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About the farewell primary school composition 400 words collection 8 articles


In daily study, work and life, everyone will inevitably come into contact with Composition . The composition is a narrative method to express a theme meaning through text.So, how to write?The following is 400 words of 400 words of farewell primary composition collected by Xiaobian. For reference only, you are welcome to read.

告别小学作文400字 篇1


Looking at the tall and majestic teaching building, looking at the wide playground, looking at the upright Bai Yang, and then looking back at the students who got along and night and dressed up, and could not help but feel a kind of nostalgia, constantly constantly, constantly rising.Sublimation, sublimation ...


Looking back at the past, the bland and unpretentious but contained in the years of my "inferiority" not only made me regret, but also made me ashamed.If there are tomorrow, tomorrow ... no!There is no "tomorrow" left!In the alma mater, "Tomorrow" is limited in the rest of the day, but I have determined that in this remaining day, I will build the "tomorrow" more brilliantly, and wash the once "bad traces".Native


I used to be naughty, not only scolding, but also fighting!I have let the school have a lot of minds, and the teaching department is a place I often "come", and I have repeatedly taught and made mistakes in the three places again.In the face of the director's teachings, I used to never take it seriously. Now I think of it, it is really a great regret!


"Farewell to my alma mater", a topic that made me regret is presented in front of my eyes. In the face of this topic, I made up my mind. In this only day, I must be a brand new me, and work hard!


The melodious music in the Guzheng classroom surrounds my ears, washing my past, purifying my soul; the sound of reading in the classroom shocked my heart and kept filling in my mind;The catkins are bright in front of my eyes, cultivating the seeds in my heart ...


Say goodbye to his alma mater, and his feelings are constantly sublimating.The melodious music, the sound of reading, and the floating catkin, washed my past.I want to be a brand new, let's bid farewell to my alma mater, please believe me!

告别小学作文400字 篇2


"Time is dull, without the spirit of the past today, my eyes, the past and distant futures in the past ..."


There is a child, with a heavy school bag every afternoon after school, hurried through the busy street, pass through the long and narrow alley, and then mix with the vast sea of people ...


One day six years later, the child disappeared, and he would never carry a schoolbag here to pass here-she came to another place and continued to appreciate the new world.


This child is me.For me today, I am no longer a child, and I have dragged me strongly here -teenagers -although I am reluctant.


I rose to junior high school and lived in school, and suddenly became a school student.At the beginning, accommodation life is difficult, and almost every day thinks about the kind family and the warm home -childhood, I rely on my parents.But accommodation has become a reality, unable to escape, and unable to change, so I wait, everything will change one day.


After a long time, my attitude towards accommodation has changed -in fact, it is not terrible, and it is also very fresh. Just like the school is a country, the class is a city, and the dormitory is one, home.Although this family has no affection, it is full of friendship.


I was surprised to find that I changed.From a child who dares not to face difficulties and retreats, he has changed to a self -reliance and autonomous teenager.


On June 1, 20xx, my thirteenth Children's Day really realized that one thing is that my childhood has gone away from me, and I will be close to my future.One day, my "future" became "yesterday".

告别小学作文400字 篇3


Time flies, I slept in 13 this year, and I grew up. Say goodbye to me that it was a normal childhood, but I still found it on the beach of the memory--

课间十分钟和小姐妹嬉戏中的身影里有我;面对突如其来的电闪雷鸣,惊恐声里有我;对于突然的停电,急忙寻找光明的身影里有我 ……

There are me in the figure of the younger sisters in the ten -minute class; in the face of the sudden lightning thunder, there is me in the panic; for the sudden power outage, hurriedly find me in the bright figure ...

童年像一辆汽车装满了衣服,也装满了水果,同样装满了许多童年的事,童年的事太多太多了,如果它们是一串串风铃的话,那么风一吹,它们就会发出阵阵响声…… 听!它们来了:

Childhood is like a car filled with clothes and full of fruits. It is also filled with many childhood things. There are too many childhood things. If they are a string of windbells, then the wind blows, they will be blowing, they will be blowing, they will be blowing, they will be blowing, they will blow up, they will blow, they will be blowing, they will be blowing, they will blow up, they will blow, they will blow up, they will blow, they will blow, they will be blowing, they will be blowing, they will blow, they will blow, they will blow, they will blow, they will be blowing, they will be blowing.Will make a sound ... listen!They are here:


I was six years old that year, and there was a pot of flowers at home. I often stood on a small bench and looked at it for a long time, but I found that the pot of flowers was a bit beautiful: there was no fragrance.I feel very sorry for this.How good it is to make this flower a fragrance!I turned my mind and had an idea.


