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[Essence] 5 lyrical compositions


In daily life or work and study, everyone is indispensable to contact composition . The composition requires a complete structure. We must avoid the appearance of the composition without ending.Do you know how to write composition?The following are 5 lyrical compositions compiled by Xiaobian for your reference. I hope to help friends in need.

抒情的作文 篇1


My brother drove us to relatives' house, got up early in the morning to eat some meals, and then wiped the thick sunscreen. The weather outside was hot and didn't want to be tanned.


Since I was a child, I have liked to sit in the car to watch the scenery outside the car. Looking at those alpine trees, my mood has become very good. Occasionally I see passers -by, some walk, and some ride motorcycles. I don't know where to go.


After watching the scenery all the way, I soon went to relatives' house.When I got out of the car, I saw the small river on the side of the road. I remembered that the last time was still many years ago. I told my family that I was playing here. You go first.


I picked up my pants legs and stepped on the somewhat slippery steps and came to the side of the river. The water was clear and bottomed. It should be just like the toes. There are a few bottles of beer in the water.The sky is cool, it must be spring water. I reached out and held a handful of water. It felt really good. I really wanted to take a sip when I looked at the water in my hand.I just don't know if I can drink it, but I want to take it home.


The relative's house happened to be a small supermarket. I went back to ask for a bottle of drink. After drinking a few mouthfuls, I hurried to the river again, put it in the place where the water was just exported, and it was full of ice in my hand.very nice.


If you can see that fountain, this water must be very raised.When I was eating, I also remembered the water by the river. I put a few bottles of water, put my hands in the water, slid the fingertips, and wanted to hold the water between my hands. It felt really good.


It's time to go back, I hope this little river will always be there, and I will come.

抒情的作文 篇2


Recall the past and see what those who love us have done.


I remember at the age of ten, I played the ball with my neighbors, shattered the glass of others, and a few pieces of fragments splashed into my eyes.When I was taken to the hospital, it was already a day. Because of the delay, the doctor said that because of too much fragments and small, it might cause blindness.When I knew, I cried desperately, and fell crazy about what I could encounter.But all this couldn't pull me out of the endless darkness.At that time, I felt lonely and afraid, after all, I was just a ten -year -old child.


I don't know how painful and sad my mother was, but at the time I vented all her despair to her. The mother just endured it silently. She might understand my despair.The terrible surgery made me feel painful.My mother just accompanied me and let me vent.


After my second surgery, I found that my hand became thick. I know this is my father. I dare not vent the anger to my father.Just looking for a mother, but nothing happened, and there were still those thick palms around me.


In the month when my father accompanied me, I performed the third operation, and my eyes were better.This unexpected surprise excited our family of three.I was discharged on the day of the Mid -Autumn Festival.In this way, I got the light again.


In the Mid -Autumn Festival last year, I was sitting beside my mother to watch the moon, recalling the Mid -Autumn Festival four years ago.After a while, I was lying on my mother's leg. I think my mother's knees are not as soft as before, and it seems to have a layer of hard stuff.The cocoon came into my eyes, just like swollen, I asked my mother, but my mother supported me, and her mouth was okay. Under my repeated questioning, my mother mentioned the past ten years ago. Mom worried about it.My eyes ran to the Bodhisattva to pray, kneeling in the Bodhisattva temple for nearly a month.Speaking of this, her mother's face smiled proudly, saying that the Bodhisattva heard her words.


My tears brushed down, and I suddenly remembered that my mother never worn tight pants since I was discharged, and there was an Guanyin statue at home. I was so stupid that I didn't know what was going on.Thinking of this, I couldn't control my emotions, and a fourteen -year -old girl lay on her mother's leg and cried.


Looking at today, what should we do for those who love us.

抒情的作文 篇3


Rain is aura.Taking leaves as Xuan, paper leaves.Listening to the rain, there is also aura, with night as companion, lonely.Listening to the rain, there is still drunk. If you appreciate the bamboo at the screen, in the hazy, a new feeling is promoted.Such as leaves, like bamboo, leaving a piece of fragrance with paper leaves and a beautiful point.


