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Describe the character's composition 550 words (5 selected articles)


I believe that you always contact the Composition in studying and work. Especially as an important classification of the composition in the composition, writing people composition requires that the language is easy to understand and close to the actual situation of life.How do we write this type of composition?The following is the elaborate description of the character's composition 550 words. Welcome to read and collect.



When the swallow went again, when the willow was dry and there was no more green, it took time to open it.But our elementary school life is gone. In the blink of an eye, six years have passed, and we are about to bid farewell to their alma mater. There are many memory that can't be wiped out in the six years of life. What makes me thank my class teacher most ——-Mr. Guo.


The six -year life of elementary school was spent by Teacher Guo. She was a well -known, meticulous, serious and meticulous teacher, and well written and good composition, so we would inevitably be stained.


Our excellent composition came step by step with understanding the pictures and writing. Almost a day to read pictures and write words, and after one day, the " diary " was dropped.Of course, under the leadership of Teacher Guo, we are caused by "when you are annoyed at first sight, and we laugh at first sight". It is caused by an extremely difficult situation.Because the teaching environment at the time was extremely poor, Teacher Guo always could be able to teach seriously, and wrote to us from time to time to communicate with each other.In just a period of time, let us admire her.


In the third grade, I did not write it because of my work.I was left by Teacher Guo, and I rewrambled. My father came to pick me up, and I had no face to see my dad.Crying to the office, I still blame the teacher in my heart.Later, I learned that the school had to check homework. Words like me were not just as simple as tearing the book, but to deduct the class assessment very much.For me who loves the collective heart, I will cry with a point, let alone the astronomical number of 10 points.Thinking of his vicious cursing of the teacher, he couldn't help feeling a little ashamed.


Someone asked me: "Why do you love reading so so?" "It is because of Teacher Guo! This is my eternal answer, and she has infected me. More importantly, she often introduces books for us in Chinese class, read some masterpiecesStep, such a Chinese lesson makes us look forward to it!


I think Teacher Guo has paid too much for us. At this moment, I seemed to see one of the hair on her head for me, and a trace of wrinkles were born for me.I also learned a lot from Teacher Guo. How can a teacher like this not make me unforgettable?



The elder brother is short, less than 1.6 meters height, but he has been soldiers and served.


I remember more than 40 years ago, then I was still a child who was going to enter the school. I followed many people who sent the recruits with many farewell to the recruits, surrounded the elder brother wearing big red flowers, and walked towards the truck transported by the recruit.At this time, the elder brother stopped, turned around, walked to me, stroked my head gently, and said, "To study hard, you can write your name closed eyes."


More than forty years have passed, I have a stable job, a warm and harmonious family, my son also goes to college in a foreign country, but my elder brother has been white hair. When I entered the twilight years of my life, I still forget that I still forget it.Instead of the first time he was engraved in his heart.


At that time, the elder brother was assigned to Chongqing, Sichuan to Dangtong Soldiers, because it was a high school culture, and he established chickens in many junior high school students. In addition, he usually loved and learned, and his elder brother has been cultivated and valued by the army.He should have a beautiful future, but later worried that his siblings were too young and his mother was sick. No one had to re -recurrence in advance for the difficulty of sharing the difficulties at home.Back to my hometown.


The elder brother who returned to his hometown was appointed as an accountant and brigade documents for the production team because of his many knowledge and extensive knowledge. Until the brigade's letter and the office director, he was named Sun Shan in the new round of director elections and had to go home in advance.Today, I have retired for a year, but I only receive more than 60 yuan per month. Fortunately, my elder brother is open -minded, and he still takes care of his grandson and live happily.


It should be said that in the era of "division" and relying on labor, none of our brothers and sisters dropped out of school, which was inseparable from the dedication and dedication of the elder brother.


Thank you brother!



The sun can be seen everywhere during the day, but do you know the sunlight boy?Yangguan boys refer to a cheerful, optimistic, and friendly boy, and he is a sunny boy.


He is cheerful and generous. When others encounter difficulties, he will help him, and he will let go of what he is doing and try his best to help him. He is very generous, such as Test .I will fold the new ruler I just bought into two halves, half to his friends. This is his generous side. Of course, he also has a stingy side. Others ask him to borrow money, not to explain that the reason will not lend him. You think you thinkIs this boy generous or stingy?


He is a typical optimistic school. The study committee in the last work took 80 points, and he also took 80 points. The study member was blaming himself for 80, and he didn't seem to care about it.My friend hee hipped, of course he was pessimistic. After all, people were not perfect. Once his father told him that he only needed to pass 90 or 90 or more, and his father would take him to travel, but that time it seemed that God deliberately andHe did the right, only let him take 89 points. After the test paper, he blamed himself, "Alas, how can I take such a point, one point, one point, I can travel." After thatHe did not give up like, and had any mistakes to find the teacher everywhere, but unfortunately, he did not make beauty, and 89 points were still 89 points.


