but my mother still wanted me to rewrite it. After a while, my mother came over and saw that I wrote much more than the original, and said happily, "You are serious, or it's pretty good!". Since then, my homework has been praised by my mother every time, and I am particularly happy.


Although my mother is a strict mother, I still love her forever.


My mother junior high school composition-writing composition15


My mother is a cheerful person with a cheerful personality. She has a pair of big eyes, a tall person, and a thin figure. Speak words and speak quickly, the voice is still loud.


Mom is a enthusiastic person. She especially likes to help others. Whether it is a neighbor or a mother's friend, she is willing to find her if she encounters any difficult things.Under the circumstances, the house was blocked by the court and there was no place to sell vegetables. This family almost found the people who could help them in the courtyard, but no one helped them. Someone in the courtyard had an idea to ask them to find a mother, butUsually they do n’t speak to their mothers. In this case, they found their mother. The mother also took out for a long time to help them find someone, which made them finally settle down. This family was very moved.greet.


Of course, my mother also has shortcomings. My mother's temper is very irritable. I am afraid of launching fire. Especially when I see that I am not studying well, my mother is very angry and sometimes hit me, so I hate my mother.Study hard, and make less mother angry.


Mom, I know sometimes getting angry for me, I still love you very much


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