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Choose my grandma 4th grade composition 500 words and collect 5 articles


Whether you are in a school or entering the society, everyone will inevitably come into contact with Composition . The composition is composed of text. After consideration of people's thoughts, expressing a stylistic style through language organizationsEssenceThere is no clue to write a composition?The following is 500 words of my grandma's fourth -year composition collected by Xiaobian. I hope to help everyone.

我的奶奶四年级作文500字 篇1


Everyone will have some photos of their own at home. Whenever I see my grandmother's kind smile, I think of some memories that can't be wiped off.


My old grandma's surname is Zhang. At the age of 83, every hair on her head is like a silver needle, shiny, and the round fat face is covered with wrinkles like dead bark.Each one is full of hardship and suffering.The two big -clear eyes of the two were deeply sinking. Although a pair of big hands were rough but full of love, the warmth was full of love.The memory of my grandmother and my grandmother stayed forever when I was 8 years old ...


My old grandmother was very amiable. In my memo, she tremblingly pushed me around in the village with a small bay car, let me say hello to my grandfather, and accompany me to know new friends.I unknowingly stayed with my grandmother for three years and went to kindergarten. Every day when I went to school, my grandmother took me, and my grandmother hurts me very much.Waiting for the kindergarten to get out of school, it is my happiest moment. The grandmother always holds delicious food and waits outside the door. I like the speed of the bird flying to the old grandma's arms.The small snacks I brought, my grandmother helped me get a schoolbag in one hand, and pulled me home with one hand.


Suddenly my grandmother fell ill, and her fat body became thin and thin in an instant. I looked in my eyes and hurt in my heart. I would never see my grandmother again, because the old grandmother who had been fighting with the illness for several months died of illness and died of illness.After going to heaven, my mother told me: Grandma went to another world, there was no pain to torture, the grandma left, the mother was the most sad and painful ...


Today, I saw the photos of my grandma again in my hometown. The kind grandmother smiled, and I couldn't help crying again. I miss you so grandma!

我的奶奶四年级作文500字 篇2


One Friday morning, there was a drizzle under the dark sky.But who would like to get it, after school at noon, the drizzle of Mao Mao has become a heavy rain, and my mood is like the sky, which is much dark ... What should I do?How to do?I didn't bring an umbrella or told my family to pick me up.Looking at the sky, the rain couldn't stop for a while.Mom and dad are still working. Grandpa has twisted his feet these days. Grandma's body is not good. I didn't bring money. I was in a bad mood.


Seeing that the students walked out of the school one by one, I was really envious.At this moment, a kind and kind voice passed into my ears."Yang Xuanzhe!" I looked back, "Grandma!" I called out excitedly, and saw my grandmother riding a battery car and wearing a blue raincoat, but this little rain coat couldn't stop the string of raindrops.I covered my head with a school bag and ran to my grandmother. Grandma quickly opened the umbrella to me.I found that the seat was wrapped in a plastic bag. She said that she was afraid of wet the seat on the road, and I was moved."Come up!" Grandma said."No, I have an umbrella anyway. I can go back by myself. Don't take me to cycling. How slippery is this road." Grandma is already old, and it may be dangerous to ride a bike, let alone the rain takes me to take me.Ride.Grandma said busy: "It's okay, it's okay, you don't worry about it when you go back to the rain, let's go! It will be even bigger for a while!" I had to agree.


Grandma was very careful when riding a bike. The wind was getting bigger and bigger. My umbrella was repeatedly scraped several times. Grandma simply accepted my umbrella, put her raincoat on me, and beans on the grandmother on the grandmother.On my face and face, I insisted on returning her raincoat, but never succeeded.


Finally home, my grandma was water on the whole body. Grandpa quickly brought a towel to ask me what was going on. Grandma quickly said, "It's okay, the umbrella on the road is broken, I use the raincoat to use it, so I was wet, I went to wash, I went to washTake a bath. "As soon as Grandma turned into the bathroom, my tears came out.


yes!Grandma is doing this for me, I am proud and proud of my grandma!

我的奶奶四年级作文500字 篇3


Seeing the words "disobedience", you must be wondering, how can grandma "disobedient"?She is the elder at home!Don't worry, and listen to me carefully.


My grandma is 75 years old this year. She is not tall, and her black and white hair is the only label to find her in a crowded crowd every day.Grandma is "not obedient."I remember the first day of the fourth grade, I discussed with my family to go home from school. My parents agreed, and I felt that I was not small. It was time to exercise!The grandmother on the side didn't say a word. I thought her silence was the meaning of consent. She was happy to jump three feet high, and finally she could go home with her schoolbag like an older child.


