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I am still working hard composition


I am still working hard composition,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。


Outside the window, a round of high moon hung in the night sky, and several cotton clouds were weak next to him.The moonlight is on the ground, and it seems to wear a layer of light yarn.Summer night is so silent, and only the breeze strokes the treetops from time to time, making a thin whisper.


The atmosphere in the house was dull and nervous. I still hugged in front of the desk and practiced calligraphy bored.A few years have passed. I remember when I first met the calligraphy, I was attracted by the powerful and beautiful fonts, but now in the face of this repeated copy of the materials, I can't afford it at all.I am preparing for the calligraphy competition in the summer vacation, but the deadline for the deadline is coming, but I can't even come up with a work that I think is satisfactory.Those complicated traditional and weird structures have always troubled me, making me annoyed.


Could it be that the fate of my calligraphy is here?I thought, sighed deeply, put down my brush, and paralyzed on the back of the chair.


Looking at the work half a year ago, I found that I was making progress little by little; the original rigid folding and hook became skilled, and the original hesitant to become smooth ...


Mingyue got rid of the restraint of Wuyun, exuding bright moonlight, and the teenagers in the house reappeared.Hao wrist lifts lightly, and the word "Juvenile China" is like the word, and the word is not just a defeated pen.Come.The regular script of the iron painting silver hook, the uniform script, the agile and elegant script; the lower pen is becoming more confident, the movement is becoming more and more coherent, and the time seems to be dissolved at this moment.At night, the curtain was officially opened. What time is the star's bright light, which is far away and it seems to be too touching ...


Childhood writing is the earliest study of "rules".Jiugongge allowed me to learn "boundaries", "discipline"; "regulations" are straight lines, "torque" is curve; "regulations" are round, "torque" is square.


Probably only in the writing and learning of Chinese characters, including the long life of doing people. "Rule" learning!Learn the straight line and also learn the tenderness of the curve; learn the "square", and also learn the tolerance of "round".


Now, holding my original brush, I still insist on my childhood.The calligraphy incorporates my beautiful memories. It records my family's deep love for me, and also carries my growth years.Calligraphy brings infinite interest to my life, and also gives me a unremitting good quality.


"The road is long and far away", good, my calligraphy road is still long, but I will definitely stick to it.Spring coming to autumn, everything around me changed with years. What is unchanged is that I am still working hard.


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