The night was deep, and the cold candle was destroyed, but the tea in the residual cup was still dark and lingering in my ears.The moonlight was like flowing water, and instantly, it seemed to flush in front of my bed.Pure white, as frost.And I fell asleep here.


Is it frost, but it is cool.Is the moonlight buried me?No, it's rain.I do n’t know when, I do n’t know what to do, dripping from Jiuxiao to the eaves, and the window paper that flipped down to my cheeks.The restlessness in my heart was at this moment being calmed down by this Runye.


He's clothes, candlers, and a little sleepy.And the rain fell silently.It must be to wake me up in this way that I don't want to disturb me.The tea incense before bedtime has already been filled, and the previous moonlight has gone. Do you want to stay in life like this?Burn firewood and brew the cup of cold cups of cold candlelight again.The leaves flew, and after several sinks, the final dust fell.The indoor candle is burned, and the bamboo is also burned outdoors.The night rain ignited the green bamboo outside the window, Jiao Cui was dripping, and the green oil was bright, like jade like smoke, and there was a thorough beauty in the delicateness.


Dishes fading, in front of the window, keep a clear candle, listen to a calm.In the rain, the bamboo was turned into a clear water, and the rain beating the banana and falling into the sycamore. A few cases were entered into a few cases.A pearl flashed on the face.Suddenly, I felt a little beating in time and a little messy.Thinking back at this time, in his sleep, he had already had a date with them.In drunk, it was rain. I do n’t know when, and then it quietly fell, wet the earth, and wet my eyes?


This is the agreement between us.


Outside of the lonely smoke in the desert, you and I met with a concept candle. The rain in the desert is rare, like her. The lonely smoke did not make the rain, the rain, and still fell according to his own rhythm. Seeing that the layman's army recovered the lost soldiers, accompanied by the rain, and moved forward at the border of the desert. Although the war is smooth, after all, this moisturizing rain will inevitably make people think of villagers and tears in their hometown. Worried about thinking about your loved ones and miss your homeland. Thinking back, the familiar scene is on both sides of the strait, the shore of the shore, the shaped willows on the shore, the willows are busy, and there are young children to play with young children. Smile. The beautiful women overlooking the water and the sky are connected. Meaning. Thinking of this, is the old mother in the family be safe? The wife was walking in the house, holding her chest gently, and prayed for her husband tens of millions of times. That heavy makeup became faded and wiped again, and it must show her the most beautiful side to her husband. After being tired, the husband's favorite pipa song was made. ", Sai Bian General, on the way to march, didn't miss it like this, the family book that read tens of millions of times was already dim. But they are soldiers and have the mission. Thinking of this, the window, the rain became more and more urgent, the wind suddenly rose at this time, such as the nostalgia of the beautiful lady. I picked up the pen in my hand and wrote such a poem:


The cold wind stabs the side of the road and reads the heart of the country.Clear the cold moon condensate, and the snow was lightly explained.The Six Army was stationed and he wanted to fight.Tomorrow's dispute will be sued, and the horizontal gun with a smile with a smile.


Smile, and at this time, she is in a different place, such as Ye, how are you okay?I will send it to the rain, can you feel it?


The rain was dripping down.


In the bright Tang Dynasty, you and I met again.


Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei are destined to end the grievances of this tragedy story.The rain has aura, and the rain is like this lingering love story.The folk is still hung by the red cage, and the singing and dancing are flat.The fishing fire in the river, dyed the silver Baijiang surface.The far -reaching scholarship climb on the warm guest house, push the window, order candle, burn incense, pour a cup of strong tea, open the bag carefully, take out the ancient roll of the book, the smoke thick tea in the fragrance, the folding ancient roll againWet wet by tears, wives, you are the only one, why don't you get away from me?The fired fireworks, the bustling for a while, is the fireworks that are easy to be cold, and the gray smoke is extinguished. Like the rain drops falling outside the window, it is no longer a raindrop drop.


