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Leave your ears to listen to your own voice composition


Leave your ears to listen to your own voice composition,仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大家。


When you are in a dense and hustle and bustle environment, the surrounding is full of sound, and the car is full of water, you will find that you can't hear your voice, even if you shout, try to hear your hysteria from a hundred voices, but it doesn't helpEssenceThe invisible big mouth swallows everything you, so you start to panic. You listen to the voices of most people, and gradually start to think that it is your own voice.grown ups.


Liu Yuanyuan once said in "Super Speaker": "We are listening to the voice of others in our lives, drawing a grid for our lives. The above line is admitted to a good university.A line must be married before the age of 30. The line on the right must have a cute baby. If I go outside the grid, someone will say that I will do it, as if I can only stay in the grid is safe.It is considered happy by others. "


That's it. Most people are busy absorbing the opinions of others, and forget that they are the leaders of life.


I am tired of the extensive praise, what "while being young now, I have to eat more hard, eat hard, and be a man." As if the entire value of youth is to suffer.In all life models, sacrifice for the future is the worst one in the future, and he exchanged happiness backwards, which actually canceled happiness.My youth is not only suffering, but I also have to enjoy everything he brought to me.


When reading, you want to cut long hair for more than ten years, and try on a sharp short hair, but your parents said to you, "How troublesome to take care of short hair, wait until the university cut."It makes sense.When I am in college, my roommate tells you: "You look better for your long hair." You are convinced.Many years later, before you go to bed, you suddenly remembered that you have said that if you want to cut short hair, you start to remember, why did you cut it in the end?


You find that the light and easy words of others will make your thoughts fail.If you want to do one thing, the less people you tell, the greater the possibility of success in this incident.Because there are no right, wrong, and other people's opinions to affect you, you only hear your voice, and say: Go, listen to me.


Those who are called confused, but you do n’t like the status quo but unable to change, it ’s better to close your eyes. For the time being, you are in a quiet space and listen carefully to your voice.


The ears are not only used to listen to the loyalty of the ears. More often, leave a ear to listen to your voice.The left ear is the closest to the heart, so please use your left ear to feel the sound of your heart, love what he loves, and understand its sorrow.


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