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May Day Labor Day Elementary Composition 400 Vocabulary Eight Articles


In the usual study, work, and life, everyone will inevitably come into contact with Composition . Compositions are a narrative method to express a theme meaning through text considerations and language organizations.So, how to write?The following is 400 words of 400 words of May Day Labor Day Elementary School carefully organized by Xiaobian. Welcome everyone to learn from and reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇1


On May 1st, the weather was very cool, the wind was soft and soft.


In the morning, I got up early. As soon as I opened the window, I saw the flowers looked down at me down.It turned out to be because of the droughts of the weather in these days without pouring flowers.So our family decided to replace a new dress for the garden.


After division of labor, my father and I first cut off the dead branches.Then, we took out the sprayer from the toolbox, opened the end of the water sprayer on the faucet, and began to clean the dust on the petals and leaves.With the beautiful singing voice of the water drop, the tree started the waist and swayed softly. The flowers opened their smiles and sang a wonderful song, making people hear.


"Wow!" I screamed. It turned out that I accidentally accused my faucet on myself. The water was poured on my body. The skirts and tops suddenly split up, and I turned into a soup chicken.The person present was a stunned first, and after seeing my embarrassing look, she laughed immediately.

妈妈调皮地说:“呵呵,没关系,劳动最光荣!” 外婆幸灾乐祸的笑道:“看看你,笨手笨脚的。”我的脸霎时间红了,捂着脸跑进了屋,换了一身干净的衣裳后就又开始劳动了。浇啊浇啊浇了一个多小时后任务终于完成了,累得我和爸爸满头大汗。

Mom said naughtyly, "Oh, it's okay, labor is the most glorious!" Grandma smiled happily: "Look at you, clumsy." My face turned red, and ran into the house with her face, and changed her body to clean up a clean one.After the clothes, I started working again.After pouring it, it was finally completed after pouring it for more than an hour.


When Dad saw the wooden boards in the garden not smooth, he suggested: "Daughter, let's go to the furniture shop to buy the floor of the garden." "Okay!" We went straight to the nearby mall.

买了油漆之后,我先把油漆罐打开,然后用一根筷子把漆罐搅匀,用刷子沾一点油漆开始刷了。可惜,只有一把刷子,我和爸爸只好轮流劳动。 “我刷、我刷、我刷刷刷!”我哼着小调,随着快乐的节奏,我让刷子跳起舞来。我们刷了一个多小时才刷完,累的腰酸背痛,不过,看着自己劳动的成果,开心极了。

After buying the paint, I opened the paint tank first, then stir the paint tank with a chopstick, and stained with a paint with a brush to start brushing.Unfortunately, there was only one brush, and my father and I had to take turns to work."I brush, I brush, I brush!" I hummed a small tone, and with the rhythm of happiness, I let the brush dance.We brushed for more than an hour to finish, and the tired back pain, but it was extremely happy to look at the results of our labor.


Today, the garden and I have a happy and fulfilling day.I know what to do, as long as I have determination, persistence in my heart, not afraid of difficulties, and not afraid of hardships, I will achieve the other side of success.

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇2


During the May Day Golden Week, our family came to Huangshan, a national 4A tourist attraction.


As soon as I got off the train, I fell asleep early. Tomorrow, we will get up at four o'clock.A hurry knock on the door to wake us up from my sleep.It turned out that the tour guide urged us to set off.We got on the car and waited for departure.Before the dawn, the sky gradually became clear, and a circle of golden lace appeared on the rolling clouds.At this time, the smoke clouds were filled, the mountain -shaped tree shadow, the hidden time, the vain, the dawn, the Dan sand reflected, and suddenly a red dot jumped out to form a curved disc, which became semi -circular during the rising rising;Rushing out of waves, spraying thin and up, and the sky was getting over; at this time, the sky was like a huge "kaleidoscope, which dazzled and beautiful.