One day I was not at home. I came to the bathroom. When I came to the perfume, I came to the flowerpot, twisted the bottle cap, and quickly sprinkled it on the petals.For a while, the house is full of fragrance.


When my mother came back, when I smelled the fragrance, I asked me what was going on.I told my mother what I did.After hearing it, he sighed and sighed: "Oh! You little idiot, you will die if you make flowers." At the beginning, I was doubtful to my mother's words.The smallpox faded.


"Hahaha ..." After listening to my childhood story, you will definitely laugh, so like this.See, how naive and ignorant when I was a kid!


I miss my childhood, I am nostalgic for my childhood, and my childhood ignorance and dreams have drifted quietly and sailing quietly with the passage of time. As time goes by, I leave me ...

告别小学作文400字 篇4


In a blink of an eye, I am already a sixth grade student. Soon after, I will be promoted to middle school.In this six -year elementary school time, how many colorful dreams I left me for my alma mater!Today, I am going to leave my alma mater, my teacher, and my classmates who leave my classmates.


Thinking of the past, I felt very reluctant. In this kind environment, I grew up, sensible, learned to be a human, and learned to learn.I used to have pain on this land, regretted, failed, and had been happy, struggling, and successful here.


I will never forget. When I entered the campus for the first time, I feel so unfamiliar; when I see a kind teacher at first glance, the innocent classmate is so excited; when I first raised it for the first time, I raised it for the first time.When I spoke, I felt so excited again ...


Recalling my teacher for six years, the kind face, the severe eyes and the familiar smiley face are unforgettable.It is their hard work to teach our knowledge, so that we grow from ignorant children to a young man full of ambitions; it is the truth that they patiently educate us when we make mistakes and tell us the truth.


I can't forget the classmates who get along with that day and night. They encourage me and help me when I encounter difficulties.Being with the closest friends, crying, laughing together, talking together, that feeling is not a loved one, but it is better than a loved one.


There are too many care and help in my alma mater I love deeply.With the passage of time, I can only deepen my thoughts on my alma mater.Here, I sincerely wish my alma mater a better day than a day, and the students trained one more better than the first!

告别小学作文400字 篇5


Dear teacher, dear classmates: Hello everyone!

今天,我给大家演讲的题目是《告别陋习 走进文明》。

Today, the topic I gave to everyone is "Farewell to the Bad Habies into Civilization."


Classmates, what is civilization?Civilization is like a lighthouse illuminating our hearts, and the bad habits will be deeply angry if the lighthouse cannot be illuminated.In this big family of society, we must let the lighthouse of civilization illuminate all corners.


In fact, civilization is very close to us, and it is very close. It can be seen everywhere around us. On the mountain climbing avenue of Lao Yin Mountain, it is not difficult to see such a group. When they go down the mountain, they are carrying plastic bags with garbage in their hands. Once they go downWhen they found the garbage on the roadside, they picked up into the bag; on the zebra crossing, a young man helped the blind people cross the road; in the crowded buses, a young pioneer gave a grandmother to a seat; in Baohua Park;On the grass, a pair of powerful big hands raised a little boy. Although they did not know each other, the touching scene always illuminated people's hearts.Civilization is not only reflected in our actions, but also in our language, such as: thank you, disturbing, sorry, polite, etc.Essence


However, when your sputum is blurted out, when you throw the banana peel in hand, when you pick up the pen and paint on the wall, you have thought that the sputum you vomit will give others the health of others' health.Bringing harm, the banana peel you throw will not only pollute the environment, but also cause others to wrestle. The pattern of your mess will damage the beauty of the campus.These uncivilized bad habits have caused adverse effects on society.


Classmates, let us light up the lighthouse of civilization, illuminate the dark corner of each heart, use our actual actions to say goodbye to bad habits, and enter civilization!


That's the end of my speech, thank you all

告别小学作文400字 篇6


In the early morning, the sun in June gradually rose from the sky.On this brand new day, on this special day, it seems that everything is so pleasant.Perhaps no one knows that today is our festival -Children's Day.But for me, this June 1 is of extraordinary significance, because this is the last Liuyi on my life.


With a pleasant heart, I walked out of my house early.In this brand -new June, it seems that everything is so vibrant and with an unusual freshness.When I walked into the campus, I felt the atmosphere in this special day.Perhaps the colorful color is the color of this June 1, and the new day's activity has also opened the curtain in the sun.