The rain is still obsessed with grievances. Someone once said that the water surface was clear and the ancient roads. Who's the past?The ripple full of red lotus on the lake.You don't understand, such scenes give most people comfort!I said, no, it is sad.Fanhua flourishing Tang, the thousand -year -old grievances accumulated in drizzle, finally falling down from the Tang Dynasty, how many heroes did the heroes flowing?The fireworks that ignited thousands of years in the air, with the rain, have been left out.The poet of the Tang Dynasty, with a stroke, a stroke, and a half of the Tang Dynasty.However, the prosperity at that time could only be burned in the hearts of the world forever in the poet's pen.And will she be like that fireworks, is it easy to be cold?I am confused.


Rain, resonance like a hurry.The stagnant water on the ground also ripped ripples. Is it reincarnation?Can happiness be reincarnated?In the rain, I saw her face and listened to the rain, like me, listening to my ears.The rain couldn't scatter her white face violently.


In the southern water lane in the scent of wine, watching the red apricot branches, a delicate candle, the rain met me again.Jiangnan Yanyu, pavilion, pavilion, like a paradise in a fairy tale, shows delicate beauty. When the slate of the long moss flows away, the rain is silently drifting silently.Light as fog, beating on the face, you can only feel its existence.Standing on the small bridge of Xiangxi, watching the concubine of Xiangxiang, light makeup, dressing quietly, and starting, and the rain is also like dancing and flying, with the heaven as a propaganda, the leaves as the ink, the dyeing corner of Jiangnan, the dream is in the small bridge of Xiangxi, the small bridge in XiangxiShe relied on her for a long time, but she was extremely raining.My hand hugs the bridge bar, presented in front of my eyes, rain silk, love silk, swords and swords, but the love silk is in the finger.The rain is also not available, and it slipped between the fingers, like a smoke.I started to hesitate, and she appeared in the corner of Qishui, and she was expected to be as good.Accompanied by the rain, watching a happiness, I stood on the bridge head and follow the lights.


The sound of the rain is still like a strong wine, exuding a charming aroma.Unconsciously, the tough bamboo has been completely conquered, drunk in the rain, and condensed in the water.And I was a little drunk, rain?Or love?


Running, holding a romantic candle, and encountering the rain in the ancient city of Phoenix.Shen Congwen's romantic love story has covered a mysterious veil for the small city.Bingcuo, took the boat to turn the watercourse sandwiched on both sides of the coast, and gently scratched the shadow of the bearing willow and the Ming and Qing dynasties in the river, and quietly came to the small town hanging in the dream at midnight.A low residential building was built according to the water, boarded on the small bridge, and listened to the flowing water, like she was singing, making me stunned.When she was happy, she liked to express her inner joy with singing, but she always stared at this noisy world melancholy.Today, listening to flowing water is a little overwhelmed.The small town is indeed quiet. Most of the ancient roads are pedestrians, all like me, worrying.This is a pure land, without chaotic arguing, leading Hua Yanyun.


The rain arrived as expected, and always kept the promise. The bluestone slabs on the ancient road of Phoenix are more antique than other small towns in Jiangnan, but still look bright. When I first arrived in the small town, would I meet her on the shiny slate? Thinking in my heart, unknowingly, the door of Zhu Hongyan's slightly wood color in the rain was still very eye -catching, pushing away the hidden wooden door, and looking for a place to avoid the rain, even though it was soaked. This is a big courtyard. Listening to the rain, I do n’t know how many promenades have been turned. I came to a pond where there was no one in one side. Put your fingers into the lotus pond, and the fingers are frozen, but the lotus flowers are like warm and deep spring. Do you pursue it? This rainy rain is difficult to extinguish this flame, and it can even make it more reddish. Suddenly, I found that I was like this lotus pond, red lotus, like fire, and resolved her frozen heart with heart, stroking the lonely crying of her eyes. And do she feel a trace of warmth at this time, even if she increases zero -degree Celsius. Even if it was a pouring rain, I burned me, and I had to integrate into this pond to understand the mission of this pond. Founder River Pond, blood red and fire lotus, like a seal of one party, printed on my heart, accompanied by heart rain.


Take back my thoughts, drink half -mouthw warm tea, the rain has been smaller than before, such as the pipa small string is cutting whispering, is it trying to guess my mind?


He came out and looked at the orange light upstairs on the two floors next door. Under the light in front of the lights, thorough, delicate, and no reservation; the lamp was as deep as ink, hidden in the inside, like her hiding in the darkness,Heart.


