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冬至作文1500字 篇1


Enron fell away again, Xu Dong was lying on the sofa, motionless.


The air condensed into a wall. Xu Dong heard the sound of high heels in the corridor goes away, but felt a long -lost relaxation.I have forgotten how many quarrels.He walked in front of the window, and the narrow channels in the community piled up a thick layer of snow, mixed with the garbage thrown from upstairs slightly melting, disgusting.


He imagined that Enron had just walked from this road, bowed his head, inserted his hands in the pocket of a gray coat, stepped on these dirt, and Xu Dong's face flashed with a smile.One, a sense of victory.


The phone rang, and the dark screen jumped the blue module.


It was the buyer who bought it. The man on that man seemed to have endless phlegm in his throat. He had a strong accent, and urged, "Can you get a little?Look at the house ... "


Xu Dong quickly explained, and then promised that although he did not fully believe in those commitments, he thought about it, and the promise was originally used to deceive others.


He was leaning on the bed, thinking of buying this house.As soon as he got married, he looked at the house with Enron.The half -new building, the small apartment is not very good, he can see that she is not satisfied.Enron has always been a proud person, and his bones are so strong.For a long while, Enron looked at Xu Dong and said, "Just here! This is our family in the future! Xu Dong, you see, you can see the park on the balcony. It's good."


He didn't know if she was comforting him or looking for a reason to comfort her own vanity.It was just that her cold little hand held him tightly, and he could feel her firmness, and the ring worn on the ring finger.


Xu Dong has never doubted whether he really loves Enron.He just felt that the person who had just left the door was strange and unreal.He felt that peace was dead, and he killed it.He regretted that he turned her into this way, and used the dispute to make her vanity with the dispute over the dishes.He wanted to compensate her with all my heart, and thought about the meals in her stir -frying pot stopped from behind, but every time she quarreled, facing her bad language and messy hair, or endlessly, or endlesslyWith tears, he felt that his remorse was ridiculous.


The key crispy impact sound, skilled and rhythmically open the door.Xu Dong hesitated, but just turned over.


An Ran stood at the door, silent for a few seconds, and then called, "Xu Dong, send things into the kitchen." Xu Dong didn't speak, and took things to the kitchen.Enron changed his shoes, took off his scarf, and hung on the hanger with the gray coat.


"Xu Dong, eat a roasted sweet potato first." Enron passed a white plastic bag in the past, which was warm.


Xu Dong took a bite, and felt that it should be said, "Oh" and should be.


The phone rang again, and An Ran pressed the answer. The thick accent of the buyer came from the ear. "Can we go to see the house this afternoon?"


Enron got up, and the stool suddenly slipped out, making a harsh friction, "Our house," said halfway, Xu Dong grabbed the phone sharply, "What do you say?", In surprisingly calm.


winter solstice


Today, the biting cold wind is like a root needle stab on the face, and the weather becomes extremely cold.


When I came to school, my classmates were wrapped in the clothes like a penguin that was shaken, and I was no exception.And what about teachers?Just like people who have just returned from Antarctic Russia.After class, I came to play on the playground.But now, all the students are not as active as before, they are probably "surrendered" by cold air!"Huh-", suddenly blowing a northern wind, frozen me to fight a cold war, and slipped to the heating of the classroom to let the heating bake the cool air on me.


After school at noon, come to Grandpa's house for dinner. As soon as I entered the door, a scent of scent immediately drilled into my nose and didn't want to come out. I kept me at the table, but it was caught my nose. I opened it.Big eyes, wow!Dumplings that are rolling and fragrant, seemingly blinking its naughty eyes waiting for my taste!I couldn't care about fighting with those stubborn bacteria dolls. I rolled my sleeves and opened my mouth. I grabbed the dumplings that had just been out of the pan and stuffed it into my mouth!I swallowed the dumplings into my stomach, and almost didn't taste any taste.My brother did not want to grab the dumplings with me weakly.At this "critical moment", my hands and mouth kept busy, for fear of being taken advantage of being cheap by the greedy cousin.Although my hands and cheeks were tired, when the two of us swept a plate of dumplings at an amazing speed, my unsuccessful belly was still not filled.Alas, who would make that little guy always grab me with me!