There were laughter laughter in the gymnasium. The whole scene was so jumping and so colorful, just like the colorful show on the stage. On the first day of June, who has a face, who has a face.Without that brilliant smile, the event of June 1st immediately entered the climax.The principal stepped on the stage, and the audience immediately quietly stared at the principal and listened to the principal's speech seriously.I saw the principal holding a Rubik's cube, telling the truths and mysteries in the Rubik's Cube.In the principal's talk, I realized that magic was not just to get fun from it. More importantly, let us always move our brains. In the process of interesting and interesting, we gained knowledge.The colorful Rubik's cube is equipped with unlimited wisdom; perhaps, this is exactly what the principal calls the music society.So, the field became active immediately ...


On this day, how happy we are.But I deeply know that this is the last Chiuyi, and we are about to bid farewell to Liuyi.We are no longer just a child, we are about to integrate into this society. Therefore, from now on, we work hard to meet the dawn of youth ...

告别小学作文400字 篇7


Looking back at the past, I am no longer the naughty destruction king, nor is it the little fool who fell into the pond in order to catch the tadpole. The death of my childhood, the time left to me was a mature figure, and the courage to dare to make a dare to break through. I am no longer the naive and pure child. Saying goodbye to my childhood, I have become a young man who is flying. Yes, people always learn to grow up. Those who always bathe in their childhood will eventually be abandoned by the pace of the times. I still remember that at the graduation ceremony of elementary school, teachers said to us: The fierce competition of society does not allow you to care about the beauty of childhood. After moving towards youth, you will face the wind and rain in the face of you. This has become the best interpretation of my farewell to childhood. People always have to experience pain and struggle. In the face of future suffering, no matter what, they should adhere to their dreams. This will be the best weapon for you to knock down. If I live in this society where materialism flows, I will leave this motto as my childhood as a childhood. To this end, I will not be afraid of the reason, dare to fight, and dare to create. Sadness in inaction, I will lead the trend of the times and become a good young man who is conducive to society and conducive to the country.


The death of childhood took away good memories, leaving my emphasis on life and longing for life.Unconsciously, this song sounded again: Go, let's go, life will inevitably experience pain and struggle ... This is the price of saying goodbye to childhood.

告别小学作文400字 篇8

闲来无事时,我搬一把椅子,坐在阳台上看日落,看着那即将落下的太阳,随意吹了一个五彩的泡泡,在哪五彩的泡泡里我仿佛看到了那段快乐的小学生活…… ——题记

When I had nothing to do, I moved a chair, sat on the balcony to watch the sunset, watched the upcoming sun, and blown up a colorful bubble at will. In the colorful bubbles, I seemed to see that happiness.Primary school life ... - Title

还记得那个美丽的校园,以及校门首先映入我眼帘的便是那桔黄色的新教学楼,那是在我还上五年级时才竣工的新教学楼,紧挨着新教学楼的是三座老教学楼和一座办公楼,虽然才盖了不到十年的时间,但比起刚刚竣工的新楼也算是老了。在校园的东北角还有去年暑假才整修完工的塑胶操场,红色的跑道,绿色的人造草坪,还有那五彩的看台真是让人眼前一亮。而校园里的花草树木更是给这美丽的校园增添了无限的生机 、无穷的乐趣。校园让我们的小学生活更加快乐 、美丽、生机盎然。

I still remember the beautiful campus and the school gate that first came into my eyes was the new orange -yellow teaching building. It was a new teaching building that was completed in the fifth grade.Although the old teaching building and an office building have only been built for less than ten years, it is also older than the new building just completed.In the northeast corner of the campus, there are also plastic playgrounds, red runways, green artificial lawns, and colorful stands in the summer vacation last summer, and the colorful stands are really bright.The flowers and trees on campus add infinite vitality and infinite fun to this beautiful campus.Campus makes our elementary school life happier, beautiful, and vibrant.

还记得那一位位教书育人的老师们,是他们交给了我无尽的知识,耐心地叫我们读书、写字,从最简单的a、b、c 、d到最复杂的作文阅读。认真的教我们计算 、数数从最基础的1 、2 、3 、4……到最困难的奥数、应用题。他们教给我们的不仅仅是丰富的知识还有为人处世的道理。在他们的教育下我们一天天地长大,而他们却在一天天的变老。就如诗中所颂“春蚕到死丝放尽,蜡炬成灰泪始干 ”老师啊!你就是那春蚕就是那蜡炬!

Remember the teachers who taught and educated people, they gave me endless knowledge, and patiently told us to read and write, from the simplest A, B, C, D to the most complicated composition reading.Taught us to calculate, numbers from the most basic 1., 2, 3, 4 ... to the most difficult Olympic and application questions.They teach us not only rich knowledge, but also the truth.Under their education, we grew up day and earth, but they became older every day.Just like the "Spring Silkworm to the dead silk, the wax torch becomes the tears of tears" in the poem!


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