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Explanation of Fruit Essays 500 Words 5 Articles


I believe that you always contact the Composition in studying and work, especially in the composition that there are important explanations in the composition. The explanation text explains the characteristics, essence and regularity of things by revealing the concept.So what kind of explanation is good?The following is a 500 -word composition about the fruit of the fruit compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome everyone to learn from and reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.



Classmates, do you like fruits you like to eat? I believe, everyone should have it.Now, when I will introduce one of the four famous fruits I like -banana.


Banana is a kind of beneficial fruit. The shape is curved. There is a huge "head" on it. Like an ingenious erhu, in the warm early spring, facing the soft spring breeze, the first movement of the spring is shown.EssenceIt's like a round moon, illuminating the world in that dark night.It is also like a circle, embellished on the cute little girl's head, flashed like a star who never forgot to rise, flashed.It seems that a boat, Mercedes on the vast sea, like adding a trace of color to the monotonous sea.Below the "head" is a plump body, bulging, like drilling from the thin banana peel, the tender and beautiful banana peel is laborious to lose weight.


Not only is the banana beautiful appearance, when you open the banana skin, there is also a beautiful small world, and the flavor of bananas will be delivered.As if playing with Jiuli incense, it is victorious to see who's fragrance can attract the pink butterflies.After a while, hard -working bees, pink butterflies, and stiff dragonflies also arrived.Some of their 'dance here, and some put their throat over there.Everyone said, the bee said seriously, "Flat." Banana and Jiulixiang also hugged joyfully.The white flesh rendered a little powder, and it flashed with weak glory in the soft sunlight, as if encouraging two players silently ...


When I bite it, the fragrance was in the nose, and the sweetness flowed into my heart.Lick with my tongue, feel a little sour, sour with sweetness, sweet and sour.It's so wonderful! I can't help but admire it.Like itself in Wonderland.


Bananas are not only delicious, but also have the effects of clearing the lungs and throat.It's really good.


The fruits I like are introduced. Do you like to eat it?



Apple is a very common fruit. Because it is "not convinced" in the south, only Apple Garden can only be available in the north.Apple's nutritional value is very high, so it is loved by many people.


The shape of Apple is round, and the big ones are larger than the adult's fists. The smaller ones are probably only the fist of a newborn baby.There are many types of Apple. There are 7,500 species in the world, mainly growing in West Asia and Eastern Europe.


Apple trees are the most widely cultivated fruit trees.The length of the fruit tree is fifteen meters, and the apple tree is pollinated by different flowers.In addition to eating raw, Apple can also burn and eat it. It can be stuffed in the United States. Apple barbecue cakes. In China, apples can also make sweet and sour pork ribs, which are extremely delicious.


Apple has a lot of colors, red, cyan, and yellow.The fruits of apples develop from the childframe and flower support. The volume of the fruits depends on the type of apple. Generally, apples are as large as a fist.


The taste of apples is sweet, skinny, not resistant to storage, easy to be damaged, and cheap.A long time ago, apples of Chinese native varieties were slowly eliminated by fruit farmers, and the scope of planting continued to narrow, and eventually extinct in China in 1970.


Apple's nutritional value is very high. The glue and trace elements in Apple can maintain the stability of blood sugar and effectively reduce cholesterol.Apple also contains a large amount of vitamins. In the environment of air pollution, eating more fruits can improve respiratory systems and lung function, protect the lungs from pollution and smoke and dust.Apple's unique fragrance can also relieve bad emotions caused by excessive stress, eat more apples and prevent cancer.Eating an apple before meals has the effect of weight loss.


In winter, sitting on the sofa and reading a book. When watching TV, it is a kind of enjoyment with a apple.



Speaking of fruits, there are yellow bananas, red apples, purple grapes, orange orange, pale yellow melon ... In all fruits, I like apples the most.Apple and pear are the same category, sweet and sour, delicious, nutritious, and are one of the fruits suitable for old and young.


There are many types of apples, such as red Fuji, yellow bananas, red bananas, and Marshal Guoguang, Marshal Huang, ... are also unclear. It is said that there are about tens of thousands of varieties worldwide.


Different types, their colors are different, most of them are red, yellow, and red with red green; the shapes are also different, there are round, one -headed one with edges, egg -shaped, egg -shaped, and egg -shaped.Essence


Apple can be eaten directly together, or can be made into cans, apple sauce, and apple salads. I like to eat it one by one, because you can do other things while enjoying the sweet taste of the fragrant fragrance.Taste a refreshing feeling.When buying an apple, it should be careful. Fresh apples should be strong, crispy, and beautiful; mature apples have a certain fragrance, tight texture, and easy to store; the immature apples are not good in color, no fragrance, and may shrink in shape after storage.; The overcooked apple gently adds a little pressure on the surface.


Apple's nutrition is very rich. She is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins A, C, E and protein, fat, citric acid and trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc, sodium.The apple is flat, which has the effects of nourishing heart and lungs, rejuvenating, nourishing qi, qi and stomach, and sobering liver.If you are hungry now, eating an apple is not possible because apple acid and citric acid in the apple can improve the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion.It is not only conducive to digestion when eating apples, but it is also good for reducing human diseases.


How about the water? Apple is so good, don't you want to eat it?


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