No way, my brother and I started to "invade" the second set of dumplings again.This "struggle" is even more intense.The dining table has become a war table.Not only that, because we only care about eating dumplings, we ca n’t care about our own image. We are like stalling pie. If there are small animals next to us, the delicious food on our faces can be used as their beauty meals.Eating and eating, I suddenly felt that today's dumplings were more delicious than ever.Although it is the same, the same surface, but the taste is completely different.The taste of dumplings today is as fragrant as ordinary dumplings added.I tried every dumpling of the last dumplings, and looked at the cold wind blowing outside the window.Is it the winter solstice today?


It is also a coincidence.In the physical education class the next day, when I was doing preparation activities, I only heard someone secretly talked about it. "Yesterday my mother had unexpectedly let me eat a lot of dumplings, so weird!"Is it the winter solstice yesterday! According to the customs passed down from the people, the winter solstice will freeze the ears without eating dumplings! So far, Nanyang still has a folk song that "the winter solstice is not dumpling bowl, freezing the ears and no one cares"! "Fortunately, I ate dumplings yesterday. No wonder yesterday's dumplings were particularly fragrant! It turned out to be like this! "After hearing them, I couldn't help but be attracted.


winter solstice啊!你有什么法力,才能让那一天的饺子变得格外香呢?

冬至的作文1500字 篇2


winter solstice,是我国农历中的一个非常重要的节气。冬至一般在公历12月22日或23日。古代认为阳盛则阴生,阴盛则阳生,有“冬至一阳生”的说法,故称冬至为“一阳佳节”。在我国古代对冬至很重视,冬至被当作一个较大节日,曾有“冬至大如年”的说法,而且有庆贺冬至的习俗。

The winter solstice is a very important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar.The winter solstice is generally on December 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar.In ancient times, Yang Sheng was born with yin, and Yin Sheng was born. There was a saying of "winter solstice one yang", so it was called the "Yiyang Festival".In ancient my country, it attached great importance to the winter solstice. The winter solstice was regarded as a larger festival. It once said that the "winter solstice is as big as the year", and the custom of celebrating the winter solstice.


Regarding the origin of the grave sweeping, read some classics, regardless of the royal family or the folk, rarely records the tomb sweeping of the winter solstice.The eleventh time of "Dream of Red Mansions" said that before and after the winter solstice, Jia's mother was particularly concerned about Qin's condition, because according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the solar terms were a pass for the deterioration or improvement of the disease.In addition, according to the "Daxing County Chronicle" and Pan Rong's "Emperor Jing's age Ji Sheng" about the winter solstice, there is only the ritual system of "hundred officials entering the table congratulations and being a national ceremony", and there is no custom of the winter solstice grave sweeping.


The reporter searched from the Internet and found that during the Tang and Song dynasties, the winter solstice was the day of worshiping the ancestors. On this day, the emperor had to hold a ceremony of sacrifice in the suburbs. The people would worship the late parents on this day, except for each sacrifice.Beyond their own ancestors, those who have "ancestral temples" or "ancestral temples" will hold the sacrifice ceremony, called "sacrifice winter".There are still some places to celebrate the holidays of the winter solstice, and they gradually extend to grave sweeping.


It is said that according to the local customs of Hangzhou, if it is a new tomb, on the first three years of winter solstice, it is necessary to go to the sacrifice and sweep.Other places vary from local customs.


The ancestors of most Han people in the south moved south from the northern war period, so they completely retained the excellent tradition of the Han Dynasty in the Central Plains in ancient times.Sweep the tomb during the spring.This is especially true of Fuzhou. The ancestors of Fuzhou people are relatively complicated. There is no complete retaining traditional custom in the early Central Plains Heiluo region (current Henan). In addition, different northern people have moved south to Fuzhou City in the later period.There is no such custom in itself. After living with the indigenous people's Fujian people, it has long forgotten the ancient festival of Qingming.