He likes making friends, so he has a lot of friends, including Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia ... He will keep his mind in front of his parents, and he almost talks in front of his friends. He likes the computer, so he and your computer also teachGo to friends.


He is such a sunny boy, who do you think he is like?Forgive you, you want to break your head, because the sunny boy is me.



Every child has an impressive person. The person who is most impressed by is my mother.


She is not high in altitude, only about one meter of 60, her body is slightly fat, and her two big eyes are like cooked black grapes.Yellow hair is like a grass that grows on barren land.The drum, Bai's fat belly, made her look more bloated. She may be the most nobble mother in the world. She almost kept talking all day long."


At six in the morning, I stunned since my mother told me to get up: "Son, it's at 6:30, get up quickly!" When I washed my clothes and washed my face, she talked again: "Wash your face with face washing milk, don't wash your face, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't wash your face, don't, don't wash your face.I used yesterday's toothpaste, I bought a new one, brush the brush brush carefully! "When I had breakfast and prepared to move the chopsticks, I came again:" That's the leftovers last night. I asked your sister to give you you to youI made your favorite butter fried toast bread. Did you get it in the pot? "After finally going to school, I finally fled my mother's magic claws!


But the good times didn't last long. The eleven -hour study was over soon. My feet were like pouring lead, and I didn't dare to go home.As soon as I arrived at home, the headache came again: "I made tomatoes and okra on the table for dinner. After eating, do school homework first, and then do your sister's math homework. Your dad will come back tomorrow.If you do n’t study, do n’t read a book, play the game after writing your homework, let ’s finish the two ..." After I finally finished writing the homework, when I turned on the TV, I was impatiently rang through the whole house: "At 7:30,It's time to wash and sleep! Remember to read a while in bed! "


I finally got to my mother to go to the second aunt's house. At first we cheered almost, but after only one day, we all felt that the house was still uncomfortable.It turns out that the mother's nagging has made us get used to it.In fact, this "” "also includes the love of my mother for us!



There is a round face with a round face, curved eyebrows, like willow leaves; big and round eyes, deeply esoteric; sharp nose, which means arrogant; she often smiles, and two are filled with two filled when they smile.Small dimple.She just cares about my mother.


Whenever I play, I see many children riding a bicycle to play, and I am worse again. As soon as I go home, I keep having my mother and asked, "Mom, when will I teach me to learn bicycles?" I originally made my mother every time my motherI will answer me impatiently: "A few days! A few days!" But today is different: "We will go to the square to learn tomorrow!" I heard it excitedly.

第二天,妈妈带我来到了广场,妈妈先给我做示范:“骑自行车一定要双手扶把,手不能离开车把,准备骑车的时候,一定要一只脚踏在脚蹬子上,双手握把,开始骑的时候,先是踏在脚蹬子上的那只脚往前使劲蹬,另一只脚迅速放到脚蹬子上一起跟着蹬。”我认真地听,等妈妈说完了,心想:好简单啊! 我一定学得很快!妈妈刚下车,我立刻就跳上了车子,刚骑一下,摔了一跤,摔得嘴唇出血了,妈妈立刻从包里拿出了一张纸巾,轻轻地把我嘴唇上的血迹擦掉,可是我却对自行车没了兴趣,但妈妈却温柔地对我说:“孩子,不要垂头丧气的。人要有毅力嘛!”听了妈妈的话,我再次骑上了自行车,开始,我很惊讶。我骑的很稳,可是,回头一看,竟然是妈妈在帮着我推,但妈妈一松手,我又摔倒在地。我不灰心,又骑上了自行车,这次可稳多了,骑了好长一段距离,终于,我成功了!“啊!我成功了!”那是发自内心的呐喊,那是成功的喜悦!

The next day, my mother took me to the square. Mom first demonstrated me: "Riding a bicycle must support the handle, you can't leave the handlebar. When you are preparing to ride a bike, you must step on the pedal on the pedal. , Hold your hands with both hands, when you start ride, first kick the feet on the pedal first, and the other foot quickly puts on the pedal and followed. "I listened carefully and waited for my mother to say After finishing, I thought: So simple! I must learn quickly! As soon as my mother got out of the car, I immediately jumped into the car, just rode, fell, and fell to bleed. After a paper towel, I gently wiped the blood on my lips, but I had no interest in the bicycle, but my mother gently said to me, "Child, don't hang down. People must have perseverance!" After listening to my mother, I rode on a bicycle again. I started, and I was surprised. I rode very steadily, but when I looked back, my mother was helping me, but my mother let go and I fell to the ground again. I am not discouraged, and I ride on a bicycle again. This time I can be much more stable. After riding a long distance, I finally, I succeeded! "Ah! I succeeded!" joy!


This is my mother, a mother who cares about me.She inspired me and encouraged me to do everything well.


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