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Primary school writer composition 600 words collection five articles


In daily study, work, and life, everyone has tried to write Composition . Through compositions, we can gather our scattered thoughts and gather them together.Do you know how to write composition?Below is a 600 -word composition of the elementary school writing carefully compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome everyone to learn from and reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

小学写人作文600字 篇1


The girl Qiu quietly came to the world to add beautiful colors to the world.In autumn, everything is beautiful, and people's parks are not inferior.


The wind stroked the reed rod, sometimes blew it, and sometimes raised it, as if the ground had a rhythmic breathing, and the cluster grass also had vitality.The wind blew from there, and the details between the reed and the reed rod came.Each persimmon tree burned a group of enthusiastic flames, showing off people with orange -red harvests.


Entering the park, the first thing that came into view is the flower bed.The flowers in the flower bed have bloomed a lot, squeezed, including osmanthus, begonia, chrysanthemum, lily ... chrysanthemums are very beautiful, pale yellow flowers look very elegant; red blinking on the side of the petals of the begonia,It is covered with fluffy hair, containing crystal water droplets, and a vitality is erected, such as dyeing rouge, dazzling red, and intoxicating; the cluster of osmanthus with osmanthus is particularly elegant and noble, as if on the green embroidery cloth clothA grain of gold in the embellishment ... flowers are all in a variety of attitude, each spitting out the fragrance of refreshing and spleen.A gust of wind blew, the flowers of the flowers danced with sand, sand, and sand.


Tobulous, come to the fountain.The falling water sparkled under the light, and it fell from the air like a beautiful pearl.When the fountain was stunned, the beautiful dancing posture was twisted, and the flowers were shook around, and the colorful lights shot from the pool to the water.Suddenly, the water columns and water of the fountain show a variety of colors, sometimes red, very dazzling, like a touch of red glow; sometimes green, like a scene of emerald bead curtain; sometimes purple, like a mysterious magician; sometimesIt is blue, like the fairy holds thousands of gems for the audience ...


After watching the flower bed, I came to the foot of the mountain.The woods woke up, sorted out the hair in the morning wind, and was busy wiping the rose red charm on the face.Strange stone, the dangerous peak stands.The overlapping mountains, like some drunk old people, leaned on one by one, sleeping for tens of millions of years, and no one has never awakened their dreams.The hazy distant mountains are shrouded in a layer of light yarn, and the shadow is enough. It is far from the misty cloud smoke.


Going out of the park has a reluctance to it.This beautiful park is wiped with a touch of color in autumn.Make people lingering people's parks!gorgeous!

小学写人作文600字 篇2


Occasionally, I met you in the drizzle of Lili. I was ignorant and I was tangled with a strong fog. You looked back at my soul for a while.Soul trap.


Hundred steps for a step in one step, it is difficult to return


Failure, failure, and failure, junior high school exam came one after another, and the enemy was unable to climb back the proud peak again and again.


In the six years of elementary school, my grades have been among the best, but the strengths that have made me proud have become thousands of years in junior high school.In order to improve my grades, I concentrated on my ambition and picked the lights after class, but the self -confidence of the primary school has gone through the enemy and step by step. My mood is like Li Bai's verse.Wine is more sad. "


Borrowing my wings to be reborn


You tell me not to give up when you are cold.From your fiery eyes, I read the ambition of "long winds and waves will sometimes hang the clouds and sail the sea";Mo Xiao, the ambition of fighting in ancient times "


You are involved in my hand. In Tao Yuanming's small garden, you can enjoy the chrysanthemum tea.Tell me, "Yan Ran has never returned to his ambitions", took me to see the ancient battlefield, and told me that even if Ma Ge wrapped the corpse, the soul returned to the wolf to move forward.No longer falling towards the abyss, let me start to fly with wings, let me understand that learning can not be lightly enemy, and learning should be brave.


See you only for your love for you


I fell in love with you with no cure.I heard your heartbeat and the historical trend rolling. Your fingertips show tenderness, gentleness, and desolation. I saw you danced lightly and depicting the beautiful future of everyone who loved you.


Because of you, every difficult time for the flowering season is turned into the best destination of youth; because of you, this simple girl's love has become the best hope of youth. Thank you, I know, this is not the taste of first love.Instead, the taste of life is a lifelong love.


Spring is the girl who will save a young girl who lost her feet. It is how you teach her how to learn, you, thank you, my lover.--spring

小学写人作文600字 篇3


Robotics have been born for more than 40 years, but for what robots are, they are still benevolent and wise.There is no accurate definition of robots, but one thing that can be determined is that the robot does not necessarily look like humans, but can work like a person.


In the 1950s, industrial robots were born in order to solve monotonous, repeated physical labor and improve product quality. In the working environment of high temperature and toxic workers, robots can exert their unique advantages.


While the rapid development of industrial robots, the research and development of robotics technology in the field of non -manufacturing industry is also very active, which is called special robot technology.Robotics and other intelligent machines will have broad market prospects in space and marine exploration, agriculture and food processing, mining, construction, medical care, service, transportation, military, military and other fields.


Compared with industrial robots and automation equipment, the interaction between special robots and the environment is more complicated and more difficult to control, so it requires higher levels of intelligence.People have developed a variety of special robots and smart machines, such as imitation human robots, bionic robots, microcomputers, medical robots, underwater robots, mobile robots, military robots, space robots, agricultural and forestry robots, etc.From the appearance, they have been far from the shape of the original industrial robot, and their intelligence and functions have also greatly exceeded the scope of industrial robots. Traditional robots are expanded to human physical strength and generally require people to operate; special robots and intelligences and intelligenceThe machine responds and moves by computer reasoning through perception, which is an extension of human intelligence.