Let's talk about the so -called orthodox Qingming Festival that most people claim to be "grave in the city". From the perspective of the lunar calendar, the Qingming Festival is neither a moon nor a set, but it can be calculated. It is usually on April 5th of the solar calendar. During the Qingming period, the spring of most parts of China was in the turn of Zhongchun and late spring. It is not necessarily clear and empty, so it cannot be simply defined to define the source of Qingming words, and many of them in history Poetry There is also a description of "the rainy season of the Qingming season", so the weather in this festival is not fixed. At the same time, Qingming is the traditional farming season. The ancient Chinese labor people basically did not have time to abandon the farming seeding season, and sacrifice the grave of the ancestors, and to be the so -called "shepherd child far away from Xinghua Village". verse. However, in the southern Fuqiao Township, it attaches great importance to the Qingming Festival. It is the tradition of tracing the tradition of the people to follow the festival. It is generally believed that the grave sweeping originated from the Qin (or the pre -Qin existing), but in ancient times, the grave sweeping was not necessarily in the Qingming season. For example, during the Sui and Tang dynasties, most people were sweeping the grave on the first and two major cold food festivals before the Qingming Festival. Later, the grave sweeping of cold food gradually changed to Qingming, and the festival of cold food was forgotten by people. In the area of ​​the hometown of the national hero Zheng Chenggong, the Qingming Festival was on the third day of the third day of the lunar calendar, commonly known as "March." Legend is that Zheng Chenggong took anti -Qing Fu Ming, and the word "Qing" was pressed on the word "Ming". Essence However, Quan Quan has the saying that "the winter festival does not go home without ancestors", so those who go out when they go out will go home as much as possible to spend the festival. At noon to worship the ancestors, the supply of the province is the five flavors of vegetarian vegetarian food. At night, the holder's festival is like New Year's Eve, and there must be tender cakes in the offerings. In the spring, only the winter, New Year's Eve, and Qingming Festival have to prepare tender cakes. The meaning of "gold and silver", which aims to pray for the prosperity of the family. Those who looked at the tribe also opened the gate of the temple hall of the temple to hold ancestral worship ceremony. The ancestor worship in the Qingming Festival was collectively known as the second sacrifice of spring and winter. Therefore, the source of the ancient Han Qingming tomb sweeping is more difficult and reliable, but it does not rule out that other nomadic aliens have been implemented forcibly implementing this habit after rule of the north or the bureaucratic noble classes such as the governance or the government.


"Catholic, Yang Qi starts" is the characteristic of the winter solstice, this day is suitable for peaceful body.Another Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyong's "Winter Solstice" poem- "He is the longest night, and he is a dormant".It is inevitable that people are the shortest days and the longest solar terms of the winter solstice.Why?Yangri is the shortest, the longest night is the longest, Fang is the winter solstice. The longest diary at night is most suitable for the old people to go first, and it is most suitable for commemorating the ancestors.The so -called yang in China is yang, the opposite is yin; the sun is yang, the night is yin; the birth is yang, the death is yin;


winter solstice是农历二十四节气之一。冬至这天,北半球昼最短,夜最长;加上这天是阳气初萌而冬尽春回的日子,所以称之为“冬至”。冬节是在二十四节气中的冬至这一天,也是我国一个传统节日的名称,也叫“长至节”、“贺冬节”、“亚岁”等。称其“长至”,是基于古人对天象变化的观察:所谓“日南之至,日短之至,日影长之至,故曰冬至”,此后的白昼,便一天天延长了。称其“亚岁”,就是仅次于元旦(即今之春节)。而在我国民间,则更有“冬节大于年”的说法。

The winter solstice is one of the twenty -four solar terms in the lunar calendar.On the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere is the shortest and the longest at night. In addition, this day is the day when the yang is in the early winter and the spring is full of spring, so it is called the "winter solstice".The winter festival is on the day of the twenty -four solar terms, and it is also the name of a traditional festival in my country, also known as "long to the festival", "He Dongjie", "Asian" and so on.It is based on the observation of the ancient people's observation of natural changes in the ancients: the so -called "the best of the south of the day, the day is short, and the sun shadow is long.It is said that its "Asian Sui" is second only to New Year's Day (that is, the Spring Festival today).In our country, there is a saying that "the winter festival is greater than the year".


The winter solstice as the festival has a long history.In the Zhou Dynasty, in November, the winter solstice was the beginning of the year.The Qin Dynasty followed its system, and the winter solstice was also known as a small year.After the Han Dynasty, the winter solstice was changed to the winter festival. The emperor held a suburban festival on this day.At that time, the winter solstice had become a grand festival with the summer solstice, Shangyuan festival, Shang Festival, and social festivals.At that time, there were very few seasons, and the winter solstice was naturally even more grand. There were customs such as eating ravioli, eating dumplings, and red bean porridge.This rule has been followed.

冬至的作文1500字 篇3


"Baihua blooms in the spring, the Sichuan exits in the summer solstice, the grass is yellow and the autumn is the autumn, and the greetings come and the winter solstice." A text message from a friend reminded me that the winter solstice is coming.


The old man said: After the winter solstice is the year.Of course, I have never been able to look forward to the arrival of the year.If you don't mind old, I am not so open -minded.But is it really afraid of the old?Not.The law of birth and death is natural. Who can tolerate the rules?I will not be foolish here.


