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Happy composition 400 words 9 articles


Happy composition 400 words 9 articles,希望能够帮助到大家。

幸福的作文400字 篇1


"Ding Zero", the ringtone of school rang.The classmates ended a day of intense study, and rejoiced their schoolbags and walked out of the classroom to go home.


Wow! The weather forecast is really accurate! It is still sunny at noon, why did it come down? Fortunately, my mother said with an umbrella.The fourth grade and third class, the third class and three classes said to himself.


The rain is so big! Obviously holding the umbrella out of the school door.I saw the running people on the road. Some of them held their heads with both hands, some used newspapers to block the rain, and some used plastic bags as hats.It's funny!


Suddenly, she saw a little girl wearing glasses running in the rain, and her body was wet by the rain.Obviously hurried over to give her the umbrella to block the rain. Take a closer look. It turned out that the daughter of Aunt Zhang's house next door was red.Obviously, "Red, let's go home together!" Honghong said gratefully, "Thank you!"


Red and clearly walked happily in the rain.Suddenly, they saw a white -bearded grandfather walking in the rain with a cane. He bent over and his clothes had been wet by the rain.Red and clearly ran to the old grandfather to make an umbrella, yeah! The umbrella is too small, and the three people can't support it. What should I do? Or there is a way.He said, "Red, I carry you back to my back, you support the umbrella on it, so that we and the grandfather will not be dripped by the rain." The grandpa listened to the words and said with a smile, "You guysNot only are they polite and helpful, they also like to make a way to make a way. You are really a good boy. "Hong Hong and Mingming said," This is what we should do. "


Walking around and raining slowly, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. This should be the best gift for red and Mingming!

幸福的作文400字 篇2


The night was deep, and the outside began to be quiet, and the white lights shined particularly on the room.The lamp in the high -rise building was extinguished, and the lights of only a few households were still on.I think those lights may be studying like me, still fighting late at night, or maybe parents are waiting for children to sleep.


Looking up, looking at the more sparse lights outside the window, the lights in my room became brighter.The door opened in the house of my parents, and then there was a light sound in the living room.Immediately afterwards, there was a slight footsteps, gently, as if I was afraid of affecting me.


My mother walked to me and said softly, "It's too late, let's rest first, and the homework is written by tomorrow." I was answering a mathematical problem at this time, and the mother was interrupted at a critical moment.In one place, I said loudly, "Don't bother, I know when I sleep, don't worry about you." My mother was obviously startled by me.She hesitated, turned around and walked out of the room, and then there was footsteps behind her, gently, gently, and lighter ... the room was quiet.But I couldn't calm down, and the footsteps kept echoing in my head, like a hammer hitting my heart without a moment.How can I treat my mother like this?Mom is usually so good to me, I should respect her instead of losing her temper.Alas, what's wrong with me?


Eyes staring at the lights outside the window, they seemed to be sad and sad for me.I haven't responded yet, and the soft footsteps came from the kitchen again, but this time it was lighter and thinner than the last time.Suddenly a cup of hot tea was placed at my table, and a few small cakes were placed next to it.I want to say sorry to my mother, but my mother turned away.


I stared at the tea and cake for a long time, as if I saw my mother's tolerance and love for me.I couldn't help but take a sip of tea, and I suddenly understood that I was so happy.

幸福的作文400字 篇3


After reading "Write to the Mom in Paradise", I realized how happy it was, but Qin Xueqin in the text lost her due mother -in -law, and Qin Xueqin, who lost her mother's love, was so strong.


Qin Xueqin's mother was still very young, but was taken away from the precious life by the illness.The mother kept tears. Calling the names of the sisters and brothers.Helplessly gone.Dad in the family was a son -in -law who died because of his mother.Dad got married with other aunts. The sister and brother who had just lost their mother had not come out of sadness and endured the crackdown of losing his father.


Seeing this, I know that I am more happy than Qin Xueqin. I have a happy love for my mother. I also have a happy family, but Qin Xueqin has nothing.However, Qin Xueqin was very strong. In this dilemma, Qin Xueqin had to take care of her brother, and also washing and cooking. Although she was busy and hard, her academic performance was so excellent.I was deeply moved to see Qin Xueqin and my younger brother shouting "Mom, Mom" in the text. I was deeply moved. With her feelings, I felt that I would cherish my mother's love.

看完作文,我又想起了去年的“ · ”大地震,那时有多少孩子像秦雪芹一样失去父母,失去母爱,失去温暖的家,但是有多少孩子是像秦雪芹一样坚强面对的呢?

After reading the composition, I remembered the "·" earthquake last year. At that time, how many children lost their parents like Qin Xueqin, lost their motherly love, and lost their warm home. But how many children are facing strong like Qin Xueqin?


