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Practical expansion composition 4 articles


In our ordinary daily life, the most stranger to everyone is composition . The composition requires a complete structure. We must avoid the appearance of the composition without ending.So how is the general composition written?The following are 4 expansion compositions compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

扩写作文 篇1


During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there was a country named Wei Guo. Of course, there may be few people who heard of this country. After all, this country is not as famous as Zhao, Chu, and Qin Kingdom.Small, but in this small country, many big characters have been produced, such as Shang Ye, Lu Buwei, Jing Jing, and even the famous female heroes, Mrs. Xu Mu, all of them.The only country that has not been destroyed by it, this country did not perish until the Qin II period.


Of course, the country of Wei Guo also experienced a lot of twists and turns during this period. It almost perished several times. It was like the eternal sinner I was going to introduce to you today.How to read like chicken wings?) Well, whether he is chicken wings or Ji Ji, what we need to know is that he is the son of Wei Huigong, and he ascended the throne in 668 BC and became the monarch of the Wei Kingdom.


Wei Yigong, he would not do business before he ascended the throne, but at the time, there was a Wei Hui Gong managed by the above.Thinking, don't ask him to be a Sheng Shiming (because they know this is impossible), as long as they don't cause trouble.At least he would not stink for thousands of years, and he was pointed at the backbone and scolded by his descendants, but he didn't.After Wei Huigong's death, the Wei Yigong was like a break -out Mustang, playing with the entire country in applause.


Our Wei Yigong likes to raise cranes. This is not a bad habit. After all, there is a big Song Dynasty poet Lin Yan who takes plums and cranes as his son.What about the unusual way? He, give the crane and the officials, let the crane enjoy the treatment of officials, and even embroidery the workers to wear the crane to wear clothes, let the crane sit on the gorgeous car,It also increased the taxes of the people across the country to play cranes, which made the people complain that, talented ministers went to other countries, and even his biological brother could not stand his faint incompetence and went to other countries.


One day, the retribution of Wei Yigong came. Di Guo in the north saw that Wei Yigong was so faint and incompetent, so he decided to attack the Wei Guo. Instead, he still played with the crane and ignored the government. Until the army of Di Guo arrived at the wall of the Patriotic Kingdom, Wei Yangong suddenly realized that it was too late. Wei Yigong looked at the army outside the city wall, and he had already scared his courage. He apologized to his subjects with tears and asked them to work hard to resist the enemy together, but how could his subjects obey his command, after all, Wei The various behaviors of Gonggong have long lost the hearts of the people. The people are not allowed to let the army of other countries quickly break through the city walls and kill the monarch of the patriarch of the love crane. So the people said to the heart of the shed, "Don't you like cranes? Since you have already put the crane and the officials, it means that in your heart, the crane is the most capable. In this case, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you What do we want us to do? Putting out your baby crane directly is definitely much stronger than us. "Wei Yigong listened to the people. Suddenly hanging his head, not saying a word.

这时,受尽卫懿公千般宠爱百般呵护的鹤在哪呢?它们见事不妙,早已吓晕了过去 ,更别提什么抵抗敌军了,别被直接抓了吃就算最好的命运了。

At this time, where are the cranes that are loved by the guards like the grandfather? They are not good at all, and they have already fainted, let alone resist the enemy. Don't be caught directly.It's right.


In the end, we became the monarch of Wei Guo for only eight years. Wei Yangong was killed by the enemy. He was the most loved crane, which was also cooked by the enemy soldiers.Wei Yigong, the king of Wei Guo.It can only be scolded by the back of the spine. It is really stinky!


Therefore, the leaders who do not care about their careers, do not think for progress and hurt others, will only lose their support to the masses.In the end, there was a retribution.

扩写作文 篇2


In the rainy season of Dajiangnan, the local rain is very abundant. In the ponds full of grass, they are full of crying sounds. Although it has passed in the middle of the night, the guests my appointment is still not there. Now I am idle. I am idle now.With nothing to knock on the chess pieces, the lamp oil on the lamp shook down, so the lights slowly destroyed.

扩写作文 篇3


Zheng Guo has a person who wants to buy shoes. He first measures the length of the foot carefully at home. After that, he confirmed several times again. He hung a string of dense sweat beads on his forehead.Staring straight at the size, the lines remained motionless, and it was not relaxed until the accurate size was fine.Then the man hurried out and put the size on his seat.


