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A person who makes me admires 3 articles


In daily study, work, or life, when it comes to Composition , everyone must be no stranger. Composition is a narrative method of a theme meaning through text considerations and language organizations.Do you know how to write composition?The following is a person who collected and sorted out a person who admires me for cleaning work. For your reference, I hope to help friends in need.



In our lives, many people are worthy of our admiration.For example: mothers who use hard time to learn from my spare time, friends who practice calligraphy ... and I am most admired by the simple city "beautician" -cleaner.


His hands were full of calluses, and his shirt and pants had long faded; he was an ordinary and great cleaners; he was everywhere, but was ignored by most people.


In spring, he is not afraid of steep; in the summer, he is not afraid of the heat; in the autumn, he is "the ambassador to the leaves"; in winter, he becomes a "snow expert".Regardless of the hot summer or cold in winter, whether it is a large paper or a small paper flower, he will clean it seriously.


As soon as Qiming Xing rose, they went to clean the roads and alleys, only to be cleanliness of our living environment.


They ignored the family, despised Qiancai, and despised the people who laughed at him.


They often say: "We clean the urban cleanliness, and the citizens praise the urban environment, but we are ridiculed by us. Now people really tell us to think about it." I want to say: "You guys areHuman living environment has made contributions, although your own way, let others say! "


They are ordinary but very great; they are easily ignored but unknown; they make the urban colorful and beautiful environment, improve our living conditions, but never care about gains and losses.


Great cleaner, I want to take you as an example, you are proud of you, I want to protect the environment, cherish your labor results, and protect the green mountains of the motherland!



When the noisy streets have returned to peace, the crowded cars on the road have stopped running. At this time, do you know who is still tired?When a naughty child has already fallen asleep, the bustling night market has also entered the dreamland. At this time, do you know who is still working hard?Yes, they are the cosmetologists in our town -cleaner.In our town, there is also a cleaner who is the one I admire the most.


He is an ordinary cleaners who often wear a yellow uniform and a orange hat. It may be due to the sun and rain. His skin tone is dark, his hands are rough, and he is about 1.6 meters tall.He shuttled between the streets and alleys every day, leaving his footprint and sweat.


In the past, there was only one cleaner in our town. I do n’t know how much salary. No matter whether it is windy and rainy, cold and hot, he will not be on the sky. When the chickens are not screamed, when people have not woke up, they will walk on the garbage truck.On the streets and alleys, when you saw the garbage, he stopped, picked up a broom and garbage bag, and talked about a packaging of garbage and took away, leaving only his footprints and sweat.When dawn, chicken Ming, and people woke up, there was no shadow on the street, and only saw the street without garbage, but sweat, and knew he had been here.I remember that one day, the typhoon suddenly attacked our town. When the night was quiet, the windows knocked on the window. People were afraid of this crazy typhoon.I was insomnia, and the wind stopped at six in the morning. I looked at the street. It was the footprint left by the typhoon -the leaves, the leaves of the street, the tinker and the electric pole ...


It is conceivable the power of this typhoon.People dare not go out, for fear of being blown away by typhoons.But on the messy road, I saw a thin and strong figure dragging the garbage truck, cleaned silently, and dragged the falling trees aside with his meager power to see his hard and unconvinced ''.The expression is really respectful.After a few hours, the wolf is full of mess, leaving only those pouring electric poles and trees.We all know it was him, giving us a green home with his thin power.


Later, there were more and more environmentally friendly workers, and our town became more and more beautiful, but he slowly became old. Finally, he fell. The people in the town bowed to him and sent off for him!For so many years, he has been greedy for early, not dirty, not ugly, and dedicated in obscurity. He is the most admirable!


Although he fell, he still walked like a cleaner on the streets and alleys, and they cleaned the town clean and beautiful.But he couldn't find him anymore -the thin and strong figure, the cute and respectable figure.



The sun was hot, I lay on the window and looked at the pedestrians passing by outside the window.


A cleaners jumped into my sight. I looked at the sun that was hung up and looked at the cleaner. There were some questions, "Isn't he hot? Is he not tired? Is he hard?" One by one? "The problem was hovering in my mind. I started to have a lot of interest in this cleaner, and I started to observe him.


The sun is like a fiery gem, roasted the ground, so charming, but so irritable.


This cleaner wore a thick work suit, swept the ground hard, bent over for a while, and looked up for a while. It seemed to give up to find a place to rest. I felt a bit boring.When I relaxed my eyes, I actually found that he was still there, and my heart was stunned, and I felt that I had an indescribable taste in my heart.


The sun is still hung hot in the sky, and there is no way to stop!


Looking at the cleaners again, his cheeks were already moist, and a drop of sweat dripped on the ground, and it was done in a second!


I found that there seemed to be something sticky to the ground. He tried to sweep with a broom first. It was useless. He took a closer look. It turned out to be a piece of gum, which was a red, large, disgusting gum. At this momentIt has completely turned black and it is difficult to clean up on the ground!Suddenly, one of his moves I didn't expect.He squatted down, stretched out his hand, and directly pulled the piece of gum that was adhered to the ground with his hand. After a while, he cleaned it and threw it into the trash. At this moment, he found that he was relieved!


I suddenly felt embarrassed, I would like to know who spit out the gum casually.I really feel ashamed of this person!


The sun is still burning with the big land, just like a iron pot, it is even more stuffy and hotter!


The air stopped, there was no wind, and he was wearing thick work clothes, but he was sweeping slower, and sweat was getting more and more!


I sighed and thought: I admire this cleaner very much, for nothing else, I admire his serious responsibility!


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