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In the bland daily life, everyone has been exposed to the Composition . Composition is a narrative of knowledge, experience , and thoughts that people store in memory.Way.Do you know how to write compositions to be standardized?Below is 500 words of elementary composition in elementary school carefully compiled by Xiaobian. I hope to help everyone.

小学的小学作文500字 篇1


Today, our new guard team players are training.Because of the Qingming Festival, we all go to the martyrs' monument to sweep the grave.


We started training, all of us were very spiritual, but because we were not trained anymore, everyone was chaotic as soon as we knocked on the musical instrument.Later, Teacher Pan, who taught us the honor guard, patiently taught us to practice in batches.I was the commander of the honor guard. When I was my turn, my heart was lingering, and I did not grasp the practice.But after we practiced our batch, the teacher boasted that we were so old and mastered so well, and our hearts were particularly happy.The classmates who turned the drum turn. After they knocked for a while, the teacher suddenly became angry and said, "The unevenness of the drums!


I'll knock!


Xie Yao, you don't need to conduct instructions first, look at it."When I said, I knocked it. As soon as I heard the teacher knocking out the rhythmic drum sound, I couldn't help directing, but I turned the command stick against it, making the other players laughing at the mango, and I was at the time.I didn't know they were laughing at me at all, so I also laughed. When the other players saw that I laughed at myself, I laughed even more. It was not until the teacher shouted that the order stopped. After a while, everyone practiced it again.At that time, I saw the teacher's face gradually showing a smile. When we saw the teacher so happy, we practiced more concentrated and worked hard. After a while, we all practiced sweat, and sweat kept falling down.Seeing that all of us were so hard, I thumbs up and said, "You are doing well today, just practice it."So he told us to line up, and then said solemnly:" Now I officially announced that the guard of honor is Xie Yao."After listening to the teacher, I was very happy.


Today, I finally know how hard the training is. After practicing for a day, I was tired. It seems that we will work harder in the future.

小学的小学作文500字 篇2


Teachers and classmates:


Hello everyone!


Everyone has their own dreams, everyone's dreams are strange, and my dream is very unique.Is it world peace?no.Is it protecting the environment?Not.My dream is: people all over the world can sleep steadily and steadily at night.


Maybe someone will say, "What dreams! Isn't everyone like this?" Actually, it is not.Many people in the world are hungry and cold, living a life of unsuccessful food, unstoppable clothes.They didn't even have a fixed residence, sometimes resting on the mountains and sometimes sleeping by the lake.But some people will say, "Isn't many explorers camping in the wild?" But those explorers have tents and sleeping bags, and those people sleep on the ground directly. Imagine that in winter, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less, you wear less.If you are not full, you have to lie on the cold ground. Can you sleep well?


As long as these people can help from all walks of life, they can soon sleep well.


But there is another kind of person who looks very good, eats warm and warm, and still falls asleep Xi Mengshi, but they still can't sleep well.is it possible?The answer is completely possible.Such people are generally too psychological pressure.It may be suffering from terminally ill. Life has entered the countdown stage. It may be that the business is downturn recently. He has embarked on a downhill road, and it may be criticized by various people. He is very uncomfortable.They may be rich in material, but they are often insomnia, and they only use drugs to make them fall asleep.If you think about it, if you sleep on Xi Mengsi, but you have a mountain on your body, can you sleep?Such people have a mountain in their hearts.


In fact, as long as they have an optimistic attitude, they can fall asleep quickly.Patients should not think of "I still have a few days left" all day, but should think of "I still have a few days".Those who are downturn in business should find opportunities to relax and relax. After relaxing, work hard to work.If you are criticized, you should have an attitude that you have smelled, and if you have any change, you should not be able to change it.Work hard to improve yourself.In this way, they can fall asleep quickly.


The above points are easy to say, how many of them are really done?I hope everyone will always be optimistic at all times,

小学的小学作文500字 篇3


Today, it is June 1 International Children's Day, which is the festival of all children in the world.I hope that Children's Day, the long -awaited Children's Day, finally came to us!


