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[Recommendation] Get primary school composition 500 words 3 articles


In the day -to -day study, work, or life, everyone can be familiar with composition . With the help of components, people can reflect objective things, express ideological feelings, and convey knowledge information.Do you know how to write composition?The following are 3 articles collected and sorted out of 500 words of composition and composition. Welcome everyone to learn from and reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

收获小学作文500字 篇1


What should come here always comes.My most worried soft pen calligraphy competition is here.


At noon, I prepared everything about everything, dare not have any negligence, and secretly cheer myself in my heart, and face difficulties as brave as Rubin Sun!


I went to painting better than a computer first, sitting in front of the computer, and controlled the mouse flexibly. After a while, the blank screen was bustling and gorgeous, and Bai Ji was presented. When I was drawing vigorously, Chai Hanzuo came up with a cold sentence: "It's better to go more than calligraphy." My expression was stiff immediately, and I couldn't hide it! Had to fight hard. Holding a complex mood to the competition venue, it was really startled, one by one focused on calming, lingering a faint ink fragrance, unknowingly, smoothing the irritability of my heart, I just felt that my heart was refreshed. Is this the charm of 5,000 years of Chinese calligraphy? Carefully ended the pen and ink, but it was difficult to face the surprisingly surprising rice paper. It was so big that it was bigger than the table. How to write this? "Zheng Jingwen, I have the Xuan paper that I cut, let me!" It's really a charcoal in the snow! I looked at Xie Yan's house grateful and looked at the words he wrote, and I was even more brave. I looked at the posts carefully. The strokes were so gentle and powerful. I held my pen and wrote countless times in my heart before I had the courage to decide to fall into the pen. Looking at the pen intently, I was printed on the paper with my heart ... Finally, I appreciated it carefully, come on! Don't let my efforts be east!


After walking out of the field, I took a deep breath, and the big stone in my heart finally landed.At this moment, my mood is very relaxed. I know that I have paid and have worked hard. Although I do n’t have any good results, I still feel proud of myself. I face it bravely and challenge bravely!


What made me unexpected was that I was fortunate to win the third prize!After being happy, I still understand that as long as you sweat, you will definitely gain!

收获小学作文500字 篇2


In this semester, I have gained a lot of knowledge, and each project has a lot of gains.


In the harvest of Chinese, I have learned a lot of new characters, and I will have a lot of listening characters. Unlike before, as long as I listened to a lot of things, I also learned a lot of text writing, and there are many rhetoric methods. I also knowMany authors, such as Laoshe, Ke Yan, Xiao Fuxing ..., I also learned some celebrities famous quotes in Chinese, including Newton, A. Felsman, Liu Bei ...The format of the letter, I also know that giving is always happier than getting.


In the gain of mathematics, I learned the classification. Every four divided into one level, I also know how to read it. I will know how to write hectares in English.I have learned two new horns, which are flat angles and weekly corners. How do I write two horns equal? I also learned three digits to divide them with two digits. I also learned three digits.The number of digits, the simple operation of multiplication and removing method, there are journey problems and price issues, as well as optimization of mathematical wide -angle, knowing how the pancake problem can be done as soon as possible, as well as the fastest use of the room to organize the room.After finishing the method, we also learned that everyone won the last one who got the last, and I knew how to win. I also learned the problem of Tian Ji horse racing.


I have learned a lot of English words in English, and even many words I have written. I also know many characters. I also know how to read English sentences ...


In physical education class, we played a lot of fitness equipment. These equipment are basketball, football ... Football is the happiest equipment I play. I like to play football the most. When sports exams We rely on a long jump. Even if we didn't jump to a good result, we were very happy.


In music classes, we learned "Jasmine", "Little Football", "Children's Heart is a Bird" ...,


We all sing these, and we also practiced "Jasmine" to play with the wind piano.


In the microcomputer class, we will have the thinking map, Meitu Xiuxiu, slide, and the photos that connect the photos ... and also search for various things.


In this semester, I gained a lot.

收获小学作文500字 篇3


Heart?Where?The superficial skin is in the human body, and the deeper is in the soul.


Heart?What is the use?First of all, the human body is essential, and then the leader of the soul.


Sometimes people always feel vacancies. Even if they have all material needs, they cannot meet the empty cave of the soul.That was your "heart" stopped working, stopped listening, and stopped experience .Only by your intentions and feelings can you harvest the comfort you need, that joy, and contentment.


Harvest can be material harvest, spiritual field harvest, etc. The harvest is not a single form.Everyone's method is different, but the same thing is that the soul has been advanced.


When your wishes are realized, it is a harvest; when you recognize a mistake, it is a harvest; when you understand a truth, it is a harvest; when you understand a poem or a sentence, is it, is it, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, is it?One kind of harvest; when you work hard to complete one thing, it is a harvest ... all kinds of gains make your heart comfort?joy?Connect?I think there should be, and more importantly, after these harvests, our soul has been advanced, because all kinds of things will make people understand, provided that you are attentive.


In fact, the harvest is a process. It is not that you can get it immediately. If so, then this harvest is meaningless, and it is not necessary.


A person's life is to live and live.Life, coming in this universe, survive.Live, realize life, and understand thousands of changes.Life, survive in this world, appreciate, perceive, gain, meaning.


I need to ask myself every day, what are harvested and lost, maybe some people feel that it is unnecessary, so do you feel that life is meaningful, don't you just feel perfunctory?Bit by bit is also a positive attitude of life. I don't care how much the harvest is. I just care about whether you have the attitude of life to live with your heart.


I have the habit of writing diary . Daily diary, accumulating the mood of life, summarizing the truth, venting the distress, the space of self -healing, more importantlyI don't want my gains to be buried by the passage of time, reminding myself at all times.Sometimes I can't see the gains with my eyes, so I insist and ask my heart. On this day, have you worked hard?


In any case, the advancement of the soul is the must of the soul. If you lose it, you will lose your life, as well as harvest.EssenceHas your heart gained?


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