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"Book with Zhu Yuan Si" rewritten writing (selected 3 articles)


In daily study, work or life, everyone is no stranger to Composition . The habit of being alone, let your heart calm down, and think about your future direction. Do you know how can How can composition be written? Below is Xiaobian "Collect" and "Background: YELLOW;"> " Zhu Yuansi "changed Writing composition (Selected 3 ), for Reference, everyone < spanStyle = "background: yellow;"> Get up and see.



I like to be with the breeze in the wind of the wind, enter the embrace of the mountain forest, go to the music dance party of nature, listen to the green leaf singing, and watch the leaves and dance; I like to walk in the green red flowers alone in the foggy morning morningBetween the thick fog and enjoy the magic of "the mountains and rivers are doubtful, and the Liuyan Huaming village"; I also love in the season of wind and the sun, ride a small boat, float along the river, in the blue as empty, as empty like ethereal spirit, as empty spirit, as empty spirit, as empty spirit, as empty spirit, as empty spirit, as empty spirit, as empty, as empty, as empty, it is as empty like ethereal spirit.The crystal sky is lifted down, bowing on the surface of the green and jadeite, and on the more than a hundred miles of water from Fuyang to Tonglu, I have enjoyed a more beautiful scenery than the landscape of Guilin., Bird Ming Ape crying is the sound of natural sounds. Such landscapes are really strange in the world.


The higher and higher the sun, the morning mist on the Fuchun River has been blown by the naughty wind, and the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait is immediately presented, which makes people feel refreshed.I went down the boat, rippling on the blue water, under the blue sky, watching the mountain peaks on both sides of the strait, the crispy birds in my ears, enjoying the warm sunlight and the cozyness brought by the magical nature.EssenceThe rivers are green, clear and clear, and look down and look down. It seems that even the fine sand and stones in the water are clearly visible. The joyful fish kissing our boat seems to be chasing and playing with it;Huan, rushing forward, want to catch the collection, gradually getting faster, carrying a small boat to move forward quickly, like the arrows that leave the string, like the horses flying, the heart also chaos the rhythm, and tightly stretch it tightly.stand up.


All the way down, crossing countless dangerous beaches and passing through many white waves, I simply stood on the bow to feel the speed of the light boat rush to welcome the water mist that came from.Looking at the waves of the bow, I couldn't help but think of Li Bai's famous sentence, "Victory Bai Di Caiyun, Qianli Jiangling will return one day."


At the boat, the river was wide, and the water potential finally gradually slowed down. The dangerous mountains on both sides of the strait, the long -lasting ape crying made me almost think of myself from the red and dusty world, and came to the isolated Wonderland Taoyuan. The magnificent mountain peaks of thousands of miles grows many dense trees, and they look far away and vibrant; and the mountains are rushing up to climb up, rushing to high and far away from the high terrain, and Stretching, it seems to pierce the blue sky and insert the clouds; on the top of the high peak, the clouds are lingering, like the snow -white ribbon floating on the head of the girl, it seems that the mountains are so touching. In order to better watch the scenery in the mountains, I asked Zhouzi to travel along the foot of the mountain. The scenery in Fuchun Mountain is another moving picture. The cool spring water was remitted into the river earlier, and Xing Chong rushed from the mountains, and they shocked the rocks of the stones along the way, making a clear sound. And listening to the crispy sound of flowing, as if hitting my heart, flowing in my heart, and clearing the worldly dirty dirt in my heart, the extremely harmonious and tranquility in exchange. There is no one in the mountains, so the free birds are screaming everywhere. The sound of the lingering sounds is so harmonious, and it echoed like a natural sound, making you not help but put aside the vulgar things, and willing to get intoxicated in your life.