We came to the foot of Huangshan and looked at the mountains and mountains, and couldn't help sighing: It's so beautiful!~~~ I looked at the strange stone, listened to the introduction of the tour guide, climbed up to the top of the light, and looked from top to bottom.How does that pine tree grow on the edge of the cliff!~ I have to ask if I don't understand.Oh!That is the welcome pine!Listening to the guide said that Huangshan is located in Anhui Province


The south has an area of about 1,200 square kilometers, of which about 154 square kilometers.Here, Qianfeng Jingxiu, there are 72 Qi Peak, of which Tiandu Peak, Lotus Peak, and Lighting tops are above 1800 meters above sea level.Tiandufeng is 1810 meters.It is known as the Tiankai picture Huangshan Mei in Qisong Strange Shiyunhai Hot Spring.Here the four seasons have different scenery, deserve the reputation of Wonderland on earth.


Xu Xiake said: Wuyue returns to watch the mountain, and Huangshan returns to not see Yue.People often describe Huangshan like this. This time I went to Huangshan, and I did understand its layers of mountains. The clouds and mist were really beautiful. There was a chance. You can see its style!IntersectionIntersection

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇3


Today is the "May 1st International Labor Day". The school is on vacation. I decided to sell the newspaper on this day and make money with my own hard work.


So I told my mother that my mother agreed and gave me 30 yuan.I pushed the children's car to the neighbor's aunt's newspaper, wholesale some newspapers, put it on the car, and came to the 70th station, and yelled loudly: "Sell the newspaper! Sell the newspaper! A copy of the five -corner, come and buy ...… "After a long time, my face was so hot by the sun, thinking: Why did no one come to buy a report?Just when I wanted to retreat, I finally came to buy my newspaper. I was very excited. I hurriedly handed the newspaper to him with both hands and said loudly, "Thank you Uncle for buying my newspaper!" Gradually many people came to buy meAt this time, I was so tired that I was sweating, but I saw that the customer took the newspaper and learned about the expression of the news in a timely manner. It was sweet in my heart and like eating honey.


After a few hours, the newspaper finally sold it. I counted a few money. I spent 30 yuan to buy newspapers. Now there are 38 yuan five horns. I calculate it and earn eight yuan and five horns!I was so excited that I jumped up at once, and then I donated 5 cents to an old grandmother on the side of the road and took 38 yuan home.


I ran home cheerfully. As soon as I entered the door, I couldn't wait to shout: "Mom and mother ... I earned eight yuan! I earned eight yuan!" The busy mother hurried over when she heard my voice and hugged me inIn his arms, he wiped me sweat and said to me with a smile: "You do well! You serve the people with your own hard work, my daughter grew up!" I smiled happily after listening to my mother.


Although I am a bit hard today, I can appreciate the glory of labor is still happy.

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇4


Today is a special day, and it is also the most interesting day -because I am a house today!


In the morning, as soon as the sky was bright, I woke up.Gently lift the quilt to see the parents who are still asleep. I thought to my heart: "Come on! Today, let my parents look at each other!" I stomped to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, and quietly held my father to me last night.Go to buy early.On the way, I was like a happy bird, humming the song, and flying to the early -selling shop.Back home, Mom and Dad had got up.Early early, my parents' face showed a gratifying smile, and my heart was beautiful.


After having breakfast, I hurried to the vegetable market to buy food.The vegetable market is very lively, and the dazzling food is dazzling.See: Huang Chengcheng's corn wrapped in a tulle sleeping; the red tomato wearing a tender green hat rolled around; Ziyingyin's eggplant was practicing gymnastics happily ... Alas, so many dishes, I should buy itWhat kind of dish? At this time, a hawker's scream attracted me: "Fresh radish, a pound of five cents, cheap and delicious!"The fat big radish, a green spinach, went to buy a pound of pork ribs, two tomatoes and four eggs.Back at home, my mother boasted that I would buy food.