She is like a leaf, and I like rain, and I love each other.


Ye Suiyu flew down.In Ye Yu, I picked up a leaf, raised the top of my head, facing the light, let the rain move in the leaf veins, and kept a section of beauty on this leaf.The rain splashed on the leaves, and the rain shadow hit the face through the leaves, painted it in his heart, and added a red lotus seal, always treasured.


Because of the rain, I always think a lot in rainy days.After returning to the house, I found that the candle was exhausted, the tea was cold, and the rain had stopped.

抒情的作文 篇4

花落,遗留淡淡的香气,萦绕在我身边,它是您的爱幻化成的精灵。 ——-题记

Flowers, a faint aroma, lingering around me, it is the elf of your love transformed into it.---Inscription


The flowers bloom quietly, exuding a strong aroma, permeating throughout the world, bees flying butterfly dance, and green grass.You pulled me through the gorgeous flowers.You take off a shameful flower, insert it in my hair, and laugh gently at me, looking at your beautiful smile, I am obsessed with obsession.


Thanks, the flap packets are like the butterflies with broken string, and they have devoted themselves to the embrace of the earth and penetrated into the mud.It hides the trace, but it can't hide the quiet aroma.


Seeing your thin back, busy with busy fields.When you look back, he picked up his ears, squinted his eyes, and smiled gently.


Your double silver silk jumped into my eyes naughty; the fine lines between your eyebrows hurt my heart ruthlessly.That stranded silver silk is the ignorance 'I take the brush of time and draw it naughty. You look at me pity and let me believe in graffiti;You collected silently, the joy was buried in your heart, but it was overflowing with words.I tried my best to wipe, but I couldn't remove the white spots on your head; I raised it, but I couldn't keep the time of passing.


The weird curtain shrouded the earth, and the faint fragrance overflowed in the night of thinking about you.The darkness struck me, surrounded me loneliness, and fear of devouring me. I struggled, but I couldn't get rid of it and fell into the lonely abyss.I found out that it was dazzling during the day, and the night was so dark.I breathe the fragrance of your leftover, miss your warm embrace, miss the gentle smile, and miss the gently caressing.


In my heart, you are a rainbow, dazzling; you are a sunny sun, warm; you are clear spring, and you are into the heart.You are the most noble and gorgeous group flowers that are not as good as your heart; gorgeous movements are not as good as your simple instructions; the gentle sunshine is not as good as your meticulous care.


I have pondered you, but I saw Hongchen, but I couldn't penetrate your heart. What kind of feelings made you pour your heart for me?What kind of love is the only fragrance for me?Careful words show your beauty; gentle eyes show your firmness; the faint aroma is the memory you left to me.


The life of that flower is your fate; that strand of fragrance is the imprint you left.

抒情的作文 篇5


Some people like the lotus flowers of Tingting, some people like the bright peach


Flowers, some people like the noble and rich peony flowers, and some people like the flowers with full flowers ... but classmates, do you know what kind of flower is my favorite flower?


My favorite flower is -the colorful chrysanthemum,


The balcony is full of chrysanthemums, red like fire, white like snow, and powder like


Xia, Huang Rujin.The autumn is here, and the flowers of other people have faded, as if preparing for hibernation, but my chrysanthemums have not withered at all, and it seems to be fighting against the cold wind. This spirit is admirable.Among so many chrysanthemums, I like the Huang Chengcheng's tiger claw chrysanthemum most. This chrysanthemum is yellow. The small petals are small but a large number, as many as stars; as large as a bowl mouth.The petals of the tiger claws are like tiger claws. Take a closer look. The end of each claw is slightly hooked, like a girl's curly hair, and it looks like radish shreds. It is really interesting.


Look, the chrysanthemum is not only beautiful, but also very fragrant. Where there is it, there is a faint fragrance.This fragrance attracted the bees with pollen, and they happily picked pollen. The voice seemed to be an elegant small song, which made people feel refreshed.


What a precious chrysanthemum, in this cold and small season, it not only brings a trace of "activity", but also gives people a struggling power. The spirit of the chrysanthemum will encourage me not to be afraid of difficulties and work hard.


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