How happy it is to have a mother!However, in the process of having motherhood, we must be as strong as Qin Xueqin.Only when you are strong can you live better.

幸福的作文400字 篇4


The philosopher said that it was impossible to find it, maybe it was by your side.But we are not easy to find.


I like Xiaosi, not because of my affection, nor because I love that sadness, but from it, I know that some happiness cannot get it, so we can only pin it out in this illusory novel.Seeing the male and female protagonists entangled in the plot, when I died in the end, sometimes I was really distressed.Although it is fake, isn't that it means that we are now this kind of muddy?


The National People's Congress, sometimes it is a bit reality. It is impossible to know that there are some things that are described as beautifully in the text. There is no place for Xanadu, and no place to make the soul temporarily inhabit.


This society is always full of material desires, and always trafficking


Sometimes, when I was young, I missed those days when I was tired when I was tired, I missed those days when they were wine with my partners and players, and I missed those days when they believed on the wall.At that time, we were at least carefree.


I really want me to be a child who is not old. I am just a child who is coquettish in my arms. I am still the child who is playing crazy under the sun. I am still the child who is looking for a child on the street.


I love my younger, crazy in the world, play in.


Today, I am not that child, full of my world, and the pressure is overwhelming.


Those children who used to play with me have long changed, but will you forget those beautiful past?


Wait for one day, will it stop, will the heart trapped?


But our life is only the world. I can only adapt to it, open our hearts gently, and maybe we will find that there is a new world that will appear, and the taste of life is very bitter. It is like a bitter coffee.When you have a bite, quietly appreciate , but you find that it is bitter.


Life, is this that?I always have to give you a little sweet taste after suffering


After looking for you thousands of hundreds, he found that the life is sweet.


Happiness is slightly sweet, by my side.

幸福的作文400字 篇5


What is happiness?Everyone has different feelings and experiences. For my age, I don't know, but when my mother recommended me to see a photo, I deeply felt happiness.


In the photo, a teenager was sitting in a pile of trash. He was unkempt and gray shirts, but his eyes of knowledgeable eyes were so bright and bright.He picked up the book from the garbage dump and looked at him with concentration. He was unaware of the flies flying around and the smell of smoked sky, and took the garbage into his own spiritual paradise.


Seeing this, my eyes are moist. We can wear clean and tidy school uniforms in the wide classroom every day, sitting with a comfortable chair, and listening to the teacher's wonderful lectures.After class, you can also take various tuition classes. Some students also invited the outside teachers to teach lessons at home.


At home, as long as we call it casually, drink snacks, eat and drink, and be welcomed by the family.On Saturdays and Sundays, parents can also take us to buy their favorite books, movie CDs.This is what the teenager dreams of!He wants to give a book more!He is eager to learn knowledge!He also wants to walk into a wide classroom in a clean school uniform to learn knowledge with us!But God has no eyes, and the world is cruel. Because he is very poor, he has no money, so he cannot read books. Moreover, he has no family members and can only eat himself. He can only pick up trash and make money to fill his stomach and feed himself.This is his fate.


What do we know from this photo?Shouldn't we cherish it?But now, some students do not know blessing in blessing, and writing homework is bitter and tired; picking three and four when eating; some students buying a toy is equivalent to a family of refugees to eat food for one year;Money, that teenager can change his destiny, maybe one or two dollars, a poor student can go to school. Maybe we must cherish it. It is happy to know how to eat enough meals.Know how to thank you everything you have now.

幸福的作文400字 篇6


What is the taste of happiness?Perhaps the cool ice cream in the summer, maybe it is the warm umbrella in the heavy rain, or maybe a reward for good results ... For me, the taste of happiness is a thermal insulation bucket in the rain.


Every day at noon, I am eating at school, but my father is afraid that I will not be nutritious enough, and insist on sending me food. One Thursday, the sky was gloomy, and after the fourth class, I stood in the corridor and saw the rain outside the corridor. I thought to myself, "I don’t know if my father is coming. Go to the school entrance to get vegetables, but I like to eat Dad's fried dishes. Let's go downstairs quickly. Dad is usually on time. "I wanted to go downstairs and walk to the first floor, and I saw my father wearing a red raincoat. When he arrived at the playground, he walked with a plastic bag with a thermal insulation bucket in his right hand and walked towards me with a smile. I carried the heavy bag upstairs with a heavy bag. I carefully opened the plastic bag. The bag was on the top of the bag. The bowl was filled with cutting apples. The insulation barrel was on the bottom and bottom. Open, a scent comes, ha! There are flesh -proof gluten, fans of fungus fried fans, walnut meat cake soup, these are what I like to eat. It was made by my father deliberately. Looking at these deliciousness, I immediately gobbled up. Originally, I was slow to eat. I ate quickly that day.