There are not many pure festivals.As a traditional festival, the winter solstice is a very typical end of the year.Different from other traditional festivals, in the long years, there was no infiltration of a large number of mottled, complicated humanities.There are not many interesting legends in the Winter Solstice Festival, and almost the meaning of the simple festival order of the original state of the festival.


When I was young, I was most afraid of winter, because I was lacking to wear less. In the winter, it is endless, eroding the skin in an inch. From hand to the feet, there are traces of snow on the body everywhere. Whenever I ran back from the village street, I was envious of my father sitting on the hot hoe and eating the meals made by my mother. Listening to the stove, the teapot made a gurgling sound, watching the mist emerging from the mouth of the pot, and the family was real because of the warmth of the parents. I just saw the warmth of my father sitting on the hot cymbal, but I never saw my father stepping on the "squeak" snow in the middle of the night, and the cold of the animals rushed to the home from the breeding house of the production team. At that time, my father was the breeder of the production team. Every day, the father had to go to the cow shed of the production team to feed the animals in the first day of dinner, and then add a while every two hours. It can go home at about four o'clock. My father was resting at other people, and at the same time, the coldest time in the winter went to the breeding house of the production team to work and feed the animals, so the father's tiredness, no one saw, no one felt it. And I just saw my father's warm time. His father was an expert of the animal. The breeder in the original team was done by Cai's money, but Cai had the money to be a breeder for the production team. The two cows produced a calf and failed to keep it because the cows were cows. Cai had money to go home to sleep when he gave birth. When he had breakfast the next day, he came to the cow shed. One calf was stepped on by Daniel, and the other calf was frozen to death in the cow. In addition, Lao Cai often brought home the old black beans that was eaten by the cattle, so the team immediately put Lao Cai out of the breeding room. Honestly the father's father also entered the breeding room smoothly and became a breeder. The position of his father's breeder in the team is more than ten years. I remember that my father's favorite was the big red -brown bull on the production team. Whenever I saw my father raised the whip, he rushed to the Da Bull through the village road. My friends and I looked at my father with admiration. At that time, his father always had an Aries towel on his head, and he was wearing the old sheepskin leather jacket specially awarded to him, and the spirit of being behind the big bull could not express how much adjectives were used. Maybe it ’s because of vanity, and I do n’t change. Several times, self -study next night, I deliberately ran to my father’ s breeding room in front of my classmates and asked my father to send me home. After adding a forage to the cows, the gaps were taken by the gap, and the back of his wide spine was carried and sent me home. To be honest, the cold and sin of the father at that time were several times or even dozens of times of others. For the six growth of our brothers and sisters, my father never said a bitterly. Winter is so long, so that so far, I have almost left much traces of my father's summer image. The thought of his father was the father in winter. Today, my father has left us for his six years. I remember that in the years before his death, his father became afraid of cold at once, and when he was just autumn, his father put on cotton clothes early. Once I asked my father, when I was young, I greedy and gorgeous to support the animals for the production team. Didn't you feel cold? My father always said with a smile before answering my questioning, not being cold. Yes, it really doesn't care. How can I have time to feel the warmth of the sky.


So I always refused to praise the winter in my heart, including plum blossoms and white snow related to winter.The prose about snow was published in "Yan'an Daily". It was a matter of 20 years ago. There was no sentence that praised Xue. It was probably the opposite.It is a word of beauty. There are few writing like me. The editor follows the prescriptions of all flowers, and it is unexpected.


Now, I am anxious to hope for the winter solstice.It has nothing to do with eating culture and has nothing to do with filial piety.Related to this is the poem of Du Fu's familiar Du Fu: Heavenly Personnel is urged, and the winter solstice is coming again.Winter solstice Yang Sheng, whenever the winter solstice came, I meditated this sentence early.Although I know that the winter solstice is the beginning of cold, but I still feel the momentum of yang rolling up from the strata from the bottom of my heart.As if hearing all things underground, rivers, trees germinated, and the footsteps of spring made a sound sound.


winter solstice,将至。瑟瑟寒风里,叶落萧萧,我只是单纯的顾念住在我心里的那些人的安暖,一如你们顾念我的安好!再次,默念,冬至阳生春又来。

The winter solstice is coming.In the cold wind, Ye Luo Xiao Xiao, I just simply lived in the warmth of those people who lived in my heart, just like you thought about my peace!Again, meditation, the winter solstice Yangshengchun came again.