In the evening, when I was going out to find a partner, my father reminded me to clean it.Oh, I have to dispel great hygiene! I almost forgot about this! After sweeping, I wicked the windows first, then swept the floor, wiped the tables and chairs, organized the bed, and finally dragged the floor ... After a while, I was so tired that my arms were sour., The legs are not straight, and the whole body is soft.After dragging the ground, I rushed on the sofa and refused to move anymore ...


I'm sorry! "My mother laughed, touched my head gently, and said," Child, you have grown up! "


Labor is hard, but there will be harvest if you pay! After hard work, when you taste the fruit of labor, you will definitely make the most sincere admiration: labor is the most beautiful!

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇5


Today is the May Day Labor Day. Dad took me to Puzhou Island to play! In the morning, we packed up our luggage in a hurry and set off.


We first took the bus to the southeast of the East Island, and then took a boat to Puzhou Wharf. It was noon.In the stall next to me, Dad ordered a lot of shrimp and crabs, and we were full of delicious seafood.There is a plate of shrimp, packing and taking away.


After lunch, we turned around in Lazhou Town, seeing frozen fish, frozen shrimp, frozen crabs, and some people were dried into fish.Oh my god, there are so many seafood here, I see me dazzling.We came to the fishing port and saw thousands of fishing boats. There were so many! A wall stuck: "The fishing port is the home of the fishing boat." Yes! The fishing boat goes out to fish every day, and the fish will return to Hong Kong every time.Everyone has home, and fishing boats have their own home.


At more than one o'clock in the afternoon, my dad and I walked along the stone beach along the seaside. I could see a variety of small stones all the way, and sometimes a small beach appeared.At more than three o'clock in the afternoon, I arrived at Nayan and lived in the seaside guest house.The accommodation conditions there are really poor, there is no hot water, and there is no rice.My father and I had to buy instant noodles.Fortunately, there is a large bag of shrimp.Eat instant noodles, eat shrimp, and eat very fragrant.


When I was full, my dad and I changed the swimsuit and went to surf.Waves of waves one after another, like a group of naughty little sheep chasing me.The waves came over and pushed us on the shore. We all sat down.The sea here is clear, the sun is shining, and the sea is crystal clear.The waves hit the reef, splashing the layers of waves, like a thick white flower.The breeze came, and the sound of the waves rolled up and fell, really like rain.


In the evening, we told stories while listening to the sound of Tao.Several times, my father lied to me, "It's raining!" I believed it, and when I went out, where was the rain? Only the sound of the sea.Slowly, we fell asleep with the sound of the waves.


This May Day Labor Day is really happy!

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇6


Today is May 1 and is also Labor Day.The hot sun was baked in the ground, and I took a fan to cool down under the shade of the tree.


At this time, I saw the flowers and grass next to me holding their heads lazily, a lot of unparalleled look.Seeing this scene, I thought to myself: such hot weather, these flowers and grass must be hot and have no spirit, it is better to help them fan! Anyway, it is also five anyway.On a Labor Day, you should also do a little labor.Thinking of this, I stood up and walked next to these flowers and grass, took out the fan, and faced the flowers and grass fans.The sun was ruthlessly shown on me, and Douda's sweat beads flowed down from my face from my face."Drop" "Drop" Five minutes has passed, ten minutes have passed, I have no energy, sitting on the ground paralyzed, panting.Although I spent the power of nine cows and two tigers, these flowers and plants did not lift their heads, but they were lower.


When I got home, I told my mother clearly the ins and outs of this matter. After listening, my mother laughed and said, "Silly child, you do this is useless.It is good for a few hours. If you do it like that just now, use a fan to fan them to its stem, and it will become lower, you! You! It's a good thing! "I am a good thing!" I am! "I am a good thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a good thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a good thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a good thing!" I am a bad thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a good thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a good thing! "I am a bad thing!" I am a good thing! "I am a bad thing!" I!After listening to my mother, I stayed for three or four seconds.


