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"I rewrite life with the ninth smile" read the feelings after reading


"I rewrite life with the ninth smile" read the feelings after reading,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。

After reading a book, everyone must have a lot of feelings in their hearts. You ca n’t just read it. Write a Reading .Presumably, many people are worrying about how to write a good look after reading. Below is a carefully compiled "I use the ninth smile to rewrite life" after reading the feeling. For reference only, you are welcome to read.


A smile in exchange for a happiness, a sincerity can move the mind of others.Smile can change a person's life.


In "I rewrite life with nine smiles", a service lady working in a hotel dedicated her kind and sincere smile to change her life. In the article, because the service lady came in a few months, it was well received. The hotel boss played a wealthy Hong Kong merchant to test the service lady. Because the task was not completed on time, the service lady was very guilty, and she was deeply sorry for the special guest. The chief president puts on a rough and unmanned posture in his eyes. He speaks very much. Because the service lady knows that the customer is God, she doesn't care. There is always a sweet smile on her face. This special guest stays in the opinion book. After comments, I wrote the dissatisfaction with the service of the service and the bad reviews of her, but the service lady "knows that there are tigers in the mountains, and they are preferred to Huishan". She patiently explained the guest who was difficult to wait, and served it seriously. She had a sincere smile nine times, leaving the guests with an extremely deep impression. The warmth is that these kind and sincere smiles moved the boss, thus rewriting her life.


Recalling that before, I remember that one day, Tiandong was not beautiful and gloomy. Dad took me home. I was not very good at a little things. I was sitting alone in the co -pilot.At that time, it happened that a pink bus stopped slowly in front of us. I glanced at the car and secretly thought: This car owner really had no taste and drove a pink car. It was ugly.My 'mood was extremely bad.The brake light at the rear of the bus has already been lit, and the two round and bright red light bulbs should be a straight line, but this straight line seems to be bent, and the curvedA sweet smile, as if telling you -a smile is everywhere, there must be a good mood in life.Facing the charming smile blooming ahead, my troubles have also been gradually dispelled. Thinking about many beautiful pasts in life, the wonderful memories left by my loved ones, and students, the corners of my mouth are involuntarily tilted up, and the smile is smiling.In exchange for my happiness.


If a smile occurs between students, isn't a smile better than fighting or quarreling?If everyone can bloom a sincere smile and dedicate our love, then the world of our lives will become better.


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