Among special robots, service robots have risen rapidly because they are close to human life.From medical robots to underwater robots, from cleaning robots to vacuum cleaner robots, from autonomous mobile robots to robot partners, from playing robots to various robot pets, they are everywhere. Most of them have gone out of experiments.The room really entered people's lives.


The connotation of robotic technology is constantly enriching, and its application scope in human life is also expanding, which is of great strategic significance for the national economy and national security. Governments of various countries hope to seize the economic and technological system of robotics.In the United States, not only industrial robots and service robots are regarded as robots, they also regard drones, underwater submarines, moon cars and even cruise missiles as robots.In my country, the concept of robots is also expanding.However, the 'self -development capabilities of the construction machinery industry in my country are weak. To change this situation, the joint scientific research units in my country's construction machinery industry have carried out research on robotic machinery.


It is hoped that in the near future, the robots developed by our country are active in all areas of the world and benefit human beings.

小学写人作文600字 篇4


Whenever you see a piece of green leaves, it seems to bring us vitality; whenever you see a flower, it seems to bring us vitality.And in many, complicated, complicated, and colorful plants, I admire the unknown, unknown sunflower.


Every time I see sunflowers, the first thing I see is the big and round "face", and the deep old yellow outside is the inside.The opposite is the opposite, the more bright it goes.The sunflower has a thick rod, which is covered with slender, furry little thorn, touched with hands, itching, and a little hand.Its green "tray" -the leaves stand uniformly on the straight rod.Going up, it is the flower plate, surrounded by the golden leaves that are exposed to the sun. The reason is clear. I am afraid that no sharp ax in the world can divide it so well!Say it without fighting with the world, but it has a height of one meter and one meter, so proud!


There are many other beautiful names of sunflowers: Xiangyang flower, sunflower seeds, Wangri lotus, sun flowers, etc.Just like its name, it is always facing the sun: a fresh morning, starting with a smiley face to welcome the sun; the enthusiastic noon, frankly facing the hot sun; a cool night, pitying the sun to go home; then, full of arms, full of armsExpecting the long night, welcome a new round of sun to the sky ...


Sunflowers are optimistic!Even rainy days, cloudy days, it will look around like a child, looking for even a trace of sunlight.


Sunflowers are silent and low -key!It is not higher than the lotus, it is noble than the peony, and it is not practical than peony. It only follows the sun in that summer.


Sunflowers are strong!When the hot sun exposed to the ground, the gorgeous rose lowered her head, and the elegant jasmine turned her waist. Only the sunflower, the more poisonous the sun, it was more vibrant.


Sunflowers are selfless!It gave its love to the sun god.In autumn, the results of summer are a grain of sunflower seeds, which is "Xia Huaqiu Shi"!


I want to be a human being like this. It is not only optimistic, low -key, but also strong and selfless.Because it is called sunflower, the sun is its only belief.Isn't it the same?As long as a belief in my heart, there will be a miracle.


I appreciate the sunflower, I appreciate its character.I appreciate the sunflower, I appreciate its fearless spirit.It is a loyal fan of the sun; it is the tip of the grass; it is my favorite -sunflower.

小学写人作文600字 篇5


In the dream, a gust of gusts, you send the children's wishes to the long socks they expect.In the morning, every child raised his mouth, outside the window, long marks and messy footprints made the white and flawless snow filled with sacred ...


The sacred white snow, the sacred sled, the sacred you, everything you yearn for you.Santa Claus, can you borrow my sleds to ride me?On Christmas Eve, I walked into the dreamland with the wishes in my heart.You said, yes.


You give me a sled and instructed me to give me the gift to every cute child when the sun rises. I nodded and walked towards the sleigh.


Although the sled in the silver light has been resting for a year, it is still unprepared. The beautiful posture forms a unique arc, and the new chair is filled with carefully packaged gifts.Several alive reindeer held the silver silk on the sled.Everything looks like the best work of an artist!I was careful to board the sled, and many reindeer flushed to me. I couldn't believe that this sleigh was mine tonight!I stroked the soft hair of the reindeer, the whole gift, and then on the road.


Thousands of lanterns extinguished, tens of millions of eyes were closed, and millions of dreams were about to go to me.The excitement and pressure came out.


It was only a few hours, and I first walked to my mother's bedroom.They did not put long socks because they thought they grew up, and the joy was left to the children.But they don't know that children want their wishes and want them to realize their wishes because they are the greatest people in the world.I gave them a painting, which was what I gave them with a gift.


A few seconds have passed, a few minutes have passed, and a few hours have passed.It's time to give the next person a gift.I thought about it, the little beggar who wanted to care for love was even more dreaming of receiving gifts because their self -esteem was hurt.I walked next to a pine tree and saw the little beggar curled up to sleep by the tree.Picked a few pieces of flower cloth on the pine tree.There is no other thing under the tree, because no one gives him gifts, and he has no money to buy gifts.I found a set of warm clothes and put it under the bare pine tree.Hope he smiled in the middle.


For two hours, I hurriedly gave a gift to the child who laughed at the same time.


Finally, the dawn squeezed the clouds, and I returned to Santa with a sleigh.Santa saw me sweaty and smiled at satisfaction.He took out a box that was more delicate than any gift and rewarded me.I shook my hand and said, "Grandpa, you have given me a priceless treasure -dedication! This sleigh takes me around the world and takes me into beauty!"


Santa nodded deeply and promoted me to his heir!


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