"Ah! My hard work!"


This May Day Labor Day originally wanted to do a good thing, but later not only suffered from being affected, but also pressed the flowers and grass. It was really unlucky.

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇7


Today is Saturday, and I get up early in the morning because my parents want to take me to a place called Da Lishu to pick fruits. I am so happy.Our family came to the big pear tree together, and the scenery here was so beautiful.There are white clouds floating on the blue sky, and there are many beautiful houses on both sides of the spacious road. On the green grass, there are various colors of flowers, yellow, white, pink, and many butterflies fly in the air.Flying, a few birds who couldn't say the name sang joyfully on the branches.


Listening to my mother said: There is a picking garden here, now it is May. There are many strawberries, cucumbers, and small persimmons in it. One skewers and one are full of fruits, big and red. I heard me lick my little mouth, so nice! We walked through a small bridge and came to the picking garden after a while. Here are a row of greenhouses covered with plastic cloth. Dad said that the shed is planting the fruits I like to eat. At this time, an uncle from a peasant came over and said to me with a smile: Do you like strawberries? I nodded hard. Uncle Farmers patted my head, pointed at a shed with his fingers, and said: Do it yourself, be polite, huh! Essence I ran in all of a sudden, looked up, and the plastic on the ground was covered with red and red strawberries. I thought the strawberry was growing on the tree, and it turned out to be on the grass. No wonder it is called strawberry. I picked a biggest and most popular one, and I bite a big bite if I couldn't wipe it. Sweet and soft, delicious. I said to my mother: Take it back to my uncle and grandfather back and try, my mother said with a smile: Yes! Let them also taste the fruit of labor you pick. I ate with my parents while picking it up, and finally picked a box. We went to the cucumber garden and persimmon garden again and picked a lot of fruits. I think: If I eat the fruits I pick up my own hands, I will definitely praise me. My heart is extremely beautiful. The sun was about to go down. My parents and I left the garden reluctantly. My stomach was round and full of fruits. I think if my family wants to have such a greenhouse, how good should I go every day? Pick, give me the children and grandfather, let them share my labor fruit together.

五一劳动节小学作文400字 篇8


5. The Day of Laboratory has arrived. Many people are on vacation and are going to play or reunite with their families.Anyway, each family has its own way.Our family was ready to climb the mountain.


We got up at six o'clock in the morning. It was not bright yet, and the surroundings were very quiet.Our things were cleaned up and were ready to set off.We came to the foot of the mountain within a time.I looked up and said involuntarily, "Ah! The mountain is really steady." I was a little scared, but I still didn't give up and insisted on climbing.


We started to climb, and soon we came to the mountainside.Suddenly, my stomach hurt, and my parents were tired, so we sat on a big stone to rest.After a while, my parents were going to start, but I was too tired and I didn't want to climb anymore, so I said to my father, "Dad, let's go back!" Dad said seriously, "Don't climb?I can't see the beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain. You rest here, let's go up. "I listened, and immediately jumped off the stone and said," I want to see the scenery of the mountain top. "Mom and Dad laughed at once.EssenceIt turned out that they knew that I was lazy and gave me a plan.


We started to get up, and soon we came to the top of the mountain."Ah! How beautiful this scenery!" I couldn't help but admire.I think: If I didn't come up just now, I really regret it.


I stood on a big stone and looked down, and there were smokes underneath. We were standing in a fairyland on earth.The mountains are green, and we seem to be in the green world.I also saw an unknown flower, which was very fragrant.I also heard the bird's cry, and it sounded particularly pleasant in my heart.I also saw the cars under the mountain, like a small ant, exercised on the road.There is a saying that it is good: standing high. Hope far.At this time, I smelled a charming breath of nature in the morning.


From this incident, I understand that if I do n’t insist on anything, then you will never want to see the good results.


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