Along the way, the bazaar was very lively, and there were meat selling meat and selling vegetables, "Come and take a look! Fresh vegetables, fat pork, come and buy!" There are also daily necessities.He hurriedly walked to the shop selling shoes.


"Boss, I want to buy a pair of shoes." "Oh, here!" The boss replied happily."This is our latest style, this one is also good! This ..." The boss introduced to this person one by one.This man listened carefully to the boss, staring at each shoe with his eyes, sometimes shook his head, and sometimes nodded to agree.After careful selection, he chose a pair of shoes he liked."There are many shoes ..." I just asked how much money was asked, and this person was going to pay for money.With money, the size ... & question; Thinking of this, he quickly waved his hand and said to the boss, "I forgot to get the size, wait for me, come back immediately! Don't sell these shoes!" The bossI was shocked and wanted to say to him: Are you not having your feet?But he had already run away.


This man rushed back along the way. When he arrived at his home, he was sweating, panting, and hurriedly looked at it, but did not see it, he quickly squatted again, he finally saw it.It turned out that the size was on his seat.He finally relieved, took the size and hurried to the market.


But when he arrived at the door of the shoe store, the market had scattered, so he didn't buy shoes.This popular stomping, knocked on his head hard."Oh, why am I so confused, I just forgot to get the size!" Someone came over and said to him, "Why don't you try your own feet?"Phase, belief, self, own, and feet! & Question; this panting answer. As soon as the words fell, the people around him laughed.

扩写作文 篇4


Chang recalled the trend, and the Guo people scrambled to look up.The suspicion of the sea was empty, and in the sound of drums.Wan Chao Er Xiangtao stands, and his hand does not wet the red flag.Don't watch a few times in dreams, dreams are still cold.


Jiuquanzi rewritten as a narrative


It was another year when I was watching the tide, and I still remember that year, at this time, I came to Hangzhou alone, and together with thousands of people, I watched the magnificent tide scenery of the Qiantang River!The crowded crowd, the tide of the waves tall and the waves, and the red ribbon that danced up with the superb tide, danced in front of my eyes, dances closer and closer.I saw the tide that made me unforgettable again ...


The tide was about to move, and the voice became louder, as if all people were calling all people to watch its spectacular cocoon into a butterfly!Hangzhou City is noisy. People who have been waiting for a long time have already rushed to the Border River at the fastest speed. I saw the crowded crowd, the dark one, and looked at it.Looking on the river, I am afraid that the spectacular scene will not be seen!The sound of crowds covered Jiang Chao's voice.


Suddenly, a row of huge waves came from the distance. The rolling wave was taller than the sky, and it was connected to the white clouds.Is the sea!The tide is getting closer, and the sound of the tide rolled up is getting louder, as if a thunderbolt is a huge sound of a sound!I have no time to appreciate the magnificence of this waves. I saw that on the other side of the sky, the tide of waves and waves flocked, pushing, and pushing.The whole piece of Jianghai is like a rumor, shocking the world!


The tide danced, and the brave tide also came to dance. I saw them one by one, wearing a big red flag that symbolizes the auspicious Ruyi in his hands, wearing a scarf watched clothing in his hands, and he was against this turbulent tide.Waved in front of the huge waves, dancing, the red flag was blown out of various postures by the wind, and the heroic tide also jumped and changed various attitudes, as if it was to show people and the fierce tide to show their outstanding skills and skills and the fierce tide.Be brave without fear!Looking at the red flag, the wind was not wet, and the wind caused by the tide seemed to be proud of their pride!People cheered, applauded, this beautiful tide given to people for nature, and also for these brave conquest tide!IntersectionWho said that human beings can't conquer nature, and look at this group of vibrant teenagers!


I couldn't help but jump into the turbulent wave, followed with the tide, jumped, and suddenly a huge wave hit me. I shouted, opened my eyes, and looked around, it turned out to be a dream!The sweat was soaked in my clothes, and the booming tide still sounded like tinnitus!The wave of the sky, although I woke up, still shocked me and was difficult to calm down!


what!Although I have already left Hangzhou, it is ten years since the tide of Qianjiang, but the spectacular scene of the row of mountains and the sea is crowded, fighting for the turbulent crowd of the tide.Is it so unforgettable that when I can appreciate the tide's style again, that brave dance?Maybe, now I can only remember in my dreams!


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