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Companies and friends composition 400 words 4 articles,希望能够帮助到大家。

对手与朋友作文400字 篇1


I watched the Badminton World Championships this summer. The men's singles final is my favorite Li Zongwei and Lin Dan.


In the first game, Lin Dan did not perform well. In the case of 4: 3, he was overtaken by Li Zongwei to 7: 4 in a row. Later, Lin Dan insisted on re -overtime the score to 14:12.However, at the most critical moment in the first game, Lin Dan began to make mistakes again, which made Li Zongwei see the opportunity and broke out at 16:20.At 21:16, Li Zongwei won the competition in the first game.


At the beginning of the second game, Lin Dan's power.Breaking out at 13:10, 15:11, continuously scored.Li Zongwei was not willing to fall behind, a backhand, and the sudden buckle chased the score to 15:13. However, Lin Dan continued to make efforts until 21:18, winning the second game.


At the beginning of the third game, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei both began to work hard. Lin Dan overtook the score at 10:11.Just when Lin Dan led at 19:16, Li Zongwei suddenly cramped his legs, but he still stood up and insisted on playing a goal. After playing at 20:17, Li Zongwei also wanted to insist.Excessive pain, finally abstained.Lin Dan finally won the game and won the World Championship men's singles championship again.


Although Lin Dan won the game, he would not forget his friend Li Zongwei. After the game, he immediately helped the doctor to lift Li Zongwei to the stretcher and sent it to the hospital.In this way, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei showed everyone: the opponent of the hit is also friends!

对手与朋友作文400字 篇2


If an animal does not have an opponent, it will lose the vitality of life!


If a person does not have a competitor, he will lose the motivation to move forward!


If a collective does not have competitors, it will not reach the highest peak of the top of the mountain!


As long as we have opponents and goals, we must strive for higher goals!On the running field, the strong opponent's spur, we rushed to the first.In the study, with the opponent, you have the motivation and you will achieve your ideal results.So we have to thank them:


At home, my mother often asked me to help her do some housework, brush the bowl, and sweep the floor, but I always reluctantly accept or make excuses.


At this time, my mother would say, "Look, the *** (him) of your class not only studies well, but also has good housework. You should learn from him!" I calm down, why is I not as good as him?Since then, I have started to work consciously, because I know that I work hard and will do better than him!


Therefore, I have to compete with him not only to compete with him in labor!Of course, in school, we have no contradictions. I admire him even more, and I have motivation, and we work harder!


You see, listen to the opinions of others, and take advantage of the strengths, which is very helpful for yourself!


Do you think cooperation is important, or is competition?I don't think it is missing.In the cooperation in the cooperation middle school, we have more competitors. We have greater motivation to make ourselves progress. When we have a friend who cooperates with, we must learn to learn from each other. It is our own knowledge.So we must remember one sentence: "Competitive learning must cooperate, there are competition in cooperation!"


Don't you thank your opponents, your friends?

对手与朋友作文400字 篇3


Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, there are competitors in all walks of life, and even our middle school students are no exception.


In terms of study, my competitors are — Wang Shulin, do n’t look at his five major and three rough, people are high and big, at first glance, it is like a simple mind and developed on the limbs, but in terms of learning, it can really be called "one husband's clearance, Wanfu does not open"Essence


This Exam , my total score is 763 points, he is seven70 points, only seven points different. Looking at Wang Shulin's arrogant face, proud voice, proud of the spirit,I secretly clenched my fist and thought: I must surpass Wang Shulin.


In this exam, his biggest advantage is that all the four sub -subjects have 90 points, and my sub -subject score ... terrible (especially politics, only 82 points, shame!) My biggest advantage is the three major advantages is the three major advantages.The main lesson has been above 135 points, and he, in addition to mathematical results, is okay, the other two courses are the same as my sub -subject score.


In addition, there is also an opponent who cannot be underestimated, Yan Yanjie. In this exam, his total scores are full of 50 points. The two big men and me and Wang Shulin admire and ashamed of the five bodies.After drilling in, after all, her historical results were ninety -eight, which made me and Song Junfei two historical courses amazing. Therefore, he became the top ten enemies in our class.But I firmly believe that as long as I work hard to learn, carry a good sidewalk, and shorten our gap, it will definitely be able to surpass him


It is an opponent. Let us burst into learning motivation. It is an opponent. It makes us stubbornly forging ahead. It is an opponent and makes us more fulfilling.

对手与朋友作文400字 篇4


I -Zhang Chen, 11 years old this year.I am the squad leader of the fifth grade and fifth grade of unified primary school, but my academic performance is not the best.


No matter what you do in your life, your opponent will never make progress without opponents.It is because of our opponents that we will make our lives more exciting.And my opponent is Liu Jiayu who is very good.His studies are very good, and each exam is among the best.Therefore, we have become our opponents in learning.


Not long ago, Liu Jiayi went to my house to play, and he greeted me enthusiastically.I don't even look at him.This may be something called "jealousy".And he smiled and sat on the sofa and picked up my fries.I'm really angry, and said, "Why are you eating my stuff? Have you allowed me to be allowed?" Liu Jiayi said with a smile: "What do you agree and disagree?What a polite? "I am even more angry like getting angry on the fire."Huh" returned to the room for a while.Liu Jiayi had gone when he came out.Leave a small note on the table: Why are you so angry? In terms of learning, we are opponents and a role model for each other.We are also good friends in our usual life.I hope we can be a good partner in learning and life.We have to learn from each other, help each other, and become a small assistant to the teacher together, helping the teacher to make the achievements of our class.Send you 4 words: opponent -friends!


I was really moved to see this, and I was ashamed.Compared to Liu Jiayu, I am a grain of sand, too small, too much.It was Liu Jiayu who taught me how tolerant and understanding.Here, I want to say sincerely to Liu Jiayu: "Thank you, I am willing to be a good friend with you"!


From now on, I am willing to compete fairly with Liu Jiayu to work hard for the honor of the class.I will become a good friend and a competitor with Liu Jiazheng!


Companies and friends composition 400 words 4 articles