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Admire people excellent composition (3 selected articles)


Guidance: In learning, work, and even life, everyone is no stranger to composition . With the help of composition, we can improve our language organization ability.So how is the general composition written?The following is an outstanding composition of the admirable people carefully compiled. Welcome to read and collect.



The person I admire most is my father, because he not only takes care of me everywhere in life, cares about me, but he has done something wrong to admit his mistakes.


One day, the exam curly hair in the early session. I saw 93 points at a glance. I was shocked and took a closer look. It turned out that I missed three questions.I was very frustrated in my heart. I thought: After returning home, my father must have scolded me.


Go home from school in the evening, my dad asked me how the exam I was in the exam.My heart suddenly went up and eight.I took out the test paper and handed it to my dad uneasily.Dad took the test paper and looked seriously.I lowered my head and sneaked my father from time to time.


When my father saw the test paper, his face turned blue.I think: I have died now.Dad looked around and looked at the root of the problem, and he was so angry: "How did you do it! I missed three questions!" Dad was furious and said angrily.I do n’t do the topics, do n’t check it after finishing, have n’t you seen such a large space? Where does the eyes grow? What are you reading? "


The more he said, the more angry, and the test paper hurried, and a sudden "hissing" sounded, the test paper was divided into two.


"I checked it." I said grieving.


Dad was even more stunned: "Since you checked it, why didn't these three questions be checked? You ..." Dad was so angry that he turned and rode home.


In the evening, Dad realized that he was wrong. He personally used transparent glue to stick the test papers, and sincerely apologized to me, gently said to me, "I'm sorry, Dad is wrong, I should not scold you, I should not tear the test papers.Broken, the pressure I put for you is too great. If you encounter a problem that you won't do in the future, you will be empty first, continue to do other questions, and then think about it. Also, after the entire test papers are completed, you must be completed, you must be completed, you must be completed.Check if there is any missed questions, and check each question carefully to see if it is wrong. "


I nodded from time to time.Dad is a person who dares to admit wrong, and I really admire him.



Lijian Mountain is full of energy, and it is not good to die, and you can't die!Yu Xi Yu Xi!"Whenever I read this poem, I will evoke my unlimited thoughts. Although he has never seen him, in the opinion of outsiders, he is just a legend, a loser who" swear to Jiangdong ".Everyone's pain in the hearts of him. He is Xiang Yu.


At the Hongmen Banquet, Ya Faman once said to him: "If you want to be called the king forever, you must kill Liu Bang." But you thought: "Once a friend, why must you be an enemy?" You can kill it completelyLiu Bang, that would be the time for the king to be hegemony in the future.Not only do you interrupt Xiangzhuang's assassination, but you have also named Liu Bang as the Han king, but who knows the heroic affection?I admire you to admire the tenderness of your righteousness, and admire your boldness.


During the Battle of the Giant Deer, you ordered all the pots of marching for cooking.The soldiers were all stunned. Xiang Yu said, "Without a pot, we can go lightly and immediately save Zhao Guo, who is in danger! As for eating, let's take the pot in Zhang Han's military camp for cooking!" The army passed the Zhanghe RiverXiang Yu also ordered the soldiers to smash all the ferry and burned all the marching tents at the same time.The soldiers saw that the retreat was gone. If this battle could not win, no one would live.How bleak you are?You have the determination to be invincible, and you should do this. The Chu army is one or ten, and the ten hundreds of tigers are as ten hundreds of tigers.How delicate your strategy!


In the battle of the next, you lost. On that day, the sunset was like blood, and there was a boat between Jiangxin. You can go back to your hometown to renovate the flag of the flags.Yan Jian Jiang Dong's father was always rejected, and he sat down to the horse to give himself a long -term.Then you went down the horse and killed hundreds of Han soldiers in one go, and he was injured by more than a dozen.You laughed at the sky, and then the cold flashed, you fell.I admire you to face the chic and magnificent spirit of life and death.You are defeated, and you lose a mess, but although you are still proud.Although you are "lingering the mountains and the world", you can only escape and leave Yu Ji, and the fragrant jade damage.


Opposite is what you miss day and night. Hometown -Jiangdong.There is a boat in the heart of Wujiangjiang, and you can reorganize.But you don't want to cross Wujiang, thinking that he has seen the old father of Jiangdong, and thinks that the general trend has gone, it is difficult to return to heaven.You fell down, with hatred, and left a lot of thoughts for future generations.


You disdain Liu Bang in the former subordinates. You don't listen to your strategy of your conspirator Fan Zeng, and don't pay attention to Han Xin.To others, you are proud.But in my eyes, you only shocked me that the spirit of me alone. What I admire is this lonely hero.Xiang Yu is my most admired person.



The person I admire is not the uncle who stands hard every day, nor is it the "white angel" who saves the wounded, but the mother who raises my mother.


Although her mother is not very outstanding, she has established a tall image in my heart.In winter, the cold wind was piercing. My mother came home from get off work every day. She hurried into the kitchen before she had time to rest and prepared dinner for me.The cold water in winter, washing my mother's old hand ruthlessly, I saw it like a knife twisted in my heart.I really want to help my mother wash the bowl several times, but my mother always showed a very impatient look to catch me out.I don't hate my mother because of this. I know that my mother did this to make my hand not be frostbite by the cold and ruthless water.My mother looked at me on the surface, but she loved me very much.


Once, I fired.High fever never retreated, my mother was anxious like an ant on the hot pot. The mother touched my forehead with her back, and then touched her forehead and quickly took me to the hospital.When I arrived at the hospital, my mother was registered first, and then went to the doctor to find a doctor. The doctor said that my body temperature was 39.7 degrees. I had to hang salt water. My mother quickly paid the money and took the salt water to hang in the salt water.There are several children, they are bigger than me.At this time, my mother looked at the mobile phone at 10 o'clock in the evening. The mother asked me if I was hungry. I said she was hungry. My mother went to buy it for me. After a while, my mother came over.Seeing her holding a bowl of hot dull in her hand.As I ate it, my mother asked me: "Baby, your head is still dizzy?" "Okay." I answered my mother, my mother touched my forehead from time to time, until around 5 o'clock the next day, IHigh fever finally retreated, and the big stone in the mother's heart finally landed.But the mother did not fall asleep all night.


Mother love is the mother who takes care of your mother carefully when you are sick.Light your dark life.


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