There are no mountains and sea flavors in the thermal insulation bucket, and there are no big fish and meat, but it has made me taste the taste of love and the taste of happiness!

幸福的作文400字 篇7


No one is unfamiliar with the word "happiness" because anyone can have it.A gift, a smile, and a paragraph can make you happy.


My mother's birthday is approaching. I used to send a greeting card before, but this time I think it is special. I want to use my own New Year's money to help my mother buy what she likes. I turned on the computer and came to "Taobao." The reason why I bought it online is because I want to give my mother a Surprise! There are all kinds of things on Taobao, and I see me dazzling. Necklace, perfume. Beautiful clothes ... Dad bought a necklace for my mother before, but my mother didn't like it, or I would send another one! The perfume mother has never bought it or used it, or give me the perfume! Mom is worried about not to wear beautiful clothes, or buy clothes ... Ah! How can I choose so many things! Just when I was giving up, my dad appeared, and he said, "Either necklaces, perfumes, and beautiful clothes, as long as you have this heart!" "But I still want to give gifts to my mother." "Your mother is beautiful and touching, and with perfume, it is the fragrant angel!" Dad thought about it. "Don't buy perfume!" I agreed with my father's suggestion. Mom likes to use Xiu Yuantang's cosmetics, just to launch a new "charm and blue" perfume, just buy it!


Within a few days, the perfume arrived.Mom is very happy. She opened the box and saw it, and there was a carefully made of my cards in it.My mother looked at me with a smile, boasting that I was a sensible child.I became very happy and my mother was very happy.Happiness is produced inadvertently. It is like a naughty child. It appears for a while and disappears.So, let's cherish happiness!

幸福的作文400字 篇8


I have a happy home, and the kind grandparents live with us and take care of each other.The people are very lively. This kind of lively and warm feeling is the happiness that cannot be bought by money. Therefore, I especially cherish every minute and every second that I get along with my family.


Dad with a mild personality work in other places, because the drive is far away, and only two or three times a week. Even so, Dad will still guides our homework responsibilities.When I made a mistake with my sister, he always told us where he was wrong and corrected our behavior.


Mom is a acute person. It is very concerned about my life and school conditions. Even if I am busy, I have to consult my homework and ask for a neat and clean writing.Mom works in the supermarket, the movement is very agile, the things on the shelves are neatly set, and every place is dry.Because my mother is very responsible, I must have a lunch after doing work, so eating is not normal. I hope that my mother should not be too tired and take good care of her body.


My sister is seven years old and is now a naughty little guy.There are three treasures in my family: the two old and one younger, these three treasures all day long, I do n’t know if Lao Bao is chasing Xiaobao, or Xiaobao bullying Lao Bao.The younger sister is still ignorant, and we are more polite. Sometimes when she is too naughty, I will gently hit her little butt and tell her that it is wrong, it is dangerous.


There will be a scene of "Hedong Lion Roar"!


I love my family, I will guard my home, I hope my family can be healthy, peaceful, and happy for a lifetime.

幸福的作文400字 篇9


Every baby was born for happiness, for the happiness of family members, and the happiness of those strangers ...


SO I can't give up, can't give up, and will not give up. Even if I fall to the bottom of the valley, I get bruised everywhere. I have to persist, even if they are not for myself, they must be for others.


Happiness may never be available, but it always goes to the end ...

仁慈,总会有用的,哪怕因此受了伤,栽了跟头,没有关系。起码,有很多人需要仁慈,这个地方用不着,换个地方试试,努力吧!人善被人欺,马善被人骑,不要被这句话所羁绊 每一个baby出生,都是为了幸福,为了家人的幸福,还有为了那些陌生人的幸福……

Reliever is always useful, even if it is injured, it doesn't matter.At least, there are many people who need kindness. This place does not need to be used. Try it in another place and work hard!People are deceived, Ma Shan is riding. Don't be born in this sentence every baby, for happiness, for the happiness of family members, and the happiness of those strangers ...


Cowardly is allowed to be buried in the soil like an ostrich when it encounters difficulties. This is your own way of dealing with it, but cowardice is different from falling. After escapingAs a result, there may be good results!


Shame, grit your teeth, this is to exercise his personal ability, get up, and stay, not only laughing, but also memories, experience , when you look back, you will find its existence ...


Freedom is not useless, but not to expect it time, it will be disappointed, and it will always become very fragile.You will be happy at the right time to make a free choice!


Having happiness, simple and difficult, contradictory but many people want what many people want, as long as you experience it carefully and get happiness.It is coming ...




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