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[Essence] Ideal Primary School Composition 500 Words Four Articles


In daily study, work, or life, when it comes to Composition , everyone must be familiar with it. Composition is a speech activity that people express their expressions in writing.Or is it unprepared to composition?The following is the ideal elementary school composition 4 articles compiled by Xiaobian for everyone for reference only. Welcome everyone to read.

理想小学作文500字 篇1


Everyone has different ideals. Only by the ideal enrichment can they find fruitful spring and autumn, raising the sails of life, exerting their ingenuity and wisdom, and contributing to human beings.My ideal is to be a mathematician.


Why do I have this ideal?That's because when I was looking at my dad's account, my dad always pressed the calculator, pressing the key on the calculator, and re -calculating it when I pressed the wrong. This is really troublesome, and sometimes the mouth is wrong.I saw my father's arithmetic that worked so hard, so I made up my mind to become a mathematician and study a new algorithm, which can be considered fast and right, so that people don't worry about arithmetic.


If I can become a mathematician in the future, the first thing I want to do is to let my parents live a good life, let them be healthy and happy, and be happy every day.I think the new secret environment is not very good, so I donate huge sums of money to make the new secret renovation and make it clean, tidy, and elegant.It is also necessary to strengthen environmental protection on each street, planting trees, planting flowers, planting grass, and afforestation to make the air freshest.What I have to do next is to help those disabled, patients, and poor people make their living conditions better.Finally, I study some new algorithms by myself, so that my father and mother should be everyone in the world.


There will be no pie in the sky.Keeping the rabbit, empty, and ideal, the result is empty.Everything needs to be achieved by hard work.If you want to be a mathematician, there is no effort.Therefore, I have to spend more effort in the future: pre -class, review after class, listen carefully in class, speak positively, and do it seriously when doing homework, work hard for my ideals, work hard, and move forward.


To achieve ideals, only efforts can be successful and ideal, just like a difficult marathon competition, down -to -earth, persistent efforts, my ideals will definitely be realized.

理想小学作文500字 篇2


My ideal is the vane of the sea, the ideal is the snow lotus on the mountain, the ideal is the boat in the wind and waves, carrying me to the other side of the victory.Everyone has a good ideal, and my ideal is to become a writer.


When I was young, I fell in love with writing under the scent of books at home. I admire those writers and admire their superb writing skills and rich imagination. When they saw their nibs moved, they turned a small incident like that, making people read it, and never forgot about it for a long time. Zhu Ziqing's prose "Hurry" made me feel the passage of time; Lao She's "Flowers" made me understand the philosophy of life; Feng Jicai's "Pearl Bird" made me understand the beautiful emotions between people and animals. ... These aesthetics inspire my desire to write, and this desire strengthens my determination to be a writer. Since then, I have been working hard to realize this ideal. In order to make this ideal a reality as soon as possible, I read a lot of books so thirsty, drawing the nutrients of knowledge from it, working hard, and gaining a point. As a result, my writing level is constantly improving. From writing, I realized the philosophy of life that I could not in many daily life! Of course, I also know that if you want to write from hobbies to becoming a writer, this process is not simple. It will be full of hardships and bitterness.


If you want to be a real writer, you must first have a solid foundation.In my daily study life, I always adhere to this concept: more reading, thinking, watching, more listening, more learning, more practice.Reading more is a book book, accumulating beautiful words; thinking is to be good at analyzing and absorbing when appreciating good works; more viewing and listening is to accumulate small matters in life; more learning more learning and writing skills; more practice is to practice more than practice; more practice is to practice more than practice; more practice is to practice more; more practice is to practice more; more practice is to practice.Diligent pen, this is the most important link to improve the level of writing.In order to realize the ideal of being a writer, I am doing unremitting efforts ...


The ideal is an abyss. From the moment you jump, you will force you to fight hard.Either Dapeng showed his wings and shake it up; or Shi Shenyuan, no matter how silent ... and when I choose the former, I will work hard and step into my ideal step by step!