When I was out of school the next day, I walked out of the school door with joy, and saw a familiar figure looking around the crowd.I was so angry. I rushed up and said to my grandmother, "Isn't it good to go home by myself? How do you come to pick me up again?!" Grandma quickly touched a bottle of milk from the pocket, and smiled.Said: "Let you go home alone in the fifth grade, let your grandma take a year, and take a year." In this way, my little dream is shattered.


In addition to leisure, the biggest hobby of grandma is to go to the field to make her one acre of three points. Although the fields are not large, there are many varieties., Loofah ... Watering, fertilizing, and weedings are a very hard job every day. Moms and dad often tell grandma to tell a little, so many we can't finish eating so much.But grandma is "not obedient". When she can't finish the vegetables, she takes it to the neighbor and the neighbors, and let her father and mother bring it to the company's colleagues.Anyone who has eaten vegetables that grandma has grown himself praise the taste than buying the vegetable farm, and grandma is even more happy to grow vegetables.


Grandma's "disobedience" was endless. We love and hate grandma, but I couldn't help it, because there were too many love for us in the stubbornness.

我的奶奶四年级作文500字 篇4


Dumplings are my favorite food, and it is also the connection between my grandmother's relationship.


At the beginning, the dumplings in my grandmother made me feel the best dumplings in the world.Before making dumplings, grandma first reconciles, and then use a spoon to adjust the dumplings. Then, grandma takes out some flour, spreads it on the chopping board, then takes out the reconciliation, rubs it into a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, uses a long strip, and uses a long strip.Cut the knife into small doughs, roll the small noodles into a flat and round dumpling skin with a rolling pin, then put the dumplings into the skin, pinch it tightly with your hands, and wrap a dumpling.


After wrapped a lot of dumplings, grandma took out some dumplings from it and put it in the pot to cook. After a while, a plate of hot dumplings brought in front of me.I took out the "old godmother" chili sauce, poured into a small dish, pinched dumplings with aroma with chopsticks, dipped in chili sauce, put the dumplings into my mouth, cracked, so delicious!I was able to eat about 18 at a time, and it was because the dumplings in my grandmother were so delicious.


After staying at my house for a while, she would return to my old house for a while.Before returning to my hometown, my grandma always wrapped me a lot of dumplings and frozen in the refrigerator.In this way, when I want to eat dumplings, I can take it out and cook it directly, and my grandmother will not worry about I can't eat the dumplings.


In the past, grandma only wrapped the chives with large meat stuffing, but when Grandma knew that I wanted to eat other stuffing dumplings, grandma tried to wrap me with other stuffing dumplings, such as big radish meat, leek eggs, fennel meat meat... As long as the dumplings packed by grandma, I feel extremely delicious.


Now, grandma is old, and the memory is gradually becoming worse and worse. I often forget to put this forgotten when making dumplings. Now the dumplings I wrapped in my grandma are sometimes salty. Sometimes it ’s salty.So delicious, even so, I still like dumplings for grandma, because every dumpling is wrapped in my grandma's love for me.

我的奶奶四年级作文500字 篇5


If you ask me, "What kind of animals do you like best?" Haha, I will answer you without waiting for you to finish: "Of course it's a cat!"


There are two very cute kittens in my grandmother's house. They have been more than a month.Their hair is gray, but the gray is a little black and white.From time to time, they blinked two big blue eyes, small face bags round, like large pieces of cakes, long and long tails, walking like an elegant beautiful girl.


But ah, this is when it is quiet.Once I found them for a long time, I found that they were playing in the cabinet, and they were playing with hair dryers. They regarded the hair dryer as a seesaw, sitting on the mouth, sitting on the tail, putting on the other side, and the other side tilted up.Get up, press the other side to press down, and get up again.The hair dryer was broken.I had to put it on the top of the cabinet. I didn't expect them to play rolls again, and I was crazy!


Let's talk about them. You can eat it for more than an hour. It must be stared at the fish for a long time, and then approach slowly.Then lick a small mouthful, taste the taste, see if the taste is good, and the taste is good, and it gobbles.If it is not good, it will surprise you when it is not good.I dare to guarantee that if you are waiting for it to finish it, then when it finishs, you have entered the dreamland, and you have gone out to play when you wake up!You can't forget its existence, because it will keep me meowing behind you until you can't stand it and lock yourself into the room, otherwise, you want to let it quiet.


This is my "grandma cat," do you love?


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