The riverside ship is far less smooth as the river. We either tripped by the dense branches obliquely obliquely from both sides of the strait, or slowly walking under the mottled light and shadow, but do not have a flavor: we can always enjoy the mountains and forests, the deep green of the river, and the green water.The boat to the dense shade of the tree is as magical as entering the evening at dusk. After crossing the shade of the tree, the day responded to the brightness, and the alternation of light and darkness.The warm sunshine fell into the reflected branches, and inadvertently revealed the secret of the earth.


One day, I walked in this wind and walked in the clouds and fog. In this smoke, there was no worries, and if the clear water clarified, I deeply fell in love with such a magnificent mountain.The sound of naturalness, the beauty of the painting here, is really willing to retreat from the hidden mountain forest. Taoyuan enjoys the leisure and pleasant and comfortableness of the "picking chrysanthemum east, seeing Nanshan leisurely".



The wind brought away the smoke lightly, and the white gauze hovering on the white gauze on the surface of the river was quietly lifted away. A leaf flat boat passed on the green satin -like river, which outlined a faint line. I did not stand on it.On the boat, I chose to lie on the boat and hold my hands behind my head: "Ah, really enjoy it!" I sincerely admired that the boat was drifting aimlessly in the harbor, watching the mountains and blue on both sides of the strait and the blue.The sky is intertwined tightly. Here, there is no worldly to disturb the hearts of the people. Some are just unprecedented comfortable, and the lips overflowed unconsciously: "This unrestrained freedom!"


The so -called "the world is good in the world, the ancient and modern push of the rich spring." I still have a reverie, I can't help but move forward again.


The turbulent river water is immersed at my feet from time to time. Those white waves splash my clothes from time to time, naughty fish and splashing waves jump out of the water.EssenceLooking at the river, it was easier to see the white tender ax exposed by the body of the river and mussels at the bottom of the river.Arrow, such a river is stained with elegant ink, it is also unique!


The mountain on the Fuchun River is a magnificent mountain with majestic beauty. The rolling trees growing on the peaks of continuous mountains. From my boat, it gives people a kind of vitality and vitality.They scrambled to climb with each other, as if they wanted to win the panoramic view of Fuchun River alone, and they all inserted the clouds and the sky, and they were proud of the sky. They were lingering on the top of the mountains, and the clouds were lingering, adding a natural charm.


At the foot of the mountain at the foot of the mountain, the dingling groaning of the water came from the quiet mountain forest from time to time. The crispy music fell on the face leisurely, and the river, ape, cicada also opened their throat as the river flowed to the other side.The chorus came to this one after another, harmonious natural symphony.When all the sounds gradually dispersed at the stern, the natural music fell in my mind for a long time.


Nature is the purest and most harmonious tunes that make people forget the "fame and fame of mirror flowers and water. In nature, the ugliness of human nature will no longer exist, and people will even linger on this place.


Poetry is picturesque, such as Qu Ru Ge, the paradise is just the same.


The mountain and the water gradually drifted away, and a leaf flat boat slowly swayed on the Fuchun River.



There is no wind in the sky, and the smoke disappears completely. The sky and mountains are the same color.I took a boat to the river, sometimes to east, and sometimes west.


There are about a hundred miles from Fuyang to Tonglu.The river water is blue and white, and even the thousands of places can be seen to the end.The small fish swimming in the river, small stones, can be seen clearly without any obstacles.The turbulent river flow is faster than arrows, and the stormy waves are like horses flying.On the mountains on the coast, there are green and dense trees, revealing a chill.


The overlapping mountains are struggling with the high terrain.It seems that they are stretched to high and distant, and countless mountain peaks are forming straight up.The spring water of the mountains shocked the rocks and made a sound loudly; the beautiful birds sang each other, singing the harmonious rhythm.The cicada screamed for a long time, and the apes kept howling, and the sound was endless.Those who are trying to climb, seeing such a magnificent mountain will calm down his heart that is keen on fame and fortune; those who are busy with economic affairs, seeing this deep valley will also linger.The branches staggered and blocked the sky above. Even during the day, the woods still appear dim, and in the sparse of the branches, sometimes the sun can be seen from the gap.


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