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Composition describing character hobbies


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Composition describing character hobbies1


On this day, I finally took a holiday. My mother told me to get up. I quickly put on my clothes and washed my face to eat.


Mom and dad are about to go to work. After a few minutes, they left. I ran to the room and turned on the computer. In order to prevent my parents from discovering, I put my watch in my room.I played "Plants War Zombies", and I forgot the time when I played. Suddenly I heard the sound of the key opening the door, and I quickly turned off the computer.When Dad came to my room, the computer was on the blue screen.Dad said angrily, "Are you playing a computer?" I shook my head and said, "No."However, the computer was shut down slowly and has been on the blue screen. I had no choice but to admit it.Dad didn't train me, so he said that he would take the computer's power cord.


Another Sunday came. After I finished packing, I watched my father take away the line. I was boring. When I turned to the kitchen, I suddenly saw the line of the rice cooker, so I took the rice cooker line instead of the power line, and againStarting "Plants War Zombies", unfortunately I was discovered by my father again, and he taught me severely.


Since then, I have no longer fascinated the computer like that. I know that my hobby is very harmful to myself, and I will gradually change it.


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Hello everyone!I am a third -year boy, an oval -shaped face, a pair of bright eyes, a big mouth, and a black mole on my nose.My hobby is to play chess. In order to play chess, I always hate the interest class, and I took the initiative to let my father help me report the Go interest class.


As long as I have time, I will entangle my dad to play chess with me. At the beginning, my dad was often defeated by me. I was very complacent, but the good times did not last long.It is equivalent.


Once, I played chess with my dad again. I kept staring at the chessboard and be careful of every chess, for fear of "a long time hate."As a result, my father made a small mistake and was seized by me.His White was ate nine at once, and I saw that my father was sweating directly on his head. I was a little proud and unhappy.The two of us checked their opponents, and the killing was dark, and they couldn't distinguish the victory. My mother kept urging us to eat, but I didn't move at all. Until my father couldn't stand it, he deliberately sold a flaw, and ended it with his confession. I ended up.Then I went to eat with satisfaction.


This is me, a little chess fan who competes for a good victory. In a blink of an eye, I have been studying Go for four years. Learning is like playing chess.


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