理想小学作文500字 篇3


Our life is like a game. Your ideal determines the role you will be in the future. Everyone should think about how to play this game more exciting.


The ideal is the lantern. It takes a shining and hope for the road of our progress. People who have ideals are happy and happy, so don't say that your ideals are too humble, not big enough, and not enviable.Because he is your goal sincerely, we should be proud of our ideals?


When you are ridiculed by your wishes, would you think: How can you have the beauty of this world without these ordinary ideals?


Perhaps the ideal road will be dissatisfied with the thorns stinging us, maybe there will be many hardships, which will let us shed a lot of tears and sweat ...


My ideal is to be a clothing designer, because I think it is proud of helping others to design clothes. It is undoubtedly an affirmation to seeing the clothing I designed. So I want to be a clothing designer.


Maybe some people will laugh when I know my thoughts -a child's family does not study well, what clothing designer? But their cold words cannot shake my determination at all.I decided repeatedly.Because when I was a kid, I liked to draw some beautiful clothes on paper, and then made a shiny clothing for my dolls in the paper, so that others were surprised.


I want to be a clothing designer because every time the models watching the TV are wearing beautiful clothing on the stage, my heart is full of joy, and I can't help but amazing, because how much I hope that the model can wear me also to me, I can wear me too.The designed clothing walks on the stage!


I want to be a clothing designer, of course, this is of course my ideal, but I believe that in the near future, ideals will become a reality and become an excellent clothing designer. On this long road of life, I am, I amWe must work hard to learn, keep aggressive, pursue the ideal, strive to admit to a good university, study clothing design, so that the models put on the clothes I designed.


People often say: "The heart of beauty, everyone has it." I must design beautiful clothes to pretend to live a happy life.


I believe that as long as I refuel and keep aggressive, my ideals will be realized.

理想小学作文500字 篇4


The ideal is the stone, knocking out the fire of the stars; the ideal is the fire, ignited the extinguishing light; the ideal is the light of the night line; the ideal is the road, which leads you to dawn.


My father and mother are teachers.Whenever I see them in the office, I patiently talk to students and cultivate students' talents. I have this sacred dream in my heart -teacher!


From my study, the teacher raised us with knowledge and cared for and loved us.Teacher, people who have cultivated the products of finished morality and mental health. People.If there is no teacher, how can there be those scientists and entrepreneurs?Only the teacher dedicated himself to the children.Therefore, I bought the dream of being a teacher, driving these invisible wings to fly in the sky of dreams.


However, when the teacher is not quite like, he must work hard.I have to change my timid character.When you raise your hands in class, you must ask the question. When you encounter a problem, you must ask. The so -called "ask if you don't understand". If you do n’t judge when you do n’t understand, I will communicate with my classmates.


"Read thousands of books and walk thousands of miles." I want to study hard, because "books are the best teachers", you can learn how many interesting things can be learned from the book, and you can also increase minor injuries.Reading is a kind of enjoyment that can remove fatigue!I know that if you read more now, you can have a foundation for being a teacher in the future.In the future, you can teach and educate people and irrigate the flowers of the motherland.


At that time with the recitation, I was even more determined to be a teacher.Liu Hangyu and I stood on the stage and looked at the audience I was looking forward to. My heart was like a true sea -fabricity reporter reef shore!I spoke difficult, but my voice hasn't achieved my ideal goal yet -I am nervous!This is, I think of my dream of being a teacher, and thinking of the passion in my heart, so I really understand the true meaning of "persistence is victory"!I read out the manuscript in my hand loudly -I finally took the first step of my ideal!Since then, whenever I encounter difficulties and setbacks, I have a sound in my heart to inspire me: "For ideals, come on !!!"


I am ready to continue. I must swim further in the ideal ocean, run faster and faster on the ideal road, and fly higher in the ideal sky!


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