I, my mother, and Qiu Cuilin, Qiu Cuilin's younger brother Dongsheng and their mothers went to the Mangrove Seaside Park. It is a very beautiful and beautiful place. There are birds singing, lush woods, and blue sea. My good friend Qiu Cuilin, as soon as I arrived at the Seaside Park, I couldn't wait to run towards the beautiful sea. The cool sea breeze blows, so comfortable! Just as we appreciated the sea view, a white bird's eyes came into our eyes- "Hurry up! Seagulls! It's seagulls!" That little bird. I saw the little bird, which opened the white wings, soaring freely on the sea, flying very far, very far, disappeared in our eyes, we looked at the back of the seagulls, and sang gently. Song- "Seagull". At the end of the song, we then watched the sea, a breeze blew, and the wavy rolled up on the sea, and it fell. Looking at in the distance, a few towering buildings can be seen on an island, which can be seen in the clouds, which are covered by clouds and fog, as if wearing a layer of tulle. Let's look at the sea in the distance, complete. It is combined with the blue sky, like a pair of close friends, and the division cannot be separated. Qiu Cuilin and I laugh at each other. We took our eyes back, looking at the sea in front of us, wide, and a little green in the blue, like a piece of jasper. We can't help but think of a song that I have learned in the third grade -the sea, singing cheerfully.


The sea, you are so beautiful!You are not only beautiful in appearance, but also your heart is also very beautiful, look!The wide sea water is proof.The sea, the sea, you gave me the fun of childhood, so that I appreciated the most beautiful scenery in the world.This June · One Children's Day is really happy. It is accompanied by good friends, and the beautiful sea view makes me appreciate. So who is like a dream, who will not attract it?

小学的小学作文500字 篇4


At the end of July last year, I went to Qingdao with my mother. This was my most memorable trip.


I remember that we arrived in Qingdao the night before, and the next morning, I couldn't wait to take a car with my mother to the long -awaited Polar Marine Museum.


As soon as we entered the Aquarium, the wide exhibition hall was displayed in front of us.It is already crowded.My mother and I took hands to visit the lazy and indifferent polar bears, smart and active sea lions, beautiful and cute white whales, and docile and well -behaved penguins.Then we went to watch various colorful marine fish.

快到中午十一点的时候,我连忙拉着妈妈去看动物表演。我们走进演出大厅,只见大厅内几乎座无虚席,刚找好位置坐下,表演就开始了。先是白鲸出场,只见它顶着驯养师迅速地在水面上划过,然后把驯养师送到舞台上。这时,驯养师摸了摸白鲸,递给它一条小鱼。白鲸就听话的唱起了歌,它的歌喉真是太动听了!把白鲸送走后,海狮“汤姆”来表演了。它是一名健壮的“男士”,它的身体黑的发亮非常帅气。只见它一蹦三尺高轻而易举地就顶到了驯养师挂在天花板上的球。最后出场的是五位美丽的海豚“小姐”,一上来就跳了几个高难度的空中翻越,接着又和观众比赛转呼拉圈。只不过海豚是用嘴巴转的,而且转的还特别快呢!这几个表演真是太好看了! 最后我们又去了欢乐剧场看了小丑们滑稽而幽默表演。

It was almost 11 noon, and I quickly pulled my mother to watch animal performances.When we walked into the performance hall, I saw almost no seats in the hall. As soon as we found a good position, the performance began.First of all, the White Whale appeared, and saw it quickly scratched the water on the water, and then sent the domesticationist to the stage.At this time, the trainer touched the white whale and handed it to a small fish.White whale sang the song obediently, and its singing voice was so beautiful!After sending the white whale away, the sea lion "Tom" came to perform.It is a strong "man", and its body is very handsome.I saw it jumping three feet high and easily to the ball hanging on the ceiling.The last appearance was five beautiful dolphins "Miss". As soon as he came up, he jumped over a few difficult air over the air, and then played with the audience.It's just that the dolphin turns with his mouth, and it is particularly fast!These performances are so beautiful!In the end, we went to the Happy Theater again to watch the clown with a funny and humorous performance.


It was not until three o'clock in the afternoon that we came out of the Polar Marine Museum.When I left, I turned around reluctantly.The Polar Marine Museum has brought me a lot of happiness, so that I have a feeling of really exploring the polar. I don't know when I can come here next time!


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