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[Selected] Excellent Primary School Composition 400 Words Three Articles


In studying, work, and even life, everyone has come into contact with Composition . Composition is a speech activity that people express their expressions in writing.So the question is, how should I write an excellent composition?The following are 3 articles 3 articles compiled by Xiaobian for everyone, for reference only, I hope to help everyone.

优秀小学作文400字 篇1


"I'm more annoying recently, more annoying, and annoying!" Yeah, I don't know why these days, it is always upset.Maybe it is learning, maybe friendship, or maybe other things.I want to put aside these unnecessary troubles and find my own world.


I don't know when I started, my feet quickly grew, and I had to change five or six pairs of shoes a year.I heard the words "buy shoes", not only my mother had a headache, but I was also very troubled.


Every time I buy shoes, my mother and I are "running east and west".The mall was almost transferred by us, but the boss and boss who sold shoes said impatiently in the same sentence: "No, it's finished!" Well, you say we don't have headaches.


The most angry time was that my mother and I walked into a shoe shop. I had a pair of shoes and my mother. I asked the boss how much the shoes were, but the boss not only told us, but also regarded us as aThe transparent person ignores it.At that time, I thought: You opened this shop, just wanting customers to come to buy you.Thinking of this, I didn't sound.My mother asked me to try the shoes, and I tried the shoes, but the boss was sitting there, watching the newspaper, while playing with melon, and didn't say a word.We walked out of this shop angrily.I feel that we are all about to be fried.


When I grow up, I must design a pair of shoes.Although these shoes are ordinary, they are different from other shoes.My pair of shoes can become bigger and smaller, no matter how big your feet are, it can adjust the size according to your feet; it can also change many things that are beneficial to others.At that time, my shoes could be passed on to the international market, and it would definitely be famous all over the world and reduce people's troubles.


I think, at that time, I would never have trouble buying shoes anymore.

优秀小学作文400字 篇2


I have a little bird that can fly around the world to investigate all kinds of things for me.


One day I remembered a few friends and wanted to invite the bird to help me to find out what they were doing.


On this day, the birds went to see the pheasant mother. The pheasant mother was lying in the nest. The birds thought that the pheasant mother was incubating the chicken and hurried to congratulate.Can't hatch again. "The bird asked strangely;" Why? "" People spray pesticides on the grass. I ate the grass that spray pesticides and could not hatch. "Sighed.


The second report is to say that the seagulls are not flying at sea.I feel very strange, why? As soon as I inquired, I knew that an oil boat hit the Great Reef, the ship was hit, the oil flowed out of the sea for hundreds of miles, and the seagulls drilled into the sea to eat fish, but I just took a look at the sea., I was stuck by oil, and I couldn't fly again.


I couldn't help but lose a friend.


The third was an emergency telegram, and the bird said that it was lost.The birds flew over a large city, and the fog was very great. It turned out that the factory was smoking, and there were too many smokes to become a fog that was difficult to disappear."This mist makes me breathing difficulty, my heartbeat is accelerated, and I am very uncomfortable." The bird said in the report.As soon as I read the telegram, I immediately tried to rescue my birds, but I didn't find the birds if I looked for it. It never returned.


I am very uncomfortable, I have been ill, and I am still weak until now ...

优秀小学作文400字 篇3


My grandfather is already in his seventy years, and his public appearance is rosy. There is always a smiley face on his kind face. He always wears a pair of glasses. It looks like an old gentleman who teaches.Kindness.


The grandfather likes to read a book. On his bookshelf, there are hundreds of books, and there are hundreds of books.Whether it is the hot summer or cold winter, he is maintaining the law of "thunder".


The grandfather often watched a book quietly next to him. No matter how noisy the people next to them were, how noisy was it, but the grandfather read a book without squeak.Sometimes, when I read a book, I often forget to eat and forget to sleep.


The grandfather was always dull, so I wanted to let my grandfather go out, but I couldn't call him, so I made a expression of crying, and my grandfather finally went out to walk around.


However, the good times didn't last long. When the grandfather came back, he returned home with a bag with happiness.I pointed at the bag curiously and asked my grandfather: "Grandpa, what is this?" The grandfather smiled mysteriously and said softly, "This is a good thing!" Then he quickly put the bag on the coffee table, and thenOpen the bag and take it out carefully, "Ah? This is two books!" I asked in surprise."Yeah!" He said publicly."Grandpa, do you go out for so long, just buy these two books?" I asked in surprise.The grandfather said, "How is that possible? I have been reading in the bookstore!" I looked at my grandfather, speechless.


My grandfather is like this!


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